Don’t Miss Out On the Details About Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention Details


It’s just a spot. A small mole increases the beauty of a pretty face. A tiny hairy mole doesn’t hurt anyone.

Be it any of the aforementioned excuses you have on mind but sometimes these tiny moles and spots may turn out to be the reason behind skin cancer. And as far as the treatment procedure of skin cancer concerns, the effective treatment is the one done at the right time. Since knowledge is the best course of action against skin cancer, let us find out all the small and big details on the types of cancer and its cure.

Polka Dots (nevi)- one of the leading causes of skin cancer in Melbourne:

Often the dysplastic nevi or polka dots are hereditary. If you have relatives with dysplastic nevi, you have a 50% chance of contracting them. It is estimated that the risk of developing melanoma in the course of life varies between 6-10% for people with dysplastic nevi, according to age, family history, number of dysplastic nevi and other factors.

The congenital melanocytic nevi are moles that are present at birth. The average risk of developing melanoma over the course of life is around 6%. The risk is affected by the size of the congenital nevus, being higher for the larger sized nevi in white skin with freckles and light hair. In such cases, family background, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) and sunburn also increase the probability factor. While there is no scientific evidence to show that periodic skin examinations in people without a history are beneficial, it is reasonable, because it involves a little cost to perform a skin examination by the attending physician in order to detect the risk or injuries.

In those people who are at risk such as those with a family or personal history of skin tumours or with numerous dysplastic nevi, an annual mole mapping or skin examination should be performed.

It is necessary to remember that people should be advised to take care of the sun to reduce the risk of developing skin tumours. In addition, excessive exposure to the sun produces spots and wrinkles of the skin that affect its appearance. The people with the greatest sensitivity to the sun are children who must be protected especially during the summer.

Pigmentation and Melanoma, another contributing factor behind skin cancer in Melbourne:

Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare hereditary disease that results from a defect mechanism that repairs some DNA damage. Those who suffer from it, having less ability to repair DNA damage caused by sunlight, can get cancers on the exposed areas of their skin.

Sunlight is the main source of ultraviolet radiation. The lamps and tanning beds are other sources. People who expose themselves excessively to light from these sources have an increased risk of getting skin cancer, including melanoma. Intense and intermittent exposures are more associated with the risk of melanoma than chronic and mild exposures.

The risk of getting melanoma is higher if one or several relatives of the first degree of the person has a diagnosis of melanoma. Approximately 10% of all people with melanoma have a family history of this disease.

People with these characteristics and those who expose themselves to sunburn and rarely tan or freckles easily have an especially high risk.
A nevus (medical name of the mole) is a benign (non-cancerous) melanocytic tumour. Usually, the moles are not present at the time of birth but begin to appear in childhood and adolescence. Certain types of moles increase a person’s chances of getting melanoma.

Solar screens for Protection against skin cancer in Melbourne:

  • Sunlight has two types of harmful radiation: ultraviolet rays type A and B. Both types cause skin cancer and burns. The UVB that is blocked by the glass while the UVA does not. A good sunscreen protects against UVB. For complete shield against sun, you have to buy sunscreen that contains some element of protection against UVA as well. That is the sunscreen you buy must be broad spectrum.
  • It is advisable to use factors 15 or more for proper protection. In the high protection factors, the proportionality of the blockade is not maintained. For example, a factor of 30 blocks 97% of ultraviolet radiation, while factor 15 blocks 93%.
  • The sunscreen must contain PABA (acid for amino benzoic acid) in one of its forms. People who are allergic to PABA should choose alternative compounds such as cinnamates, salicylates or benzophenones. You can get sunscreens in various forms: creams, gels, oils, etc. All screens must be applied several times because they tend to get lost over time: those that are resistant to water should be applied every 2 hours when you get out of the water or after perspiring a lot. The gels must be reapplied more frequently.
  • All people who are exposed to the sun for more than 20 minutes must resort to everyday use of sunscreen. The sun is reflected in the sand and in the snow. Therefore, the screen should be used even when the exposure is indirect. Although, you have to respect a short period of exposure without a screen because light activates vitamin D of the skin, which is very important for bones.

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Are You Looking for the Best Ways to Remove Age Spots?

Age spots removal

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.”
Stanislaw Lec

With the passage of time, creases and bigger, darker spots start appearing in the face. It is the time when it literally takes lots of work to maintain that once-bestowed-gift-of-nature. The age spots (as the darker spots are called) reflected on our skin casts a tired and old look. Hence, many want to remove them for aesthetic reasons. But do you know the best way to remove age spots? Stay tuned with us and you will discover all the basics on age spots and their eradication treatments.

Spotting, A mark of Time or More Than That?

Age spots having the alias name of liver spots also, are brown or black flat marks that appear on various parts of the body. They appear frequently in the face, neck and back of the hands, whereas, in some people, they also appear on the shoulders, back and feet. Likewise, they can be of different sizes. These spots can be observed after 50 years but in some patients, they make an early debut. They are related to excessive exposure to UV rays and although in most cases they are harmless, it is necessary to perform a medical examination to rule out the cancer cells.

Certainly, discolouration on the face, neck or hands is very common, especially in the middle-aged women. To understand this phenomenon, we must talk about melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the skin. When melanin is in contact with the sun, its production is increased to a greater extent. This in order to protect the inner layers of the skin from the harmful UV rays, thus, generating age spots in the process. The same happens when lamps or tanning beds are used for a long time.

Other factors that might contribute to the appearance of spots are chronic diseases, ageing and inadequate or deficient nutrition.

A list of the number of factors that cause hyperpigmentation:

  • Certain unsuitable medications.
  • Sequelae of infections.
  • Sudden trauma.
  • Inflammatory diseases such as acne.
  • Waxing or shaving.
  • Hyper allergy.
  • The genetic predisposition.
  • Autoimmune and endocrine diseases.
  • The dermabrasions or peels done without taking the necessary precautions.
  • Cosmetics, like perfumes.

The causes mentioned are exacerbated by the incidence of the sun.

Understanding the Origin of Age Spots:

  • Individuals with darker skins are more prone to staining than the light-skinned people, especially if they have excess sun exposure.
  • With the passage of time, more spots appear, and the existing ones are accentuated, making it increasingly difficult to erase.
  • Hyperpigmentation appears more frequently in the areas that are more exposed to the sun like face, hands and neckline. More spots are seen in the areas where there was excess sun once such as, on the shoulders or back. These are places where there may have been some kind of burn and over the years, age spots cover that area.
  • The regions that are commonly bare to the sun have a melanocyte density (dark pigment called melanin producing tendency) up to twice as high.
  • Melanocytes are also found in the dermis (second layer of the skin), a difficult place to reach with peelings and depigmenting creams.
  • All the procedures to eliminate hyperpigmentation can begin in the fall and should end at the latest in the month of October.
  • After all the procedures to remove stains, from the softest to the most aggressive, you should use at least a factor of sun protection SPF 50+ and replace it several times a day and of course, shelter yourself from the direct exposure to the sun.

Available Cosmetic Treatments:

Sun protection:

It is the number one treatment against age spots. A broad-spectrum sunscreen should be applied every day of the year, even when it is cloudy because the rays have the ability to pierce the skin.

Application of products with key active ingredients:

The most trusted and effective treatment against age spots or hyperpigmentation are hydroquinone and retinoic acid. But mixtures made with glycolic or mandelic acids are also used in such skin treatments. Other depigmenting agents that can be used are kojic acid, azelaic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or phytic acid. These acids are formulated in creams that can be used in the home, but only after consulting a licenced practitioner.


Skin peels really help in undermining this skin condition. It consists of the use of different chemical substances: mandelic, glycolic and retinoic acids, among others. With chemical skin peels, the upper pigmented layer is retrieved to reveal a fresh and even-toned skin beneath.

Microdermabrasion with a diamond tip:

Microdermabrasion is a very effective means to get rid of hyperpigmentation. In Microdermabrasion, an exfoliation is carried out through microcrystals of aluminium oxide along with a microdermabrasion wand and vacuum suction. This extracts the most superficial dead cells of the skin to display a smooth, rejuvenated skin. Microdermabrasion improves tone, texture and promotes cell regeneration.

Fractional Laser:

To treat the skins with clear spots or with melasma, the Fraxel laser treatment is a very expedient and effective one. It consists of a laser beam that fragments the pigment into much smaller particles, allowing it to be removed naturally. The method is very active and achieves remarkable results in 4 or 6 sessions of the treatment.

All the mentioned procedures must be carried out when the radiation from the sun is not high and most importantly, the person should be protected with sunscreens, at least 50+ after the treatment procedures are done. Even after all the spots and stains are erased, they can return to some extent with sun exposure. For this reason, it is so important to carry out the correct treatments and to shield oneself properly from the sun and unbearable heat.

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How to Remove A Permanent Tattoo Without Any Skin Hazard?

laser tattoo removal in Melbourne


Although everyone knows that tattoos are for life, it may be the case that after years, days or minutes, you decide that your tattoo is not for you. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend the laser tattoo removal treatment to all our patients because of the convenience and safety (with a well-understood risk profile) it provides. However, other than laser tattoo removal, there are a few other tattoo removal treatments that people resort to. If you want to know how to eliminate a permanent tattoo, do scroll down as the most effective methods for getting rid of that unwanted tattoo are awaiting. So, ready to try these methods of tattoo removal in Melbourne?

Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

As we all must have heard, the most effective technique and also recommended one to eliminate a permanent tattoo is to undergo professional laser tattoo removal treatments. Although they are a little expensive than the others, they are considered to be the most innocuous procedure till date, since you will be in the hands of a professional doctor whose experience and expertise make it very easy to eliminate tattoos.

To perform laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, concentrated pulses of light are used that help the professionals to eliminate the tattoo. A local anaesthetic gel is always applied previously to numb the area; however, the treatment can cause the appearance of scars, small blisters or swelling and temporary pain. While it is the most effective professional technique of tattoo removal in Melbourne, but always remember to visit a licenced doctor for the treatment to prevent any mishap.

A Number of Cosmetic Treatments Available:

Another method used by people for tattoo removal in Melbourne is applying chemical exfoliants, which are applied to the skin to produce blisters and eventually fall off, although they do not eliminate the tattoo completely and are regarded to be painful.

There is also microdermabrasion, which is also termed as “sanding the skin” to eliminate the different layers of ink and remove the tattoo. The efficacy of these methods of tattoo removal depends on the depth of the ink in the skin. Also, all these processes are much more painful, but if they are done by a certified cosmetic doctor, the risk factors may diminish. So, do not hesitate to contact a professional doctor before undergoing any of these treatments on tattoo removal in Melbourne.

A Homemade Remedy for Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

If you are seeking a natural alternative or an easy homemade recipe to eradicate tattoos, then here is something you can try. Although they are not scientifically verified, and we don’t recommend it also, salt can be your great ally in this. There is a process called salabrasión, which consists of rubbing salt on the skin until it warms up and gets rid of the upper layers of the skin, and with it the unwanted tattoo. This is the oldest method known to remove tattoos. And even though it can be effective, you should be aware that you will not be able to leave behind the damages done to the upper layers of the epidermis, inheriting some visible scar from that. If your tattoo is large or your skin is very sensitive, we strongly forbid you from using this method.

Creams and Gels for Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

Have you heard of the tattoo removal creams? They are the cheapest and least painful technique to get rid of a tattoo, however, it has not been proven to be 100% effective. To get rid of a tattoo, you must apply it to the targeted skin area constantly and very carefully. You will need approx. 3 to 9 months to make the tattoo disappear but then also, probably, there will be a ghost image of the tattoo left. So, always consult a cosmetic doctor before using one of these creams.

Now that you have learnt about all the current remedies to remove a permanent tattoo, you must remember that both deciding to get a tattoo and making the choice to remove it is something very personal and should be meditated with time. The leave a mark not only on your skin but on your mind as well, as they shape you, mould you in the person you become in the future. Always be cognitive about having or removing a tattoo and do not trust products that are not 100% recommended. The best thing is always to go to a professional cosmetic doctor who evaluates the state of your tattoo and gives you the best option to be able to get rid of it permanently.

Also, remember that the effectiveness of the alternative remedies is not proven and are not as recommendable as undergoing professional laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. So, before getting inked, think it through for yourself and for any other tattoo related information, get in touch with us at

How to Get Rid of Tattoos Without Pain with the Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment at Nitai Skin Clinic?

For a tattoo artist, our body is like a canvas. He fills it with the ink of his ideas and creativity. However, be it the fickleness of our mind or the fading of dyes with time, after a certain period, the allure of that once-favourite tattoo is lost and we ferret ways to erase that.

In recent times, the demand for tattoo removal is increasing. To erase a tattoo there are several procedures or techniques: electrocoagulation, cryosurgery, saline abrasion, excision and laser. Out of the aforementioned procedures, the first three are less and less used, because they are extremely painful, complex and also, they tend to leave scars behind. Hence, you can pretty much presume by now that it is the laser tattoo removal technique that is considered skin-friendly and comfortable.

How does laser tattoo removal treatment work?

Tattoos are extracted with different types of laser techniques. Generally, it is the same type of technology used in laser hair removal treatment, only with different parameters such that it emits a very short pulse. The pulse or shot is directed at the pigment and does not damage the surrounding tissue. This laser tattoo removal treatment is topical and is innocuous to the skin, unlike the other mentioned hair removal treatments. So, it does not damage the skin or produce marks or scars. If it is to be explained in technical terms, we can say that skin cells absorb laser energy, which causes a thermal reaction along with the action of the laser waves, facilitating the exit of the pigments from the cells.

How many sessions are required to remove a tattoo completely?

If the tattoo is a very big one, covering the whole back or something similar, then for the tattoo to disappear altogether it is necessary to undergo at least four and twelve sessions, basically depending on the type of ink used and the intricacy of the design. In between the sessions, it might require an interval of two or three months, to let the exploded ink eliminate with time.

What are the different factors that determine the time required for a laser tattoo removal?

The number of sessions or the required time varies depending on several factors, such as length, depth, type of ink, colour, quality, metal and tattoo artist’s technique. The green and blue tattoos are removed with greater difficulty than the black ones, which are the easiest to get rid of.

What sort of precautions are taken by Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre during the laser tattoo treatment?

To remove a laser tattoo, topical anaesthesia is used before the treatment and an antibiotic occlusive cream is used after the tattoo removal to avoid any sort of discomfort. Even after the treatment, the doctor might suggest applying the cream a couple of times on the same day of the session and the next day. The first day the treated area is covered with a dressing and, after two or three days, it is removed, and the area is left in the air.

What care must be taken after the laser tattoo removal?

The very first condition of the treatment is to keep the treated area sheltered from the sun. From the point of view, we suggest that the cold seasons are ideal for doing so, since the areas that are treated are not much exposed to the sun then. Also, it is necessary to place a dressing or bandage to cover them and protect them from heat, light, and sun. Moreover, it would be wise to keep the area moisturized.

Does it hurt?

No, laser tattoo removal does not cause any pain, though one might feel a little stinging or pricking sensation during the sessions.

Does the laser tattoo removal treatment have any side-effects?

The laser does not damage the skin, although the affected area will be more sensitive for maybe the next couple of months. The laser treatment generally leaves no scars. It is mandatory to keep the treated area covered, or else due to inverse reaction, inflammation or allergy might appear.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use Revlite Laser that removes all the traces of dye from the skin without harming skin. For any further information, you can get in touch with us at

Did You Find the Best Acne Treatment For Teenage Years Yet?

acne removal treatment for teenagers in Melbourne


The cycle of growth from childhood to adulthood brings a set of unforgettable experiences that we carry forward in our life. But, alas…not all experiences are worth treasuring. For instance, the ugly marks and pain of acne. The soft, smooth and flawless skin of childhood gets tarnished with the consistent occurrence of acne due to the hormone changes in the body. So, what are the easy acne removal treatment for teenagers?

Acne is the most frequent inflammatory skin disorder in humans, as it can affect up to 80% of the population at some point in their lives. The peak period of being victimized by acne outbreak is at the adolescence stage when our body passes through numerous physical and mental changes.

Four factors are involved in the origin of acne and they must be targeted by acne removal treatment for teenagers:

Excess of sebum secretion:

The cutaneous development that is experienced during adolescence or teenage years by the hormonal stimulus implies an increase in the formation of sebum that, in excess, can plug the pores and form the initial lesion termed as acne.

Bacterial overgrowth:

The bacteria present in the facial skin resides at the base of the hair follicles and infect it, thus producing the painful acne. Our cutaneous bacterial flora has the optimal conditions to grow and increase the probability of infecting the comedones, producing then the papules and pustules (“pimples”), which are also characteristic of acne.

Androgenic stimulation:

Male hormones (androgens) experience a peak during the endocrine development of puberty. One of the consequences of excess androgen is the increased production of sebum, which in turn congests the pores and as a result, acne epidemic takes place.

Follicular keratinization disorder:

This fancy term means that people with acne often have irregular cell organization in the pore walls, which facilitate the unwanted plugging of the pores. This is, without a doubt, one of the most important factors in the origin of acne.

In the great majority of occasions, the diet does not have an important role in the genesis of this disorder, but, recently, it has been concluded that it is possible the consumption of an excess of sugar may aggravate the risk of acne. The rest of food (like the sausages, nuts, etc.) have no proven role in this regard.

Therapeutic Treatment for Acne:

In the acne removal treatment for teenagers, there are different therapeutic options, such as:


They are substances that unclog the pores by dissolving the material that obstructs them. They include salicylic, glycolic, retinoic and lactic acid, among others.

Regulators of seborrhea:

They reduce the production of sebum and improve the structure of the cells of the pores so that it does not become clogged. They are the cornerstone of acne treatment. They are called retinoids (derivatives of vitamin A), and there are topical (tretinoin, isotretinoin, adapalene) treatment and oral (isotretinoin).

Anti-inflammatories and antibacterials:

They improve inflammatory signs such as redness, swelling, and pain and reduce the bacterial population. These include benzoyl peroxide and adapalene, mainly.


They can be administered topically or orally. Tetracyclines are mainly used for acne removal treatment for teenagers, which includes clindamycin, doxycycline, minocycline, etc. It must be borne in mind that antibiotics should never be used as the only treatment since the bacteria becomes resistant to them as time passes.

With the combination or isolated use of these therapeutic options, it is possible to manage or cure adolescent acne through simple treatments and with a very high safety profile.

Cosmetic Treatments for Acne:

There are myriad cosmetic treatments available for acne, which are extremely effective and without any discomfort eliminates all the acne marks and bumps.

Blue Light Therapy:

In this non-invasive acne treatment for teenagers, blue light of 405-420 nm wavelength is used to kill the acne causing bacteria, thus controlling the rampant acne outbreak.


Microdermabrasion is a skincare treatment in which the layer of insipid dead cells is exfoliated with a diamond-tipped wand and all the grime, oil and dead cells are then extricated from the skin with the help of a vacuum pump. Microdermabrasion makes the skin healthy and eradicates all the causes of acne.

Skin Peels:

Skin Peels work their magic by removing the accumulated layer of dead cells from the face, revealing soft, smooth and glowing skin beneath. A few sessions of skin peels remarkably reduces the appearance of acne scars and marks, bringing forth a healthy sheen to the skin.

Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments are very much renowned nowadays because of their faultless results without any inconvenience. In laser acne treatments, laser pulses of appropriate wavelength are projected into the affected area. The light eliminates the bacteria and repairs the skin by stimulating cell regeneration in that area. Laser acne treatment is a non-invasive technique, which is most suited to help you get rid of the stubborn acne of adolescence.


Theraclear acne treatment extracts excessive oil or sebum, kills bacteria and improves the texture of the skin with the help of a vacuum and the pulsed light. This is a highly preferred acne removal treatment for teenagers as it heals the skin and completely destroys the acne-causing bacteria.

Acne is a disorder that impacts the patient psychologically and can leave irreversible scars in highly visible areas, so it is necessary to treat it actively and not interpret it as the result of a passing phase that will rectify over time.

Do You Know What are the Side Effects Involved with Derma Rollers?

side-effects of derma rollers


Who doesn’t wish to look beautiful? Can you name someone…anyone, who doesn’t?

We buy new dresses, get a new haircut and try different types of new cosmetics…all in order to look glamorous, attractive and noticeable. As the desire to look beautiful in humans is increasing, so are their efforts in that path. Hence, frequent visits to licensed skin clinics in Melbourne have become a ritual, since the past few years.

Following the trend, the derma roller treatment that is used to cure different types of scars, pigmentation and marks, has become quite popular. But, the prospect of being pricked by hundreds of needles is a bit unsettling, I believe, even though the feedback of patients after the treatment has been exceptionally good. Like any other skin treatment, there are certain concerns and risks that we need to know before trying out this skin rejuvenating treatment.

What is derma roller?

Derma roller is a scientific device that is attached with numerous fine needles in its head. This device is rolled over the skin to get rid of pigmentation, stretch marks, acne scars, accident scars, and wrinkles. To resist the pinching sensation, a topic anaesthesia is applied in the skin before starting the skin needling treatment.

How does microneedling work?

When derma roller is rubbed over the face, it punctures the upper epidermal layer to activate the skin’s healing process by rapid creation of collagen proteins to form new tissues. The young tissues are more even in tone and texture and quite firm in nature. Thus, derma roller efficiently rejuvenates the whole face diminishing the marks and creases.

Where to buy derma roller?

Derma rollers can be bought from several online cosmetic websites or from aesthetic shops. Although, it is best to undergo the derma roller treatment under the supervision of a cosmetic doctor as the home kit of derma roller does not prove that effective. It is cautionary also to seek a licensed practitioner for microneedling treatment as normally, we lack both skill and knowledge required for this treatment.

What are the side-effects of derma roller treatment?

The derma roller treatment, when done at a professional skin clinic in Melbourne, the scope of any sort of harmful impact is reduced to a great extent. For the pain and discomfort to be of a minimum level, the selection of needles and the technique should be precise. There are chances of side-effects involved with the derma roller treatment if proper precautions are not taken before and after the skin needling treatment.

The most common consequences of the derma roller treatments are slight sensitiveness and redness in the face. Apart from that, other subtle side-effects involve:
 Bruising,
 Inflammation and infection,
 Sudden bleeding,
 Flaking.

Who should not be undergoing the skin needling procedure?

Any male or female who is willing to, can give this innovative skin rejuvenation process a chance. However, excluding the few people who fall under any of the below-mentioned categories:

 If she is pregnant,
 If he/she has an open wound in the proximity,
 If he/she has a history of scars,
 If he/she has undergone radiation therapy in recent time,
 If he/she is suffering from skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

How much time does derma roller take? Is it worthwhile?

A single session of microneedling requires nearly 30 minutes. And from the brilliant results that we have witnessed in some patients after the treatment, we can conclude, derma roller is definitely worth it.

Continuous sessions of derma rollers improve the texture and elasticity of skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, heals scars and stretch marks and erases pigmentation. So, mostly, just have a proper consultation from your physician, and give it a shot.

When you have found the right skin clinic and right aesthetic physician, looking ageless is not so difficult. For any information on anti-ageing treatments or a free consultation, visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne.

Also, read the five reasons why Nitai Skin Clinic provides the best derma roller in Melbourne, to know more about us and our treatment procedures.

We would love to be a part of your journey towards glam and beauty!

Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal in Melbourne


Be it a decision taken at the spur of a moment or a pre-planned one, getting a beautiful tattoo is an exhilarating experience, but removing that tattoo can become a dreadful practice if not done in the proper way at a proper skin clinic.

Once upon a time, tattoos were regarded as a sign of a somewhat murky past, however, in the recent trend, tattoos are a sign of distinction and modernity. Not so many years ago, tattoos had a negative connotation, but nowadays there are few celebrities who do not wear one and even fewer young people who have not thought of getting one, ever… even a little one.

But, as the trend of forming inked images in the body is increasing, so is the desire to remove them after a certain point in time. Over the span of years, we change…our personality, our taste and our preferences transform. Hence, it is very much possible we end up regretting our hasty decision on tattoos. What options do we have then except tattoo removal treatments?  However, one should know tattoo removal is a complex process which requires a deep understanding of the matter before proceeding further with the notion. So, here is everything you need to know about tattoo removal in Melbourne.

What do you need to know before removing a tattoo?

The most important advice that we would give is to think it through before getting a tattoo because doing it is quite simple, but removing it is a very troublesome and hectic process. All the experts over the globe mention laser tattoo removal treatment as the best method to remove a tattoo, but, it is also necessary to remember that it may take many sessions to finally achieve the desired result. Also, the number of sessions varies from about 4 to 12, where a short interval of 6 to 8 weeks is recommended between sessions.

What are the complexities involved in laser tattoo removal in Melbourne?

The factors that influence the complexity of the tattoo removal treatment in Melbourne are the size of the tattoo itself, its age, the area it is in, the number of inks used, and especially how it was made since according to the professional tattoo artists the depth of the ink depends on it.

As for the colours, multi-coloured tattoos are the most complex to eliminate and require a greater number of sessions, so there are some tattoos that are very easily removed, and a few other tattoos created in deep ink that are difficult to remove. Sometimes, they even end up looking like ghost tattoos. In general, the most difficult colours to eliminate are yellow,
green and turquoise and the simplest are the dark ones.

Likewise, the patient’s own skin also influences. It is quite tricky to remove tattoos in the patients with dark or tanned skin due to the risk of competitive absorption of laser light, as the melanin present in the epidermis may generate post-laser sequelae. The simplest cases will be those of light-skinned patients, with tattoos of a single dark colour. Also, it is easier to erase the older tattoos as the oldest tattoos are progressively losing ink naturally.

Different Types of Lasers Used in Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

While the innovation in laser technology never ceases, but, for the removal of tattoos, there are some specific types of lasers that are highly used. According to several medical institutes on laser therapy, the choice of laser will depend on the type of tattoo.

Thus, for black inks, which are well absorbed in almost all wavelengths, the ideal laser will be the Q-Switched Neodymium-Yag of 1064 nm wavelength. Although alexandrite lasers of 755 nm can also be effective in such case.

In the case of complex inks, such as blue or green, the most suitable lasers are the one of Ruby Q-Switched (however, not in use anymore) or the Q-Switched lasers of polymers that emit up to 650 nm.

Finally, for colours such as red and yellow, the best results are obtained with the Q Switched equipment of 532 nm.

Precisely, Q-Switched (QS) technology that is used in different wave types generate extremely short pulses but they are emitted with a high energy power. All this generates a thermal expansion or thermoelastic dilation, which produces a disruption and fragmentation of the ink particles in tiny and smaller microparticles, thus destroying the pigmented particles completely.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use Revlite Q-Switched Lasers which have helped our thousands of patients get rid of unwanted tattoos without any concern.

Complications of laser tattoo removal in Melbourne:

Although the latest laser technology ensures better results, in less time and with less risk, there are some complications of the laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, which must be taken into account.

There is a probability that QS lasers leave a little abrasion or marks that usually fades within 5 to 14 days. In such cases, your physician might suggest you apply a healing cream, to avoid the formation of scabs until complete skin regeneration. Of course, during that period, the treated area must not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, that is, you have to be careful to not expose the area to the sun. In tanned patients, it may be advisable to delay the treatment until it has completely disappeared, to ensure a better result.

As for other complications, there are chances of developing dyschromia, which is also termed as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation in simple language.

That is why as final recommendations it is always advisable to seek a dermatologist or an expert in cosmetic treatments at the time of undergoing this type of laser treatment, and of course, think it through before getting a tattoo.

5 Reasons Why Nitai Skin Clinic Provides the Best Derma Roller in Melbourne

Best Derma Roller in Melbourne-min

Fed up of your acne scars? Want to see your stretch marks vanish? Wondering how to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines?

Well, here comes an ultimate solution to all these sorts of skin issues. With the use of innovative derma rollers, the collagen production in that area is augmented immensely, thus rejuvenating the skin and banishing the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scarring.

Derma roller is a scientific device, whose circular head consists of hundreds of fine needles that puncture the upper epidermal layer so that the vital ingredients penetrate deeper within the skin for improving the skin health with an increase in collagen formation. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we pride ourselves in providing the best derma roller in Melbourne. But, of course, you must be wondering why our dermal roller is considered best in Melbourne?

The first and foremost reason behind this claim is the uncompromised care and top-notch hygiene that is regulated at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre. Apart from that, other myriad reasons are:

Trained and Professional Experts:

Derma roller is a tricky treatment that requires both expertise and skill from the physician’s end. The licensed cosmetic doctors at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre facilitate both. They are proficient in their field and have performed the treatment on numerous patients and received excellent feedback. Their outstanding knowledge and experience in the required field provide us with a visible edge over others.

High-Quality Derma Rollers:

Nitai Skin Clinic uses brilliant quality derma rollers. The important aspect of this skin needling treatment is the precision and finesse of the needles attached to the head of the wand. Depending on the skin requirement, the needles must be selected for effective results. The right needles of derma rollers enable the derma roller treatment to proceed impeccably, establishing it as the best derma roller in Melbourne.

Pre-treatment Care:

Due to the use of multiple needles, this treatment may turn out to be quite painful if proper precautions before the treatment are not taken. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne, we take proper care of the patients so that the whole process unfolds without any hitch. At first, the face is thoroughly cleaned with the help of a soothing cleanser, then topic anaesthesia is applied to stop any kind of inconvenience. This pre-designed regime prepares the skin for derma roller process.

Care for the Skin after Derma Roller:

After the treatment, the outer epidermal layer becomes very sensitive and so it requires proper care post derma roller treatment. The emollient used at Nitai Skin Clinic helps in soothing the skin and the effective constituents used in the course of the treatment improves revitalizes the skin. This genuine concern and care for the patients make it the best derma roller treatment in Melbourne.

Improves Skin Without Damage:

It is said, the right tool in the right hands can perform miracles. It is true for our cosmetic doctor Dr Shobhna Singh. She very tenderly cares for her patients and has helped innumerable patients till date with derma roller treatment. Her unique technique aids in augmenting the tissue formation process whereas negligible to zero damage is done to the skin.

These are the few reasons due to which Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is recognized as the destination for the best derma roller in Melbourne. So, if you are tired of acne scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks, etc. come and visit us for a consultation.

Discover the Complete Story Behind Total Face Anti-Ageing Treatment

total face anti-ageing treatment-min

A Face is our identity. When we look attractive, we feel confident and courageous, ready to face the outside world with a broad smile. But, as time takes its toll, the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, age lines and creases spoils that impeccable beauty.

There are numerous cosmetic and dermatological procedures available to stop the clock of ageing and rejuvenate the skin. Nonetheless, before setting up your mind about any such cosmetic procedures, let us discover a few basics about ageing process and how the cosmetic treatments such as total face anti-ageing treatment can improve the overall look. After all, when it’s your face on the line, one can never be too cautious.

Understanding the Concept of Ageing

In Australia, statistics show, 63% of women are concerned of their eye bags, 57% of women are worried about volume loss or sunken areas in face and 37% of women find fine lines and wrinkles abysmal.

Ageing Statistics

But, why and how do these wrinkles, dark circles, under eye bags and folds occur?

At young age, our skin is rich in structural proteins like collagen, elastin, etc. so, even when our facial muscles contract after we make facial expressions, they coil back to the former position. Although with time, the facial muscles weaken, and the structural proteins deplete from our skin, thus making the skin lose its elasticity and suppleness. After that, whenever we make expressions, the facial muscles contract but could not relax back immediately. This leaves behind a trail of imprints which we call dynamic (temporary) wrinkles and fine lines. If not interfered, these dynamic wrinkles convert into static (permanent) lines and wrinkles over time.

Again, the youthfulness of face depends largely on the soft fat padding that cushions our cheek, chin and all other facial features. But, as our age multiplies, the volume of the face is reduced due to collagen and fat loss. That is when our cheeks and temples appear bony, our lips look thin and flat, and we develop dark circles, wrinkles and folds. On top of that, due to the effect of gravity, all the mass starts accumulating in the lower face area resulting in the formation of double chin.

Therefore, in brief, the ageing of the face means collagen loss/lack of elasticity, weak facial muscles and volume loss. So, for the complete revival of youth and beauty, each of these causes must be individually dealt.

Concerns Related to Cosmetic Procedures

For altering the marks of ageing, ultimately, people seek resort in various aesthetic treatments. But, to heal the different ageing symptoms, we require specific anti-ageing treatments as one type of anti-ageing treatment cannot smoothen all types of skin ageing issues. For instance, in case of dynamic wrinkles and lines, anti-wrinkle injections work wonders, whereas, for treatment of dark circles and under eye bags, dermal fillers are the best option. Hence, to obtain a natural-looking, youthful skin, the best approach would be to undergo a combination treatment which involves two or three procedures together for a maximized result.

Moreover, if we try to fix or enhance a particular section of the face, there are high chances of annihilating the subtle balance among the facial features, thus, portraying a very fake and unattractive look. So, the focus should be shifted to improving the overall facial appearance with a blend of anti-ageing treatments.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we understand all those concerns and issues. Hence, we have commenced an innovative anti-ageing treatment called total face, which actively treats the wrinkles, volume loss and double chin.

Concept Behind Total Face Anti-Ageing Treatment

Many people avoid cosmetic procedures because they fear that treating a facial feature will deliver a fake appearance ruining the natural balance of the face. The primary purpose of this total face anti-ageing treatment is to eliminate that concern. Other than that, this treatment focuses on:

 Replenishing the skin to erase wrinkles, frown lines, folds, dark circles, double chin and as such. This treatment does not overemphasize any feature, it precisely improves the volume and reduces the appearance of creases. The result is a fresh, glamorous look which looks very natural.

 Every face is distinct and accordingly, have different requirements. Total face anti-ageing treatment offers flexible customization depending on the type of facial treatments needed. A thorough consultation with a professional cosmetic physician in Melbourne will guide you in tailoring the perfect program for a rejuvenated skin.

 Total Face anti-ageing treatment uses premium quality anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and double chin removal injections to provide excellent results that last.

Why is total face anti-ageing treatment so effective?

Total face unifies three different anti-ageing treatments together to garner enhanced results.

 Collagen loss and volume loss can be corrected with the help of dermal fillers,

 Anti-wrinkle injections are very effective in relaxing the wrinkle-causing weak facial muscles,

Double chin removal injections are appropriate to remove fullness of chin.

Thus, total face effectually rectifies the overall appearance of the face without spoiling the natural balance among the facial features.

What is the anti-wrinkle injection used in total face approach?

At Nitai Skin Clinic in Melbourne, we use premium quality anti-wrinkle injection, which is a special type of protein synthesized from certain lab cultivated bacteria. The injectable liquid relaxes the specific wrinkle causing muscles, thus, resulting in remarkable reduction of creases from the face.

Significant Features:

 It starts showing results within the first two days of the treatment and the effect lasts for at least four consecutive months.

 As the product has been thoroughly tested, the anti-wrinkle injections used in Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, have minimum risk factors. All known risks are discussed with you prior to any treatment by our experienced cosmetic doctor.

 It refreshes the skin without casting a fake, rigid look (must be treated by a professional practitioner).

What is the role of Dermal Fillers?

Dermal filler injections use artificially synthesized hyaluronic acid that replaces the lost volume in the sunken areas of the face. Apart from that, dermal fillers also help in boosting up the collagen production, thus, renewing the elasticity of the skin and refreshing it from within.

Significant Features:

 Premium quality dermal fillers last from 1-2 years, specifically depending on the dosage and the treated area.

 Facial fillers recover the condition of the skin from within, presenting a plush, wrinkle-free, natural-looking skin.

 Since it has very low chances of allergy or inflammation, it is regarded as a product with negligible side-effects. Again, all known risks are discussed prior to any treatment by our cosmetic doctor.

How do double chin removal injections help?

Double chin removal injections are synthetically created deoxycholic acid that dissolves the extra, unwanted fat accumulating under the chin. Without much pain or irritation, this double chin injection defines the jawline and contours the neck, bestowing grace and beauty.

Significant Features:

 It is regarded as the first injectable treatment to eradicate the appearance of swollen flesh under the chin.

 The effect of the treatment lasts for the next four years and after that also, in most cases, re-treatment is not required.

 The advanced double chin treatment is relatively painless (compared to surgical procedures) and does not have severe side-effects. The minor consequences such as subtle pain, redness, swelling, etc. fade away within a week.

For any further query on total face anti-ageing treatment or to book an appointment, visit us at

Rejuvenate Your Face with Total Face: The All-In-One Anti-Ageing Treatment for A Natural, Youthful Skin

Total Face Anti-ageing Treatment
The scorching UV rays from sun, pollution and stressed lifestyle affect the health and freshness of our skin making it appear dull and lifeless, which further triggers the premature ageing of our skin. There is no escape from this harsh reality that with the progression of time, our skin develops hollows, wrinkles, fine lines and folds, bestowing an old and tired look. That is when the various anti-ageing treatments come into the picture.

What is the ageing process?

As the number of years of our existence on earth, i.e. our age increases, our body passes through many internal as well as external changes. This transformation in our body as mentioned below is referred to as ageing.

Skin: As we grow older, the cell renewal process (when the old cells are replaced by new cells) slows down and also the structural proteins and fat layers, arranged beneath the skin, deplete with time. As a result, the external skin becomes saggy and wrinkled losing its natural moisture.

Volume: The plump youthful beauty of face depends on the layers of subcutaneous tissues that adds appropriate volume and structure to the skin. The prominent jawline, lush lips and smooth cheeks lose its volume over the period of time. The lips become thinner and flat, the shape of the face changes and the mass shifts towards the lower section of the face due to pull of gravity.

Muscle: When we make an expression our facial muscles contract but later,   relax back to its original position. Albeit, when we grow old, the facial muscles lose its elasticity and hence, they take longer time to relax back. Those contracted muscles leave imprints deep into the skin that appear as static or dynamic wrinkles over time.

Bones: The basic structure of our face is built by the bones. The layers of tissues and skin are settled over these bones only. When we grow older, the density of bone decreases and their structure also changes slowly. Thus, as time elapses, due to structural difference, the facial features might lose the balance amongst them.

What are the concerns related to anti-ageing treatments?

Even though there are numerous anti-wrinkle treatments available nowadays to keep the lines and wrinkles at a bay, people are petrified of ending up with a disproportionate and artificial look, which generally happens if balance amongst the facial features is disrupted.

Moreover, treating only a section of face cannot improve the overall appearance. For instance, if you have forehead lines, frown lines and dark circles, then, for dark circles, dermal fillers are used to fill up the lost volume. But to eliminate forehead lines or frown lines, anti-wrinkle injections work best that act on facial muscles. For a patient, it becomes confusing to decide on which anti-ageing treatment he/she should rely to remove all the unwanted lines and folds and attain a natural, youthful face.

Therefore, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have introduced a combination anti-ageing treatment, called Total Face, that asserts effective measures on different sections of our face depending on the distinct skin requirements.

What is the idea behind Total Face anti-ageing treatment?

When our face starts showing the signs of ageing, it does not stay restricted to only a certain area, rather subtle changes start occurring all over our face such as dark circles, volume loss in lips, cheeks and temples, nasolabial folds among many others.

As patients, when we opt for only one type of anti-ageing treatment be it either anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers individually, they are not effective against all sorts of ageing symptoms as different cosmetic procedures have different features. Hence, to look youthful and appealing, it is mandatory to take action against every ageing issue at the same time, which is exactly what Total Face does.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we customize Total Face anti-aging treatment based on the specific requirements of the patients. We include anti-wrinkle injections to erase the frown lines, crow’s feet, etc., dermal fillers to retain the lost volume of under eye areas, cheeks and lips and also double chin fat dissolving injections. Thus, Total Face corrects all the existing age flaws, rejuvenating the natural beauty of the face.

How does Total Face approach prove effective in inducing a natural and fresh look?

Our face can be categorized into three sections: the upper (from forehead till eyes), mid (nose and cheeks) and the lower (lips and chin). When we start ageing, subtle changes occur in all these three sections of our face. Concentrating on the correction of a single facial feature like nose or eyes only spoils the proper proportion of the face. With the option of Total Face, all minor as well as major changes in the face, are corrected by applying different treatment solutions, which also maintains harmony amongst the facial features. Thus, rejuvenating the face and generating a natural and fresh look approved by a majority of Australians.

How does Total Face deal with the ageing process?

In order to wipe out wrinkles and other complaints of ageing and retain a natural look throughout, the important task is to control the rate of ageing in the following layers- skin, volume, muscles and bones. Though bone structure cannot be changed without surgical means, the customization process of Total Face approach enables to stop the clock of ageing in skin, volume and muscles.

a. Anti-wrinkle injections are applied to the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles and folds. The premium quality anti-wrinkle injections used at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne relaxes the specific wrinkle-causing muscles, thus reducing the visibility of any sort of folds, lines or wrinkles quite dramatically. Crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines and other such creases in upper, mid or lower section of the face, formed due to ageing muscles, can be treated with this anti-aging treatment.

b. Dermal fillers are synthetically created with a gel-based compound that plums up when it comes in contact with water, hence it is used to make up for the lost volume in our face. Under eye areas, cheeks and lips lose their volume over time and dermal fillers fill those hollow areas, thus capturing our youthful glamour. Dark circles correction, under eye bags removal, lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, volume rectification as well as contouring of facial features can be achieved with this.

c. Double chin removal injections dissolve the extra fat that gets accumulated in the chin area with the growing age. Thus, it defines the jawline and helps in contouring the lower section of the face. In Total face approach, when the ageing process of facial volume and muscles is controlled, the wrinkles and folds on the external skin vanish on its own as the skin is rejuvenated from within. Thus, it eliminates all traces of aging and re-builds a fresh, natural and youthful face.

For further information on the Face Rejuvenation treatment, visit us at

6 Things You Should Know Before You Go for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal at Nitai Skin Clinic

A meaningful quote, a signet of emotional importance or simply a fascinating design of art and beauty…tattoos are the remnants of those memories or feelings that we never wish to forget. But, what if the design of the tattoo goes horribly wrong or what if we want to erase that inked memory completely or what if the design has faded and lost its flair?

That is when we all start searching for tattoo removal procedures on the internet. While surfing, probably you have come across hundreds of websites that provide guarantees on complete removal of tattoos and now you are probably heading towards booking an appointment for laser tattoo removal. But, wait…have you read these 6 basic things about tattoo removal?

Even after all the promises and guarantees made by the skin clinics, there are certain factors that decide how your tattoo removal experience is going to be. So, let us find out how does laser tattoo removal work and all the related basic details on tattoo removal because you do not want to end up with a partial imprint of tattoo or pigmentary damages.

It’s All About Colours:

While picking up a tattoo design, we don’t wonder much about the permanency of the colour but in laser tattoo removal process, colours play a vital role. If the imprinted tattoo is in tints of green, yellow or orange, then the removal of tattoo might require many sessions to completely obliterate the ink from the skin. Even after that, if the laser treatment is not done at a professional skin care clinic, then there are high chances you might have to settle down with residue of a tattoo or ghost images. Whereas, other colours such as blue, black, etc. are easy to remove. So, what is the colour of your tattoo?

Watch Out for Side-effects:

Although laser tattoo removal with Q-switched laser beam is the safest technique for tattoo removal, it might also cause certain side-effects if proper care and precautions are not taken before starting the treatment. Immediate side-effects might be slight irritation, pain, blistering and crusting, whereas delayed after effects might be hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation or skin darkening. To avoid all these, we suggest you visit for consultation at one of the best medical and cosmetic centre in Melbourne as they will guide you correctly and deliver the required before and after care.

It’s Always Best When There Are Options:

Nowadays, laser tattoo removal with a Q-switched laser is considered to be the safest option. Apart from this, there are other effective options which one can opt for.

Tattoo removal using dermabrasion for instance, in which the upper epidermal layer of the skin is scraped out thus presenting fresh ink-free skin below. But, this method is not very efficient in case the ink has reached deep within the skin.

Skin peels for tattoo removal are slightly effective in erasing the existence of the tattoos. In this case, acid peels are applied to extricate the upper skin layer along with the tattooed ink, thus revealing plain skin beneath without any trace of the tattoo.

Also, there are many tattoo removal creams that people choose sometimes, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t remove the tattoo completely. It fades the tattoo to some extent but not completely.

Effect of Psoriasis, Eczema and Other Skin Disorders:

Many a time it happens that due to unsterilized tattoos or sometimes even before tattooing, people suffer from psoriasis, eczema or other skin disorders. In such condition, laser tattoo removal might increase the inflammation and irritation in the affected area, also sometimes, that patch of skin may turn darker in colour after undergoing the laser treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Melbourne:

Another important aspect of Q-switched laser treatment for tattoo removal is that it is pretty expensive. If your tattoo is small in size, then it will take less sessions to get rid of the tattoo, otherwise, for large size tattoos, it may take several sessions. The cost of laser tattoo removal ranges from $50 to $800 per session depending on the inked area.

A Little Care Always Helps:

The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo depends on the penetration of the pigment within the skin. But after each session, your skin might feel a little irritation or pain. So, we suggest you to immediately put an ice pack in the treated skin area, followed by application of an antibiotic cream or ointment in that area. You can wrap it up with a bandage for proper protection against any sort of infection. Also, while leaving home, don’t forget to put sunscreen in that treated area. Although the tattoo removal using laser might cause a little discomfort, these simple caring tips will soothe the irritation and help in fast healing.

We have only one life and we all desire to live it with fun and frolic, without any regrets. Getting a tattoo when your heart desires is also a part of experiencing that freedom and liberty. But with time, we all change and grow up and thus meaning of that once-so-important-tattoo also fades. And so, when it is time to move on, tattoo removal sounds like the best option. So, come, visit us at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, Melbourne and get rid of unwanted tattoos in the most safe and secured method.

Do You Know What are Acne Causes? Learn The Tips To Cure Acne.

Acne Causes

Unbearable pain, itchiness, scars, and dull skin… the most infamous gifts of acne!

Lucky few get rid of them after the teenage years are over, but, unlucky few like us have to deal with them for a much longer period of time.
Many times, it so happens that we wake up in the morning and half-expect these ugly acnes to just disappear, but, when we stand in front of the mirror, to our utter horror, we find out, they have multiplied…again!!

Face, neck, chest, shoulders and upper arms are the areas that are most commonly victimized by the acne and its stubborn marks. Mostly, all the irritating facial concerns like blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pimples, nodules and papules fall under acne problem caused by P. acnes bacteria.

Though with the progression in dermatological science, many safe and effective acne removal treatments as well as acne scarring treatments have evolved, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we suggest before investing big bucks on one of these acne treatments, try understanding what is the cause behind acne outbreak. After all, haven’t you heard, understanding a problem is the first step towards solving it?

So, let us find out more about acne causes in order to prevent its occurrence.

 Clogged Pores and Infection:

This is one of the very common acne causes. Due to daily exposure to dirt and pollution, dust and dead cells accumulate in our skin pores, which further combines with the sebum, an oily substance secreted by the glands
located at the base of the hair follicles. This sticky combination of grime, sebum and dead cells clogs the pores of the skin and in time gets infected by P. acnes bacteria, resulting in the outbreak of different types of acne.

Precaution: The only method to avoid acne caused due to this reason is by keeping the face clean. Wash your face with a PH balanced face wash, in the morning and night before retiring to bed. Use of tea tree oil toner once a day will help in destroying the bacteria and also proper exfoliation once a week, followed by anti-acne mask will help in keeping the face clean and pimple free. For better results, one can also try a few sessions of microdermabrasion skin treatment from a dermatologist.

 Hormonal Factors:

A sudden change in our hormonal level might result in the appearance of acne and this is exactly the reason why teenagers get acne after hitting puberty. When we approach adolescence, our body starts secreting dominating amount of androgen which then gets converted to estrogen. This excessive amount of androgen in our body enlarges the sebum glands, thus activating the glands to produce a large amount of sebum content. The exceeding quantity of sebum increases the growth of bacteria, which is one of the primary acne causes in females.

Precaution: Keep your skin clean to fight acne and also improving the diet might help in this case. For instance, avoid munching on oily, greasy food and consume lots of green and fresh vegetables, fruits, walnuts and fish. A diet change will definitely help to get rid of acne if this is the reason behind acne and its tenacious spots.

 Emotional stress:

Stress and strain of our hectic lives not only affect us mentally, but it harms us physically also. The perpetual stress creates havoc within our body, disrupting the hormonal balance completely. Irregular hormone secretion due to stress or depression can activate the glands to produce extra sebum, thus making the skin oily and acne prone.

Precautions: Even in hectic schedules, try relaxing a bit. Yoga or meditation certainly helps in soothing mind. Along with that, try getting proper sleep, it will rejuvenate both body and soul, thus eliminating the acne causes also.

 Greasy cosmetics:

Cosmetic products generally come in two types of bases: one is oil based and another is aqua based. Oil-based cosmetics or creams have a tendency of blocking the skin pores and also it makes skin very sticky, thus attracting grime to the skin easily and suffocating it. Sometimes, after applying a new skin product, we develop certain acne problems, it is because of the oily base that any person with acne prone skin must avoid.

Precautions: Before purchasing any new skin product, check whether it is oil-based or aqua-based. Always buy aqua based skin products as they are easily absorbed in the skin but does not leave a sticky residue on the skin.

 Menstruation:

If someone is having PMS or PCOS or any other menstruation-related problems, then acne outbreak is pretty common. It is, in fact, a symptom of such diseases. Also, during the menstrual cycle, acne appears due to disruption of hormonal balance. So, if menstruation issues are the acne causes, it is best to pay a visit to a doctor.

Precautions: In this case, a consultation with a gynaecologist doctor will be a wise decision. Apart from that, for acne removal, theraclear acne treatment can be implemented for effective reduction in acne occurrence.

 Genetic Factors:

With respect to hereditary connections, sometimes, we inherit the gene that is responsible for acne production, which means if in a family, the ancestors had severe acne issues, then it is possible this acne disorder will transfer to the future generation as well. In such a case, the best we can do is keep our skin clean and use anti-acne cream and other anti-acne skin products.

Precautions: When genetic codes bear the acne causes, it is best to maintain skin hygiene and eat healthily. Also, to get rid of acne, acne treatments at a good skin clinic in Melbourne will definitely help.

 Erratic lifestyle:

Our lifestyle has a profound impact on our appearance. Present day lifestyle mostly means erratic sleep timings, junk food binging, late night working hours and parties, etc. All such factors lead to acne eruption and the only way to prevent acne, in this case, is by adjusting our lifestyle in proper order.

Precautions: A healthy lifestyle and fresh, balanced diet is the secret acne cure in this case.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, Melbourne, we offer a wide range of acne treatments to remove both acne and its scars. But, to eradicate them completely, it is best to follow a proper skincare regime every day along with our preferred acne treatments, which eradicate all the acne causes from the root.

Every woman dreams of beauty and glamour,
And we make this dream come true with our efforts and endeavour!

Microplus+ Microdermabrasion: The Secret to A Smoother and Youthful Skin Is Revealed

Microplus+ Microdermabrasion (2)

In an attempt to discover an innovative method to garner youthful and blemish-free look without imposing any harsh side-effect, ASAP has introduced Microplus+ microdermabrasion. As the name suggests, this technique provides plus effects that are way beyond simple microdermabrasion.

Due to its non-invasive nature and deep nourishing impact on skin, it is gaining immense popularity over other cosmetic and dermatological treatments.

At Nitai Clinic, Melbourne, after the application of the Microplus+ microdermabrasion on our patients, it has disclosed instant remarkable changes in their skin. So, after scrupulous case studies on such skin treatment, we have accumulated all the facts regarding this aesthetic procedure. Just scroll down and get your facts right about this incredible anti-aging as well as anti-acne treatment.

Understanding Microplus+ Microdermabrasion

1. What is Microplus+ Microdermabrasion?

Microplus+ microdermabrasion infuses the benefits of both microdermabrasion and sonophoresis, to wipe out dirt, dead cells and all other traces of dullness and aging from the skin. This fusion treatment helps in regeneration of the cell growth, unclogs the congested pores, and reduces the appearance of scars and wrinkles. So, in a word, this advanced form of microdermabrasion is the ultimate secret to a radiant, blemish-free and youthful skin.

2. What are microdermabrasion and sonophoresis?

Microdermabrasion can be regarded as a cell revival technique as it deeply exfoliates the skin extracting all the dirt particles and dead cells from the skin, thus empowering the cell renewal process and leaving behind a soft, fresh skin. As mentioned on one of our previous blog on Microdermabrasion, this anti-aging treatment relieves our skin of wrinkles and fine lines, acne, scars, sunburns, intermittent complexion, blackheads and whiteheads with the help of a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wand and a vacuum pump.
Sonophoresis, on the other hand, uses ultrasonic rays to improve the blood circulation and smoothen the texture of the skin. The warm and soothing massage provided in sonophoresis tones the skin and penetrates the essential products deep inside the skin to enact a pristine sheen. Sonophoresis tightens, hydrates and rejuvenates skin for a young and glowing look.

3. How does the advanced Microplus+ microdermabrasion differ from the general microdermabrasion?

Invented in Australia, the ASAP Microplus+ microdermabrasion has proved itself to be more effective and absolutely non-invasive. Generally, in microdermabrasion, the outer dull skin layer is scraped out to divulge the tender skin inside, which in certain cases if the skin is too sensitive or if the physician is not a very skilled one, then it might result in bruising or subtle pain. But, in case of ASAP Microplus+ microdermabrasion, the skin is not at all abused. After the scrubbing session of microdermabrasion, the sonophoresis pacifies the skin and retains the glow and freshness of the skin. The advantage of this combination treatment is that both the treatments complement each other perfectly. Microdermabrasion clears the skin enabling deep penetration of the products or vital ingredients during sonophoresis, whereas sonophoresis, in turn, helps in calming the skin after the exfoliating sessions of microdermabrasion.

Benefits of Microplus+ Microdermabrasion

● Instant Reduction in signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.
● Highly effective against acne, blackheads, whiteheads and congestion.
● Visibly diminishes the appearance of pigmentations.
● Tightening of open pores.
● Camouflaging the minor scars.
● Eliminates the aged appearance of hands and feet.

Learn A Few Basics

4. What are the steps involved in this microdermabrasion with ASAP products?

This modern skin treatment is carried out in a few simple steps:

  •  Cleansing: Just like any other beauty regime, this process also includes a thorough cleansing at first. Using a mild ASAP make-up remover and ASAP cleansing lotion, the face is deeply cleaned so that further processes can be employed over it.
  •  Nurturing Exfoliation: To boost up the health of the skin, AHA or BHA based exfoliating treatment mask is applied. After a certain amount of time, the mask is removed with the help of a mild cleansing gel.
  • Pre-Microdermabrasion Step: Before performing microdermabrasion, the skin is prepared by a subtle brush of sonophoresis. The gentle eye make-up remover by ASAP is dabbed on the face and then by using proper sonophoresis setting, the whole face is gently brushed. It soothes the skin and makes it ready for microdermabrasion.
  • Time for Microdermabrasion: Now as the skin is all set, microdermabrasion is then initiated in the face with the help of diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wand and vacuum pump.
  • Rejuvenation with Sonophoresis: To tranquil the skin after the exfoliation, a gel-based nurturing serum is applied and the whole face is massaged.
  • Nourishment: After the steps of sonophoresis and microdermabrasion is over, the final step is to enrich the skin with advanced eye repair gel by ASAP and a little soothing gel. Then, the skin is gently massaged with sonophoresis for around two minutes. For further skin defence, SPF 30+ daily defence moisturizer is applied in the face. Also, a hydrating lip balm is dabbed in the lips to take care of your plush lips.

And thus, all the steps of Microplus+ microdermabrasion are completed with the help of ASAP products.

5. How much time does this fusion skin treatment require?

Depending on the condition of the skin and the area to be treated, this treatment might require anything between 45 mins to 90 mins per session.

6. How many sessions are required?

Based on the skin requirements, the number of sessions may vary, but, generally for the full impact of the treatment, we suggest a minimum of six sessions of Microplus+ microdermabrasion.

7. Is it really worth the price and time invested in it?

If the positive response and reviews as well as the spotless, glowing skin of the clients are proof enough, we would say, this treatment is worth every dime and every second you invest in it. This skin resurfacing procedure triggers the stimulation of collagen and elastin in the cell, which garners an immaculate, radiant look.

Applying dollops of expensive creams and make-ups might not give you the bright sheen that you actually admire, but a few sessions of this facial treatment definitely might, as it cleans, nourishes and protects the skin from within for a pure and natural gleam.

Desire what you truly deserve: Beauty Beyond Compare!

6 Easy Winter Skincare Steps to Nourish Dry Skin on Face

6 Easy Winter Skincare Steps to Nourish Dry Skin on Face

Moments in snow…nestling by the fire…snuggling under warm blankets…those are the wonderful perks of winter season that we always cherish.

But, winter also means dry skin on face…itchy and painful acne…wrinkles and fine lines. Isn’t it?

These skin concerns do not even let us enjoy the essence and beauty of the cold, enchanting winter. In winter, the dry air of the surrounding steals away the natural moisture content from our skin, leaving it wilted and parched. Thus, our skin becomes more prone to having wrinkles, fine lines and folds. Moreover, the dry skin clogs the pores and results in acne break-outs. Of course, there are many anti-aging and acne treatments available in the leading skin clinics in Melbourne. But as French say, “Mieux vaut preˊvenir que gueˊrir”, meaning it is better to prevent than to heal. So, if you are more willing to try a natural winter care rather than all those antiwrinkle injections or skin peels, then following a balanced skincare regime throughout the winter is better option.
Keeping in mind all the common mistakes and negligence that we commit, we at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre have come up with 6 easy winter skincare steps that even all the busy bees of Australia can follow without any inconvenience.

1> Wake Up to Freshness:

Start your winter skincare regime with a mild exfoliating face wash that thoroughly cleanses the dead cells and dry flakes off the skin, making the skin fresh and supple. Avoid rubbing your skin severely or keeping the soap in your skin for too long as it will dry out the skin. Gently massage the face wash and rinse it off with water properly.
*Avoid using hot water as it dries out the skin, lukewarm or cold water retains the moisture of skin.

2> Quench Your Skin’s Thirst:

After the cleansing session, apply a hydrating serum or moisturizer and give your skin some to absorb it. Try using aqua based lightweight moisturizers or serums as oil-based moisturizers leave a greasy feeling which clogs the pores and will make your skin look oily.

3> SPF, For Complete Winter Skincare:

While heading out for the day, a broad-spectrum SPF is a must. Find the best sunscreen for face as it will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. If your skin is oily, pick up a light weight matte finish sunscreen. Otherwise, for normal to dry skin, a moisturizing SPF sunscreen is the best. And if you are keen on wearing makeup while going out, you can apply it over sunscreen or to avoid the heavy feeling, select the range of makeups with good SPF coverage.

4> Clean It Up Nice:

After spending the whole day out, when you finally retire home, it’s time for you to let your skin relax and nourish itself. So, start your evening winter skincare with a good cleanser. Miceller water is considered to be a good way to remove makeup without upsetting the PH of skin.

5> Tone Up Right:

As the grime and dirt are removed from the face, it’s time to apply an alcohol-free toner to revive the skin. Toner will help in contracting the size of the pores as well as control the oil balance in the facial skin.

6> Time to Rejuvenate:

During winter, our skin gets dehydrated very easily. Include a deep nourishing and repair cream into your winter skincare regime. So, at night, your skin gets the time to heal and nourish itself while you sleep. Also massage a little argan oil or shea butter in the delicate skin around your eye and lips for the extra hydration that these areas require. And now after all these steps are done, it’s time to have your beauty sleep.
P.S. Drink lots of water in winter to keep your body hydrated. And don’t forget to use a fruit mask after deep exfoliation once every week.

Every one of us has different skin texture and skin requirements, so, at Nitai Clinic, we prescribe winter skincare products only after inspecting the skin type and quality properly. For every patient, we offer efficiently customized skin care regime and products that ensures intense action. Hence, to take care of your skin and protect it from the harsh effects of the dry season, come, pay us a visit soon!

Healthy glowing skin is not a miracle that happens overnight;
It is a gift that you earn over time.

Have you tried microdermabrasion, the most effective solution to flawless skin?

Have You Tried MicrodermabrasionDoes your skin feel rough to the touch? Has your skin complexion dulled with time? Are you tired of the stubborn acne and its scars?
Then it’s time to listen to your skin’s plea!

Everyday dust, pollution, harsh sun and smoke diminishes the natural allure of the skin making it dull and lifeless. This is due to the accumulation of grime, clogged pores, and deposition of layers of dead cells. Over time, the exposed skin thus develops various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, folds and other premature signs of aging.

At such a time, what your skin really needs is to breathe freely without the interference of pollutants, dead cells and clogged pores. To meet that vital demand of the skin, the dermatologists over the globe suggest an exfoliating technique called Microdermabrasion. It is a one-in-all treatment for acne reduction, scar removal, dead skin extraction, complexion correction and blackheads as well as whiteheads removal.
Interested to know more about skin microdermabrasion? Scroll down and read through to know what the dermabrasion medical treatment is all about.

Microdermabrasion: what is this complex sounding term?

Microdermabrasion is the technique that makes skin smooth, supple, acne free and youthful by eliminating the layer of dull, dead skin and grime. In this process, a crystal or diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wand is used, which exfoliates the skin intensively revealing fresh, flawless skin beneath it.

When should you go for this treatment?

In day-to-day city life, when the continuous exposure to sun and pollution steals away the natural glamour of the skin and replaces it with acne prone, scarred, dull and rough skin, then to get relief from such coarse skin, one can opt for microdermabrasion. Irrespective of any age, when your skin requires a deep scrubbing or cleansing to improve your skin condition, microdermabrasion is one of the highly sought options.

What are the different stages involved in this process?

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, Melbourne, we perform microdermabrasion by following 4 simple steps:
Cleaning: The whole process starts with a completely thorough cleansing session. A gentle cleanser and scrub are used to remove all sorts of impurities, dirt and oil from the face. After that, a mild peel is followed by a steam to soften the skin for deep scrubbing.
Exfoliating: Next, with a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wand, the face is deeply scrubbed, thus removing the upper layer of lifeless dull skin.
Suction: With a gentle vacuum pump or suction device, the separated dead cells and impurities are then extricated.
Soothing: After this whole process, the skin remains a little sensitive. So, the skin is first cleansed with a very mild cleanser and then an emollient moisturizer is applied, followed by a good sunscreen.

Is it very painful to undergo this process?

This skin treatment is a completely safe (with a well understood risk profile) and painless procedure, but once the process is over, one might notice the skin to be a little red and blotchy for some time. It is nothing to be worried of as within a day or two, the skin becomes normal.

How many sessions does it require?

It generally requires completion of 4-6 sessions at an interval of 1 or 2 months between two sessions for effective results.

Why choose dermatology clinics over other spa centres and home treatments for microdermabrasion?

Since at dermatology clinics, high power vacuum pump and microdermabrasion wand is used. It enables deeper and better exfoliation and hydration of skin compared to that achieved at a beauty spa or home.
Moreover, at any dermatology clinic, utmost care is taken towards sanitization and hygiene; all the instruments and devices used for dermabrasion treatment are properly sterilized. Thus, any chances of infection become very less if it is done at one of the very best skin clinic in Melbourne rather than at a spa or home.

Is there any precaution that we must follow concluding this skin treatment?

After undergoing dermabrasion, the skin remains sensitive for a couple of days. During that period, it is advisable to keep the skin hydrated by applying a light, non-greasy moisturizer and also a broad-spectrum sunscreen is prescribed to protect the skin from any blemish or wrinkles from sun damage.

Just like the beauty of a pearl pod is accentuated by its pristine ivory lustre, the beauty of a woman is enhanced by the natural sheen of her skin. So, all the women out there:
Addict yourself to a proper skincare,
and treasure your pearly glow forever.

All You Need to Know About Mole Check And Mole Mapping Therapy

Do you have a mole that has been there for quite some time? Have you noticed that it has changed at all since it first appeared? Any time you have a mole, you will want to keep a close eye on it. If it starts to change quickly, you will want to make sure that you have the checked out. It is really important to get a mole check from time to time to ensure that you don’t have skin cancer. Frequently, people will just overlook a mole and then find out that it is something more serious.

Why early detection is so important

When it comes to a mole check Melbourne residents understand that it is really important to catch it early. If you detect skin cancer early on, then you can have it treated and have a far greater chance of success with the treatment. Melanoma is quite prominent in Australia. If you don’t treat it in time, it can prove to be fatal. This is why you should go in and have your moles checked out.

What to do next

After you have a mole check, you will want to make sure that you take heed to the advice that you are given. Sometimes, moles are harmless. From time to time, they end up being something more serious that can lead to cancer. Skin cancer should be treated right away. If you find out that your mole may be cancerous, you don’t want to put it off. You should get medical treatment right away to help improve your chances of getting rid of the cancer completely.

Schedule your appointment

If you have a mole that you want to have checked out, then contact us at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre. We would be more than happy to schedule you an appointment and check it out.


As we grow old, our skin often tends to lose its glow, fine lines start to show, and it may even begin to sag. These could be a result of natural or external factors, but all of these add up to making us look older. While ageing is inevitable, it is possible to keep your skin looking young and radiant.
There are many anti-ageing treatments available today. Premium quality anti-wrinkle injections are amongst the most popular ones. However, there are many who fear getting a “frozen face” as standard these injections are known to paralyse the forehead, and give an unnatural look. Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, the celebrated Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon believes that this is largely due to the fact that not all cosmetic doctors are adept in getting natural looking results from anti-wrinkle, muscle-relaxant facial injections on account of limited skill and experience, or no set treatment template. It is this fear that keeps away a majority of people interested in injection based anti-ageing treatments. And this is what inspired him to clinically study and develop the Mircrodroplet Lift, a new anti-wrinkle injection delivery method that gives effective results without the risk of a “frozen face”.

So what is the Microdroplet Lift?

The Microdroplet Lift is an anti-wrinkle, muscle relaxant injection that “lifts” the brow, and reduces fine lines on the forehead, without causing a “freeze”. While this isn’t very different from other anti-ageing treatments except in its application, it is very good at getting natural results.
As part of this treatment, the brow is treated with very small injections to the tiny connecting points in the skin and muscles. It is not necessary to inject on the forehead.
Put simply, it is a better way to get wrinkle free skin. Unlike other anti-ageing treatment injections that are only effective if administered with skill, the Microdroplet Lift uses common standardized processes on eyebrow depressing muscles.

How is this treatment different from a regular brow lift?

A regular brow lift typically injects up to .1ml in several areas around the eyes, including the forehead and around the eyes. This also entails a specific pattern of injecting, but needs to be done with a high level of skill and care; else the medication is diffused into nearby tissues, resulting in Ptosis or “Frozen Forehead”.
The Microdroplet Lift procedure uses smaller, 0.01 – 0.03 ml injections instead, in the form of 60 – 100 microinjections just under the skin’s surface. What this does is that it traps the medication and doesn’t allow it to diffuse. This essentially weakens the brow muscles instead of completely relaxing them, and this eliminates the standard frozen effect of popular anti-wrinkle injections, as you can continue to make facial expressions.
Anti-ageing treatments should make your face look natural, and not stunned. Because of the standardized way of administering injections, the Microdroplet Lift doesn’t have as many complications, while having the same longevity. Moreover, this procedure helps relaxing what is commonly known as “resting brow pinch”, which makes the brows go up and reduces forehead lines. This creates a look that is more natural, relaxed and friendly.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre has some of the best skin experts on board in Melbourne. And if you’re looking for a reliable anti-ageing treatment with minimal risks in Melbourne, then contact us to know how you can get closer to a younger skin.

Clean Up Your Skin For the Beach

We’ve already written an article on prepping your skin for summer, but today we’re focusing on those issues that are magnified by time spent at the beach. Read on to find out just what appointments you should be booking at Nitai over the next couple of weeks to get your skin looking great and ready to take on powerful UV rays, not to mention the harsh gaze of other beach-goers…


There are two main skin issues that plague legs: unwanted hair and visible veins. Let’s talk about hair first. Not only is shaving annoying, but many women suffer from ensuing discomfort and unsightly razor bumps. If you have sensitive skin, then you know summer makes shaving even worse. All that sun exposure thickens your skin, making it easier to get ingrown hairs.

The best way to keep your legs silky soft all summer long is to get laser hair removal. This is a surprisingly affordable treatment, especially when you consider that that the results are permanent. Laser hair removal works on any area of the body, even on your bikini line. Schedule your first appointment at Nitai today and you will be flaunting your fuzz-free stems on the beach!

The second issue we see on clients’ legs are veins. There are two types of leg veins, and Nitai can treat them both. The first type are spider veins, those small, squiggly blue lines. Second are varicose veins, which resemble twisted cords beneath the surface of the skin. The procedure we use on spider and varicose veins is called scleratheraphy. This treatment involves injecting a special solution into the vein, causing the vein wall to collapse and disappear. It can take multiple treatments to see success, depending on the severity of your issue. Schedule your appointment at Nitai today to discuss how many treatments you’ll likely need; then you’ll know when you can expect to hit the beach with clean-looking legs.

Chest and arms

One important thing you should do to prep your skin for spending time at the beach is to have a full skin cancer check by our doctor. Before you spend extended periods of time in the harmful UV rays at the beach, you need to make sure you don’t have any suspicious spots. It goes without saying that even if your skin is in tip-top shape, it is still essential to wear SPF every time you’re out in the sun, and when you’re at the beach, you must reapply it every two hours.

If an ageing, fading, or downright ugly tattoo has you hiding in the shade, make sure to come into Nitai for laser tattoo removal. Your tattoo will gradually fade with each treatment, which will help you feel more comfortable at the beach this summer!


If you’re looking for acne treatment that won’t make your skin more sensitive to the sun, then come to Nitai for blue light therapy. This is one of the few acne treatments that doesn’t exacerbate the effects of the sun. Blue light therapy works by killing acne-causing bacteria on your skin, and if you’re spending loads of time at the beach, then you will definitely have accumulated sweat, sunblock, and debris in your pores. Blue light therapy will ensure all of that gunk doesn’t turn into a massive breakout.

Last but not least, make sure to schedule your appointment at Nitai for anti-wrinkle injections. The truth is that the effects of the sun are incredibly ageing, so stop wrinkles from forming in the first place! Anti-wrinkle injections around the eyes are especially important in preparing you to spend tons of time at the beach, because they will keep you from squinting and prevent those dreaded crow’s feet.

Once you prep your skin for summer, the only thing you’ll still need to do is find the perfect bikini to show off your gorgeous skin!

Part of Your Beauty Routine

Nitai knows that our clients have busy lives with loads of commitments: work, family, friends and healthy living. But making time to care for your appearance is so important; we know how powerful the confidence-boosting effect can be. You will be a stronger negotiator at work and a more patient mum when you feel your best, so make sure to regularly take care of you. Today we are sharing those treatments that should become a regular part of your routine. If you have any concerns about the safety of habitual cosmetic procedures, read our article about how safe they truly are!


If you are struggling with acne and the sensitive, red skin that comes with it, then you need to pencil in weekly visits to Nitai for blue light therapy. This procedure is highly effective at killing acne-causing bacteria, but that doesn’t mean it’s harsh on the skin. In fact, this weekly procedure can be scheduled immediately prior to a date night or important business presentation. You won’t have any down time at all, making it a great fit with your already very busy schedule.

Initially, coming in for weekly appointments is essential to getting your acne under control, but eventually you can enter into a maintenance phase and space your visits out a bit more. Each visit only takes 10 to 20 minutes. Because blue light therapy is so gentle, it makes a great accompaniment to other acne treatments.


We can’t sing microdermabrasion’s praises loudly enough; it’s great treatment. Over time, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, trapping dirt and bacteria in your pores. Microdermabrasion begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin, followed by a gentle peel and steam to soften the skin and open those clogged pores. A diamond tip is then used in conjunction with suction to gently but completely exfoliate the dead layers of skin.

The effects are dramatic. Acne is cleared up. Fine lines and wrinkles soften. Dull, lifeless skin is restored to a youthful glow. Enlarged pores appear smaller. Scarring and sun spots disappear. It really, truly is an amazing treatment that you should schedule monthly. We know you don’t have time to do nightly face masks or a 12-step routine, but thankfully, with regular microdermabrasion appointments your complexion will always look radiant.


If you’re looking for the best wrinkle treatment in Melbourne, schedule biannual appointments for anti-wrinkle injections at Nitai. In just mere minutes twice a year, you can prevent sagging jowls, droopy eyes, and both small lines and deep wrinkles from forming. There really is no stronger way of treating and preventing wrinkles and ageing skin than regular anti-wrinkle injections. And with just two visits a year, you’ll appear decades younger!


If you suffer from loss of volume in your face, make sure to come in for dermal fillers once a year. Lip fillers are one popular treatment to take years off your face, but dermal fillers are also used to smooth out deep wrinkles and plump up sunken cheeks. If your biggest complaint are those dark under-eye circles, an annual injection of dermal fillers in your tear troughs will fill in that hollow and eliminate those dark shadows.

At Nitai, we think it’s important to take care of ourselves the same way we take care of everyone and everything else in our busy lives. Let us help. Scheduling routine treatments so that you will always look and feel your best.

You Don’t Want Him to Be the Kid With Bad Skin

Pimples can strike at any time in your life, but it’s most common to suffer from acne in the teen years. With everything else today’s teens have to deal with, you don’t want your son or daughter to obsess and worry about bad skin. If you’re concerned that acne is your kid’s most defining characteristic, continue reading to learn about solutions that can stop him or her from being ‘the kid with the bad skin’.

 In-Office Treatments

Nitai offers several different treatments for acne, and each is used to target a different cause. It’s important to meet with your doctor to assess your child’s specific skin issues, so it’s easier to pinpoint the best solution. It’s possible that medication will be the most effective remedy, but that’s often not the first or best treatment option for people that are still in their developing years. If you come in for a consultation at Nitai, we’ll discuss all the available treatments so that you can make the best choice.

At Nitai, we have variety of laser and light treatments available to treat acne in teenagers, and our clients see amazing results from all of them. These treatments sometimes require a series of visits that can be challenging for today’s busy teens, but most appointments take less time than football practice, and there will certainly be no missed school days or violin lessons! Note that laser treatments are also used to treat the scarring acne leaves behind.

Skin peels can also help treat acne in teens. Our skin peels range from mild to more aggressive, so your child’s skin will be assessed and down-time discussed before deciding on this treatment option.

What You Can Do At Home

We hate to stereotype here, but often, teens just don’t take the time to properly wash their faces and treat their acne each morning and evening, especially boys. Make sure you speak to your son or daughter about the importance of following a thorough cleansing routine to clear up acne and prevent new blemishes from forming.

Pick up proper skincare for your teen to encourage following a thorough regimen. Nitai carries an anti-acne lotion specially formulated for teenage skin, in addition to a full range of products to treat acne. Just stocking your kid’s bathroom with these products might be enough to get them started on using them regularly, which can definitely improve the appearance of their skin. To help them combat the redness associated with acne, read our article on reducing redness.

A topical retinoid cream can also be prescribed for your son or daughter. This powerful product works quickly, and while it’s incredibly effective, it’s also completely non-invasive. Teens with sensitive skin might need to work up to using it by starting with just every-other day applications, and any dryness that occurs is easily treated with a hydrating lotion.

Nitai offers the most cutting edge acne treatments in Melbourne, and our doctor understands the unique issues that cause acne in teenagers. Schedule an appointment today to help your son or daughter get rid of their acne and get back to enjoying the best years of their life!