Theraclear Acne Treatment

Theraclear is a two-part process that uses a vacuum and broadband light to treat, clean and remove anything that blocks the pores in the skin.



Theraclear is a two-part process that uses a vacuum and broadband light to treat, clean and remove anything that blocks the pores in the skin. Treatments are highly effective and quick to perform.

The vacuum is able to deeply cleanse pores and extract the clogged material.

The broadband light targets and destroys the bacteria that causes acne, reduces oil (sebum) production, and reduces redness and pigment changes that are associated with acne.


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above: before and after Theraclear Acne Treatment

above: before and after Theraclear Acne Treatment

above: before and after Theraclear Acne Treatment

above: before and after Theraclear Acne Treatment


The treatment is most effective at targeting nodulocystic acne, pustular acne, inflammatory acne and comedonal acne, but all types of acne can be treated. Your aesthetician will evaluate the condition of your skin during your consultation, and discuss any treatment options to make sure you are a good candidate for this treatment.

The laser suctions part of the skin and emits a warm pulse. You may feel a hot sensation, but it should not be painful. A topical anaesthetic can be used if necessary, and this option will be discussed during your consultation.

The handpiece is placed on the treatment area. The pores are cleansed by removing the excess build-up of sebaceous material. While heating the targeted skin, light kills the bacteria that causes acne, and reduces oil production. Any obstruction in the pores is removed and the skin is toned.

No downtime is needed with the Theraclear treatment, and you can resume your regular daily activities afterwards.

Theraclear kills bacteria and suppresses the oil-producing glands using leading acne-treating technology. Theraclear is normally able to be added to at-home regimes of most clients, or when recommended by dermatologists. Theraclear works well with other prescribed medicines.

Your treatments are based on your individual needs. An assessment is required to first make sure that Theraclear is the right treatment for you, and to make sure other treatments are not more appropriate. We have many options for treating acne, and therefore a quote will be given to you at your consultation.

For optimal results, four to six treatments are needed, with touch up treatments every three to six months, although there are exceptions. The initial treatments will need to be done 7-14 days apart.

The results will vary between each client. Improvements can be seen by some after two to three treatments, while other may take a few more to see results. Based on research, roughly 85 per cent of patients have excellent results, 10 percent of patients show a satisfactory improvement, and only five per cent of patients show little improvement.

Some clients may experience skin redness for a few days after the first few treatments. After the first few session, breakouts may occur as the treatment brings inflammation and bacteria to the surface to be removed. A decrease in visible acne is noticed in most clients after each treatment is performed.

There are many different causes of acne, but one of the most common factors is an increase in sebum (oil that is secreted by the skin), which can be removed by Theraclear and reduce acne.
A vacuum chamber is placed over the acne spot and applies precise pressure to the skin to remove the excess sebum. The pulse light is used to reduce the visibility of the small capillaries that are produced as a response to the inflammation around the acne.

The Theraclear Acne System is a state-of-the-art device that addresses multiple causes of acne in one treatment, and is a continuously cooled device suitable for all skin types. The Theraclear Regular Inserts and Acne Surgery Inserts can be interchanged depending on each client’s needs. The
Theraclear treatment includes:
Mechanical removal of acne-causing bacteria and sebum
A combination of light and vacuum – helps deliver a fast and visible reduction of acne and associated redness
No pre-treatment anaesthetics or gels
Painless treatments
An effective acne treatment that works well on those who didn’t respond to other treatments.

Most clients will require four to five treatments every one to two weeks for best results. There tends to be very little improvement after the first treatment, but patients should notice a moderate improvement after the second treatment. The third treatment tends to yield the most significant improvement, and after the fourth and fifth treatments almost all of the acne should be gone.
During the treatment, patients are able to continue with any other traditional acne therapies they want to use. Maintaining a good skincare regime is also important to maintain results. A single touch up treatment is generally needed every three to four months.

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