Embracing the power of active retinoids, Cantabria Biretix products offer a very effective yet non-agitating solution to acne and other related skin concerns. Cantabria Biretix refer itself as an expert retinoid brand for acne-prone skin. Featuring cleanser, gels, masks and peels, Cantebria Biretix brings forth a complete skincare range for all those suffering from the woes of acne.

Cantabria Biretix products boast of specially-designed formulations that helps prevent and reduce the characteristic signs of acne-prone skin in both adolescents and adults. By infusing the brilliance of Retinsphere Technology with BIOPEP-15, Cantabria Biretix products improve the condition and appearance of acne-prone skin by relieving the skin of active acne, its grotesque scars and other related concerns. Cantabria Biretix products online maintains an optimal balance between the efficacy of the ingredients and tolerability of the skin for use over prolonged periods of time, including the summer.

Cantabria Labs, the creator of the dermatological range of Biretix, is a pharmaceutical company that invests a high percentage (12%) of its turnover in research to ensure maximum scientific efficacy and rigour. Hence, all the products included in the series of Cantabria Biretix are extremely effective and are highly trusted by the skin doctors all across the globe.

The line of Cantabria Biretix products only features the patented RetinSphere Technology which provides powerful retinoid activity without irritating or causing photosensitisation and the remarkable BIOPEP-15 to contrast the bacterial proliferation.

The combination of these two technologies with other effective active ingredients provides personalised solutions for both adolescents and adults that helps in rapidly and visibly reducing imperfections associated with acne-prone skin.

What is RetinSphere?

RetinSphere Technology is the association of two stable, effective retinoids (derivative of Vitamin A or retinol) with excellent tolerability: hydroxypinacolone retinoate and stabilised and encapsulated retinol. This technology has similar efficacy to that of retinoic acid, but it does not enlist similar adverse effects.

What is BIOPEP-15?

BIOPEP-15 is a plant-based peptide technology that severely restricts the multiplication of Cutibacterium acnes, the main bacteria involved in the development of acne, by destroying it.

Benefits Cantabria Biretix products:

• It promotes the growth and differentiation of cells to combat wrinkles, pigmentation and fine lines.
• It inhibits the synthesis of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, to reduce dark spots.
• It normalizes the formation of the follicular epithelium so that it does not become clogged and lead to acne.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, you can buy all Cantabria Biretix products online, but before purchasing these skincare products, we would suggest you to undergo a consultation with our cosmetic specialist to understand if the product is suitable for your skin type and avoid the unwanted side-effects. Retinoid is a very potent ingredient and for the optimum benefits of the Biretix range, our Cosmetic Specialist can set up a skincare regime for you after analysing your skin requirements.

Tips to Follow while using Cantabria Biretix Products:

Before you buy Cantabria Biretix products, always remember to apply a high SPF sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) while heading out as high concentrate of retinoid may cause photosensitisation in some people.

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