Thread Lift Treatment Melbourne

With The Efficacious Thread Lift Treatment, All These Issues Can Be Resolved. How? Let’s Find Out All The Details.



With age, the immaculate beauty of youth starts fading, skin sags and folds, fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, etc. appears making us aware of the impending old age. But, what if you can reverse the clock? What if you can escape the harsh signs of aging? And what if you can hold on to your youth for a little longer?

With the efficacious thread lift treatment, all these issues can be resolved. How? Let’s find out all the details.


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above: before and after Thread Lift Treatment Melbourne

above: before and after Thread Lift Treatment Melbourne

above: before and after Thread Lift Treatment Melbourne


The traditional thread facelift involves the usage of thread to pull back the loose, sagging skin to present a rejuvenated look. In this innovative procedure, firm absorbable sutures are done at the face and neck for instant tightening effect. Tiny incisions are made in the targeted areas and then very thin threads are inserted through the holes to lift the drooping skin or to remove the folds and frown lines from the face giving it a youthful appearance. After the sutures are done and the threads are knotted, they get hidden within the skin becoming invisible to the naked eyes.

At present, the process of thread lift has transformed immensely, leading to diverse types of non-surgical facelift threading, which have very less chances of causing any sort of infection or side-effects. However, the traditional thread lift method comes along with a few risks and complications, such as:
– Swelling effect: Sometimes when the thread is pulled too tightly, then the treated areas swell up causing discomfort and pain.
– Infection: Even though chances are very scarce but still there are possibilities of getting an infection if the threads or equipment are not sterilized properly.
– Asymmetrical stitching: If the thread lifting is not done by an experienced cosmetic doctor, then at times, certain glitches may occur, resulting in asymmetrical facial features.
– Thread loss or breakage: The protruding end of the thread that is left after the suture, should be removed neatly, else it might create infection or granuloma. Also, the aesthetic physician must be careful while handling the thin thread, it should not break or else it might lead to infection.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is always concerned with the safety and comfort of its clients. Staying true to that nature, here at Nitai Clinic, we have adopted the most advanced type of non-surgical facelift threading technique with silhouette soft. This thread lift in Melbourne clinic does not require any incisions and so it is absolutely painless and takes only 30 minutes to complete the whole process. Such an evolved technique of thread lift not only ensures that you do not develop any of those side-effects of the traditional thread lifting processes, but it also focuses on double muscle re-tightening and collagen regeneration for a soft, supple and beautiful skin.

An evolution in the field of thread lifting, the silhouette soft facelift technique uses the most superior quality thread with multidirectional grip on the tissues that enables maximum lift without any pain or discomfort. The fine threads of silhouette soft are made up of polylactic and glycolic acids that get thoroughly re-absorbed within 18-24 months, thus with negligible scope of any infection. Over time, this method also helps in collagen build up and thus bestowing smooth and toned skin with shapely contours in face.

The prime benefits of this process are that it gives immediate visible lifting of the skin as well as it helps in regeneration of collagen for a long-lasting youthful appearance and skin protection. Other than that, it is preferred because:
– It is a non-surgical process that does not even require anaesthesia.
– It gets thoroughly re-absorbed in the skin giving a natural toned look.
– Easy and effective process that gets completed in half an hour.
– Scope of any side-effect is very less.
– It also allows the physician to redefine the contours of face by compressing and retightening the targeted area.

Any person within the age range of 30-60 years, who desire to tighten the loose and ptotic areas in their face and neck, can opt for thread lifting. Specifically, the heavy folds and loosened skin around the eyebrows, neck, cheeks, and jawline and malar areas are treated with this thread lift Melbourne clinic.

Once the whole lifting procedure is completed, it lasts for approximately 18 months. Thus, it is one of the most suitable option for those looking for prominent lift in skin and do not prefer complicated surgical treatments.

Do not let your beauty wither away with age.

With us at your side, have an ageless beauty as you age.

The above images have been supplied by Austramedex, the local supplier of the Silhouette Soft product used in Thread lift treatments, to give us an idea of what is achievable.

* Results may vary from person to person

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