Facial Rejuvenation

By the time we reach 40, our face goes through many changes that give us an elderly experience. Individual cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections alone cannot correct all the facial concerns, hence, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we suggest customised sessions of facial rejuvenation in which each aesthetic and skin concern is corrected separately to retain the lost charm of the face.

Facial Rejuvenation

In this case study of a 48 yrs old woman, we will discuss how facial rejuvenation treatment can aid in eliminating the several signs of ageing and what her expectations are from the treatment.

Concerns of Our Patient: At the age of 48, the face loses its natural plumpness and the size of the bone also decreases. So, the subtle but demotivating changes that she noticed are the lose in facial volume in certain areas, appearance of nasolabial folds, marionette lines and pigmentation in the skin.

Expectation of Our Patient: Our patient wants to appear her best self but she doesn’t want the treatments to be overdone or gain a fake look.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments that preserve the youthful charm of the face in a natural manner:

Anri-wrinkle Injections: They are used to relax the wrinkle-causing muscles in our face and remove the harsh lines as well. Frown lines, forehead lines, crowns feet and other such dynamic wrinkles are treated using this.

Facial Fillers: As we grow old, face takes square shape due to the subtle decrease in the shape of facial bones as well as the loss of fat padding. At such a point, dermal fillers provide definition to the cheeks. It helps in achieving that much-coveted high cheekbone and a tapered chin to retain that youthful heart shape of the face.

Contouring Curves: Contouring curves implies to certain facial areas which gives a sharp, elegant look to the face. Such areas include the temples, jawline and chin area. In some people, the chin is flat or sometimes it is too pointed, facial fillers can correct that and give a graceful chin.

Double Chin Treatment: Double chin may be a cause of low self-esteem in many women and men. At Nitai, we use deoxycholic acid injections to remove the unwanted submental fat without any side-effects. It also helps in getting a prominent jawline.

Skin Quality Rectification: Last but not least, the most important aspect of beauty is having good, healthy skin. We prescribe treatments like microdermabrasion, skin peels and as such to enhance the radiance and glow of the face.

The combined effects of all these treatments help to refresh and rejuvenate the face


Thus, with total face rejuvenation treatment, our patient got a renewed look, just like she expected.

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