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MD Codes™

MD Codes is a scientific, specialised approach to using dermal filler to achieve subtle, natural looking results brought to Australia by Dr Mauricio de Maio (Key opinion leader and consultant for Allergan, the supplier of Premium Quality Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections). It is designed to consider the emotional attributes of each patient such as looking tired, sad, saggy, angry etc.

Each MD Code includes information about the target depth of injection, the proper delivery tool and delivery technique used to enhancing positive facial attributes.

The MD Code will provide the technique for facial reshaping by lifting (#liftit) and volumizing the cheeks, sculpting (#sculptit) the lower face (jawline and chin) to achieve a fresher look. Tear trough, lips and temples can also be treated in a very systematic and concise way. This allows for very consistent and reliable results.

Each patient receives a total face consultation with Dr. Shobhna Singh during which:

  • A detailed medical and cosmetic history is taken.
  • Analysis of the facial thirds is conducted
  • Detailed history of patients cosmetic concerns are noted
  • Plan for systematic treatment is created

Who Created MD Codes

Md Codes were created by Dr Mauricio De Maio, a leading globally-reknown Plastic Surgeon from Brazil who specializes in advanced treatments using dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injectables.

Dr de Maio educates and mentors, colleagues worldwide. He provides regular training to members of the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI). The AMI faculty members then provide ongoing training to other doctors/nurses.

What are MD Codes

The MD Codes is an injection guide of very precise sites, represented by letters and numbers. The letters represent the anatomical site such as ‘Ck’ for cheeks, and the numbers represent the units in the anatomical area. For example “CK1= zygomatic arch”

Every patient will have a specific sequence, but may not need all the MD codes.

Each patient is assessed and treated individually.

Why The MD Codes

The MD Codes are designed to help patients understand their treatment motivations. The MD Codes, when used by the injector can help a patient to understand why the improvement of a target area can be achieved.

MD Codes provide a universal symbolic language for reducing variability in injection technique. The platform provides user-friendly algorithms to help clinicians increase patient satisfaction by going beyond treatment of lines and folds and to focus on reducing unfavourable facial attributes.

The MD Codes can also be used for financial planning of treatments as well as follow up reviews.

What areas do they address

Dermal Fillers are used for Facial rejuvenation. There are specific MD Codes for treating all key areas of the face such as Cheeks, Under Eyes, Brow, Chin, Temple, Lips and the Jawline. Generally to achieve the best results, the mid face is treated first if necessary.

MD Codes for treatment of the Mid Face are known as the foundation codes. With advanced treatment techniques, natural looking results are achievable.

What Products Are Used

At Nitai, we only used, premium brands of dermal fillers that have undergone robust development and rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for use as determined by the TGA. Furthermore, the most appropriate dermal fillers are selected for each treatment area based on the intrinsic quality of the dermal filler.

For example, a durable, robust dermal filler is required to achieve volume in the cheek, lip enhancement requires dermal fillers that are silkier and refined. Similarly, under eye treatment requires dermal fillers that are malleable.

Why Nitai Clinic

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre offers one of the widest range of Cosmetic treatments in Melbourne . We are constantly adjusting our treatment options to bring you the most advanced technologies on the market.

Beyond her basic Medical training, Dr Shobhna has completed numerous training programs specific to the services we offer. She is very highly regarded for her work in Cosmetic Injectables and is one of the select group of highly trained Educators in the field. She is on the Advisory Board of Cynosure for Radio Frequency treatments.

More About MD Codes

The MD Codes is a precise guide for injecting dermal fillers. The type of filler, volume and location of the injections are documented and taught in such a way to achieve consistent, reliable and outstanding results.

The MD Code Ck4 is one of Dr Shobhna’s favourite areas to treat and is often under treated in most patients. This area sits under the cheek bones and in front of the ear. There is loss of fat pads with age and more extreme in lean patients.

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The lower face consists of the MD Codes™ for chin, jawline, lips, nasolabial fold and marionette lines. The chin and jawline codes are responsible for the facial shape and therefore are the contouring codes.

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