A Complete Guide on Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal treatment is a safe and innovative technique that is used to eliminate the unwanted hair effortlessly without pain or struggle. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we perform it under strict medical control that guarantees a correct and optimal application, in addition to the expected results. For this, we use medical-grade lasers.

What is the initial approach to the laser hair removal treatment?

● A personalized study according to your skin prototype and your hair colour is done.

● A suitability test to check the behaviour of your skin against the laser is conducted.

● Then the laser rays are targeted on a section of the skin and the unwanted hair is completely eliminated.

Laser Hair Removal is an aesthetic demand that is very widespread nowadays and it has been a real revolution that allows us to forget the traditional methods of hair removal that always ended up with the return of the annoying hair. So, here comes a risk-free, permanent solution to the pesky hair problems. It is simply great, isn’t it?

What results can you expect?

The result is skin without hair, soft and supple. Laser hair removal is a technique in which laser applications are used on the skin to remove unwanted hair. During this process, hair follicles are removed as well as the ability to reproduce hair. Hence, after four to five sessions, one can expect soft, silky skin, absolutely free of pesky hair permanently.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have our medical-grade laser, which makes the laser treatments easy and risk-free. Although, it is important to understand that laser treatments can only be performed under strict medical control as it makes the risk of burns or possible adversities null.

Is there any factor that may influence the effect of laser hair removal treatment?

In Laser Hair Removal, there are many factors that influence the results: the hair follicle, skin phototype, hair thickness, and age. At Nitai Skin Clinic, we offer you the technology that best suits you, so that you get optimum results you have always wanted. Here, we provide personalized laser treatments so that you can get specific treatment fulfilling all your requirements such that certain factors cease to influence.

Phases of Body Hair Growth:

Did you know that hair has different stages of growth? The hair follicles are very dynamic structures that go through the following phases:

● Anagen Phase: Throughout this phase the hair shaft becomes longer. The duration is different depending on each body area.

● Catagen Phase: It is a transition in which the length of the follicle is shortened, and the activity is paralyzed.

● Telogen Phase: It is a transition in which the length of the follicle is shortened, and the activity is paralyzed.

And at what stage is it convenient to perform the Laser Hair Removal session?

It is convenient to perform the session in the anagen phase. To eliminate all the existing hair in an area of ​​the body, it is necessary to carry out several sessions scheduled in time so that all the follicles have passed through this phase at least once. That is why, depending on each patient and their evolution, the sessions will be guided by the medical professional. It is not at all convenient to schedule the interval between sessions marking a fixed time, because doing it in that way, the treatment would stop being personalized and the results would not be optimal. At Nitai Skin Clinic, we will analyse your evolution and we will recommend the best course of action for you.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

● Freedom from shaving, tweezing and waxing at the end of every week or month.

● Negligible pain or bruising.

● No downtime.

● Long-lasting results.

Tips to Protect Skin after Laser Hair Removal:

● Avoid sunbathing before the session, or the following days. Also, use a good sunscreen before facing the sun.

● Once the treatment of each session has begun, you should not shave with systems that remove the hair, i.e. no waxing, shaving or use of tweezers.

● Before each session, the area to be treated should be clean, remove any remaining makeup, cream or deodorant that remains on the skin.

● It is essential to moisturize the skin and avoid the use of products with high alcohol content right after the treatment as it may irritate the skin when it is still sensitive.

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What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne


When we think about the benefits of laser hair removal, we usually come to the comfort of not having to shave again. But is that really the only benefit that can be obtained from a laser treatment? Perhaps we are overlooking other aspects and facts on laser hair removal treatment that are also important.

What are the advantages of Laser Hair Removal?

  • Comfortable and easy:

The convenience of forgetting about hair removal is an indisputable benefit. Currently, there is no method that eliminates hair growth at 100%. However, the laser technique manages to finish, in most cases, with 95% of the initial hair permanently.  The hair melanin attracts the laser light leading to the root where the hair follicle is responsible for hair growth. Once it reaches the follicle, it destroys it preventing the hair from growing back.

  • It is safe (with a well known minimal risk profile) and fast:

    The laser technology does not imply any risk if the instructions of the skin doctor are followed. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use a Medical Grade Laser for effective results. Our doctors value the type of hair and skin you have got and thus, set up a customised treatment that best suits your skin.

In the first session usually, the results are noticed. Although it is important to emphasize that the process of definitive hair removal is progressive. It depends on the growth phase in which the follicle is located when the treatment is performed.

The hair cycle consists of different phases; anagen, catagen and telogen. The phase of the hair cycle in which laser hair removal is effective is anagen. If the hair is not in that phase, you will need more sessions to definitively end it.

  • Heals dermatological concerns as well:

Laser hair removal is recommended by doctors to combat folliculitis and hirsutism. The folliculitis is a condition that is caused, in many cases, by traditional methods of depilation. The hair becomes encyst and generates boils that can become infected. Eliminating hair permanently with laser hair removal, also eliminates the possibility of suffering folliculitis.

Hirsutism is the medical term used to describe excess hair. Laser hair removal is the solution for those who, due to hormonal or other causes, have excessive hair.

  • A clean and hygienic method:

A hair-free skin provides greater hygiene. The sweat is odourless; the smell of sweat is derived from bacteria that break down because of moisture. A skin without hair, dries fast and in this way we avoid the decomposition that generates bad smell.

A depilated skin also facilitates the healing of wounds quicker. The hair contains bacteria that can cause infections. By removing the hair, we will help the correct wound healing by avoiding any complication during the process.

  • Aesthetics:

Being able to successfully get rid of hair from those unwanted areas without any complexity is an undoubted benefit. Removing hair from those areas will help you feel more confident with your physique. The back, shoulders, chest, ears, hands, legs or in any part of the body, you can perform laser hair removal treatments, and forget about hair worry definitely.

  • Anybody can do it:

You can perform a laser hair removal treatment on any type of skin or hair, except grey hair. White hair is characterized by a lack of melanin, therefore, the laser is not attracted to the follicle and the treatment is not effective.

Take advantage of all the benefits provided by the ultimate method of hair removal. Join the laser and say goodbye to unwanted hair.

Get to Know All the Do’s and Don’ts on Laser Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne


Shave it off or wax it all out, little stubs of hair seem to peep out in no time at all. No matter what method you adopt, it is really difficult to keep both ingrown hair and long hair at bay until and unless one resorts to laser hair removal treatment. But, if you are thinking about starting a laser hair removal treatment, there are a few basics that we need to be aware of to obtain an excellent result and show off your body without those annoying hairs.

Laser hair removal technique is used for permanent hair removal. It acts directly on the hair follicle by means of heat propagation. Its effects vary according to each person, the area in which it will be performed, sex and age, genetics, hormones and the type of laser used. With laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne, it is easy to be rid of the body hair permanently after a few sessions, provided the process is carried out in the proper way and with the appropriate machines and personnel.

Here we give you the 6 most relevant things to consider before choosing a laser hair removal treatment in a clinic to get the most efficacious results.

1. Don’t Show Up for Laser Hair Removal Treatment with Tanned Skin:

The ideal candidates for laser hair removal treatment are the people with the skin that is not tanned but in its natural tone. Before starting a treatment, it is important to have a month or two without sunbathing to retain the natural skin tone. Also, before and after each session it is ideal that for at least 10 days there is no exposure to the sun. When skin is exposed to the sun just after the treatment, it increases the risk of causing burns or spots in the treated area.

2. Treatment Procedure and Type of Laser Matters:

Laser Technology is evolving continuously with the passage of time. The types of lasers that have been developed till now are the Ruby (The oldest), Neodymium-Yag, Xenon, Alexandrite and Diode. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use Medical Grade lasers that are very gentle to the skin, yet extremely effective. The most modern equipment has an automatic programming of laser hair removal parameters according to the type of skin and hair, which contributes a lot to the safety and effectiveness. They also have sweeping options, to make the treatment faster and, most importantly, they have an ultra-cooled handpiece that helps in making the treatment as painless as possible.

3. Let the Hair Grow Properly Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

For the treatment to be successful, the hair root must be present. If it is plucked with wax, tweezers or other similar systems, the laser will not be able to attack it at its root and the hair removal will not be that successful.

4. Maintain Gap Between Laser Hair Removal Sessions:

For the laser hair removal treatment to be more effective, you must give the hair time to reappear before proceeding with the next session. As the sessions progress, the hair takes much longer time to reappear. Once all the sessions are completed, even though the result seems to be satisfactory, we recommend visiting a skin clinic once a year to eliminate small and thin hairs that may reappear.

5. Apply A Soothing Gel or Cream After the Treatment:

The vast majority of people who undergo laser hair removal treatment sometimes experience slight discomfort and redness of the skin for a short time after the session. It is usually a painless and minimally invasive treatment. But, as a method of prevention, we advise to apply a moisturizing cream or emollient on the skin and thus reduce possible discomfort. This can be followed by a good sunscreen to prevent the darkening of skin.

6. Be Sure to Visit a Certified Skin Clinic Only:

We recommend you to choose a centre that offers you advanced technology and facilities, also, the clinic must have experience in this type of procedures and qualified personnel for it. Finally, make sure that the technology used is a recognized brand and certified by international institutions such as TDA.

For the sessions of laser hair removal treatment, it is best to attend them in comfortable and loose clothing as it feels more pleasant when the fabric does not stick to the skin after the treatment and does not get stained with the creams. Due to high level of comfort and security offered by this type of treatment, people are getting more and more attracted to it. Now it’s your turn to give it a try.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Best Way to Eliminate Ingrown Hair

ingrown hair removal in Melbourne


If you believe that getting rid of unwanted hair from the skin is a very tricky procedure, especially when they keep coming back after every six-seven days, then what would you say about ingrown hair trouble? The ingrown hair leaves a trail of red marks and bumps in the skin that is not only difficult to be rid of, but it also ruins the perfection of the skin.

Imagine the trauma of bidding goodbye to all those cute shorts and summer dresses, just because you cannot reveal your long, slim legs due to ingrown hairs. And, let’s not forget the ordeal of using tweezers, exfoliation, waxing and all other traditional painful methods for ingrown hair removal, which are not exactly very effective also. This situation, in addition to being unattractive, is uncomfortable and reduces the self-esteem of women, but today it has a solution because laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hairs as well. Yes, it is another of the many advantages of laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne.

What is ingrown hair? What causes it?

The folliculitis or ingrown hairs involves inflammation of one or more hair follicles, it may appear on any hairy part of the body. The main causes behind ingrown hairs are the continuous friction of the skin with harsh clothing, the use of very oily moisturizers, excessive sweating, some infections, and also the use of traditional depilatory methods (wax, creams, shaver, etc.).

In general, ingrown hairs are frequently located in areas such as the elbow skin, legs, etc. The lesions are clinically characterized as ‘white-tipped granites’, surrounded by a red halo. They are usually asymptomatic, although sometimes they can cause itching and even pain if they are deeper. Although, with permanent hair removal treatment using a laser, the problem of ingrown hair is also eliminated along with the unwanted hair.

How does laser hair removal treatment destroy ingrown hair problem?

During this treatment to remove hair, the intense laser beams are focused on the hair follicles based on the melanin pigment present in the hair. Around 99% of the hairs are eliminated from their base permanently, destroying the bulge of ingrown hair as well. The patients will be able to verify it since, at the moment of being suppressed, the hairs generate smoke.


Although, it should be noted that, if there are many ingrown hairs (sometimes they are registered up to a thousand per leg), the first session will be equally efficient and productive but there are chances that the patient might require an extra session of laser hair removal.

Laser Ingrown Hair Removal Treatment Post Care:

 Drink lots of water to maintain the hydration level in the body.
 Do not expose your skin directly before the sun. While dashing out for the day, dab your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of high SPF to shield your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays.
 You can also put Aloe Vera gel or pulp in the treated area after each session to utilize its healing properties. Aloe Vera is a natural regenerator of tissues, it moisturizes, protects and provides elasticity to the skin.
Avoid wearing tight, harsh clothes on the area that could irritate the skin for at least two or three days.
 Avoid the application of heat in the treated area, as well as taking showers or baths with very hot water, saunas, etc. during the first two or three days.
 Restrict from using lotions or gels that contain alcohol or peeling effect, which can irritate the treated area for a few days after the session.
 In the case of underarm laser hair removal, it is best to avoid deodorants with alcohol or aggressive products for approximately two days after the treatment.

Your skin is very delicate and sensitive, pamper it, take care of it with laser hair removal treatment, which is gentle to the skin yet very effective in removing ingrown hair as well as unwanted hair.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have many offers and schemes on our laser treatments to provide the best of facilities at a pocket-friendly price. For a detailed consultation or to learn more about the procedures, visit us at www.nitai.com.au.

Know All the Facts About Laser Hair Removal Treatment…Not the Common Myths

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Melbourne


Gone are the days when the cluster of hair on chest and hands of a man were considered sexy. Nowadays, it is considered utmost crude and embarrassing, don’t you think?

As of today, both men and women prefer a smooth, clean and hairless body. People often opt for shaving or waxing, but even these methods cannot get rid of hair completely. After only a lapse of one week to 15 days, the stubs of hair start re-occurring. That is why many people are heading out to give laser hair removal technique a try.

But, then again, doesn’t laser hair removal treatment cost too much? Quite frankly, they don’t. Maybe once they were very expensive, when they were just introduced to the market for commercial use. Now, at present, laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne costs something in between $ 50 to $ 330, depending on the area to be treated and the type of laser rays to be applied.

Excessive hair growth on face, as well as body, may be due to either genetic factors or hormonal imbalances. In those conditions, the prevalent hair removal methods may not prove very effective. Moreover, the advanced multiple settings of the laser attachments provide the luxury to safely (with the usually known risk profile) remove facial hair. Compared to other hair removal techniques, laser hair removal treatment is remarkably hassle-free and painless. But, the piled-up misconceptions associated with the laser hair removal treatment, dissuade people from considering it even. Hence, it is the time to unveil all the myths and facts related to laser therapy treatment.

How much a full body hair removal laser treatment costs?

A huge prejudice surrounding laser hair removal treatment is that it is exorbitant, meaning overpriced. But, nothing can be farther from the truth. With all the variations and modifications done in the field of laser technology, the hair removal with laser technology has become very convenient and pocket-friendly. Hence, if you don’t desire to deal with the unwanted hair trouble every time you are heading out, hair removal with lasers is a wise choice.

Does the skin get blotched in the laser hair removal treatment?

There are several precautions that must be taken into account by the physician while performing the laser treatments on patients. So, when those safety measures are precisely followed, chances of marks or pain is largely reduced. It also depends on the type of laser used during the treatment, for instance, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, medical grade laser systems are used that precisely focus on the body hair without affecting the neighbouring area. Therefore, any chances of blemishes or burn with laser hair removal treatment is negligible.

Are the intense pulsed light (IPL) and the medical grade laser systems similar?

Although it is a very common misconception to consider both of them to be similar, the intense pulsed light is very different from medical grade lasers. Intense pulsed light (IPL) releases a broad spectrum of light that is absorbed by the melanin content present in the hair and a little by the neighbouring skin as well. The heat caused by the light stops the growth of hair and initiates regeneration of skin cells. But, for some skin types, it might prove harmful with the appearance of blistering or pigmentation. Whereas, medical grade lasers that are used in reputed skin clinics in Melbourne, emits a single wavelength light of high frequency. It targets the hair follicle precisely without impacting the nearby skin. It is much more effective than IPL and poses much lesser threat than IPL, hence, mostly recommended dermatologists.

Does laser hair removal treatment provide a permanent solution?

Body hair grows in different cycles, so it is not possible to get rid of all hair in a particular area after the first session only, although with each session of laser treatment, the hair growth retards remarkably, thus, ceasing to reappear finally after a certain number of sessions.

What are the risks associated with the laser hair removal treatment?

Present day laser technology enables secured hair removal experience but of course, there may be some discomforts such as burns, pigmentation, etc. if it is not performed at a reputed skin clinic in Melbourne by an experienced doctor.

Who are the ideal candidates for laser hair removal treatment?

Mostly, light-skinned people with dark hair are considered ideal for such hair removal techniques. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, the cutting-edge laser is used, which works perfectly against any skin type. But, one noteworthy point is that blond hair or grey hair cannot be treated with laser treatment.

Now that you can distinguish myths from facts about laser hair removal treatment, why not give this advanced technique a try? As it makes it that simple to get rid of unwanted body hair and experience soft, satin skin every day, without the pain and pressure of waxing, tweezing, or shaving on every alternate day.

What Makes Laser the Best Hair Removal Treatment Today?

Throughout millennia, hair has played such a crucial role in self-expression across cultures the world over. Wearing it long or short, cutting it in different patterns or shaving it off completely are all reflections of our different cultural histories. And while scalp hair is one thing, the issue of body hair has been quite contentious through the years, with men and women choosing to use different means and tools to manage it, from threading, shaving and waxing for temporary hair removal, to electrolysis and laser hair removal for a long term solution.
Laser hair removal has greatly improved in the last few years, with pain-free and longer lasting treatments available today. Older laser technology was not suitable for all skin and hair types, but recent advancements in laser technology have made it possible to work on most skin and hair types, making it a preferred option for many. What is better is the fact that it can work on almost any area of the face and body, and is an ideal choice for removing unwanted hair from the face (especially the upper lip and chin), neck, chest, arms, back and the bikini line too!
Laser is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of unwanted body hair. And there are many reasons that make it the best option for those of you looking for long term hair removal.

1. It is delightfully painfree

Move over the pain of waxing or tweezing, as it will soon be a thing of the past. Modern lasers have an array of settings that allow for treatment of different body areas, which include delicate areas as well. Moreover, they come with cooling tips that keep the skin cool and comfortable, and prevents the risk of burning. This is a far cry from older lasers, which were actually quite painful to endure because they did not have cooling tips and the extreme heat would make it difficult to sit through it.

2. Towards smoother skin

Laser hair removal treatments have been around for 20 years, and have been tried and tested by many. They are precise and effective and target only specific hair follicles, which makes it a safe mode of treatment for most (with a well understood risk profile).

3. Quick treatment, no downtime

The best part about laser hair removal is the fact that the treatment can range from a few minutes to an hour at most, depending upon the area to be treated. It can be as easy as walking in and walking out within your lunch hour!

4. Long term freedom from unwanted hair

Unwanted body hair can not only be embarrassing, but it could also affect your confidence and expression in a social setting. And laser hair removal makes for a very effective way to get rid of ingrowth, and prevent their future occurrence.

5. A huge time saver

Think of all the time that you will save in repeated salon visits and shaving. You’ll always be ready to go anytime you decide to, without the worry of having to remove unwanted body hair. Now, isn’t that a nice place to be in?

6. Suitable for all skin types

Not sure if your skin will take well to laser hair removal? Worry, not. Because at Nitai, we use medical grade laser options including IPL that are suitable for all skin types, under the direction of our doctor. So you can rest easy knowing that your skin will be taken care of, during and post treatment too.

7. Affordable and easy

Laser hair removal treatment is usually a one-time investment with long term benefits. What this will do is save you the time, money and hassle of never-ending salon appointments, razors and shaving creams. While it may seem like an expensive proposition in the first go, it certainly turns out to be more economical over a longer term.

How does laser hair removal work?

Usually, the areas of treatment are shaved some days before the treatment. In some cases, just before the treatment, an aesthetician could apply numbing cream to reduce any painful sensations. The aesthetician will adjust the laser intensity and direct it at certain test spots, before commencing treatment, to ensure patient comfort and effective treatment.
Laser treatment works by acting on hair follicles in a certain phase of their growth. And if the follicle happens to be in the desired phase of growth, the laser can effectively act on it to prevent growth of new hair. However, in case the follicle is in a different phase, then there could be a chance that it might grow new hair. And at any point of time, we typically have 10-30% of hair in the growth phase. Some of these follicles might only appear after the treatment. And due to all these reasons, it might require multiple sessions to treat all of the hair follicles.

So it’s time to say goodbye to waxing and throw away your razors, as laser hair removal is here! If you’re fed up of the monthly shaving, waxing and tweezing, and are on the lookout for an effective permanent solution, then laser hair removal is a great choice for you. It is important that you visit an experienced, certified professional who will know the right power and pulse frequency to be administered, based on your skin and hair type. Reach out to us at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre to come closer towards smoother, silkier and hair free skin!