Anti-wrinkle injections to the rescue!

Anti-wrinkle Injections to the Rescue!


When the effect of time becomes evident as wrinkles and fine lines all over the face, expensive creams and other anti-ageing products cannot rectify the damage. Anti-wrinkle injections can create a huge difference in such cases. A treatment that even years after its creation, continues to be the star treatment to combat ageing and treat wrinkles of expression. So, let’s not tarry anymore and unveil all interesting facts about this amazing anti-ageing treatment.

What is the premium quality anti-wrinkle injection used in Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre?

Anti-wrinkle injection is a unique substance that is effective in smoothing wrinkles of expression, caused by repeated and continued muscle contraction, and delaying the appearance of new wrinkles, which is why it has been and continues to be the best ally in reducing dynamic wrinkles. Although anti-wrinkle injections erase the wrinkles, it is important to be aware of the fact that the anti-wrinkle injections are not the facial fillers that retain the lost volume of the face.

Who can benefit from the anti-wrinkle injection?

The anti-wrinkle injection is an excellent treatment that serves not only to treat wrinkles when they are already marked or established, but also as a preventive to attenuate and soften the wrinkles of expression caused by the constant and repeated action of the facial muscles. Therefore, premium quality anti-wrinkle injections can be used by young patients whose parents have very marked wrinkles (frown, crow’s feet, etc.), thus choosing to delay the genetic fingerprint.

What are the results of anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are safe and highly effective methods, whose results also are durable. In fact, we have clinical studies that show that the effects are maintained up to 6 months (on rare occasions, even more than that in some patients) after the injection. Eliminating wrinkles with the premium quality anti-wrinkle injection is the best option today if we want to prolong the effects of ageing.

How is a treatment with our premium quality anti-wrinkle injection?

The treatment begins with a personalized analysis of the patient’s musculature, muscle strength and wrinkles, both at rest and dynamically, caused by muscle action and gesture, and the most appropriate areas to be treated are decided, in the first consultation. The areas to be treated by the premium quality anti-wrinkle injections are: glabellar wrinkles (between the eyebrows), periocular wrinkles (crow’s feet) and frontal wrinkles.

At first, the musculature to be treated is marked and the injection points are made with a very fine needle, which makes the treatment subtle and fast.
The purified protein (our premium quality anti-wrinkle injection) is inoculated in the targeted areas.

Finally, patients are given advice and guidelines to follow post-treatment, more appropriate and personalized according to the case. A few days later, a follow-up session is carried out and, if necessary, the relevant adjustments are made.

Essential information about anti-wrinkle injections:

The growing black market in aesthetic medicine, often makes use of neurotoxins or fillers to achieve the much desired anti-ageing effect. And one of the most counterfeit products is undoubtedly the anti-wrinkle injection. The fake aesthetic products do not have any type of regularization, they have not passed any sanitary control and pose a real danger to our physical appearance and our health.

That is why it is essential that if we want to eliminate wrinkles with wrinkle lift injections, the treatment must be performed by a professional expert in that matter. A licenced practitioner will cater to the needs and desires of the patient, thus, maintaining a balance and naturalness to avoid freezing facial expression.

We must break with the taboo or false knowledge that anti-wrinkle injection creates only frozen and expressionless faces. We can keep at bay and eliminate wrinkles of expression with wrinkle lift injections yet clearly expressing our emotions. The professional has to be in a certain way an artist to improve the face without the retouching being evident. Lucky for us, we have Dr Shobhna Singh at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, whose magic touch has improved the lives of many.

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Feel Refreshed, Rejuvenated and Renewed with Our Premium Quality Anti-Wrinkle Injections

wrinkle removal treatment at Nitai


Every woman deserves as well as desires to look gorgeous, no matter what stage of their life they are. But, as the clock ticks away the youthfulness and plushness of face, we all seek different means to retrace back that lost beauty. Wrinkles, lines, and folds are the very first signs of emerging old age, which are later followed by pigmentation, age spots, etc.

Expensive cosmetics and serums may procrastinate the initial signs of ageing for a couple of months, but, ultimately it becomes really difficult to halt the inevitable. That is when a visit to an experienced and skilled cosmetic physician is much needed. To salvage the youth and elasticity of skin, there are numerous anti-ageing treatments that have been introduced till date. Hence, only your aesthetic expert will be able to suggest the best course of action for your skin after a thorough consultation.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne, we believe for every single sign of ageing, there are distinct treatments. So, if it is the most common symptom like fine lines, wrinkles, etc. our premium quality anti-wrinkle injections are the best approach. These anti-ageing injectables not only remove the creases but also bestow a refreshing look which is highly admired by our patients.

Now, let us find out more about this miracle treatment that remarkably reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and helps you feel young again.

When is this premium quality anti-wrinkle injection prescribed to patients?

As time passes by, our facial skin loses its elasticity and the inner facial muscles grow weak. In such a condition, whenever our facial muscles contract, it starts taking longer time to relax back to its original position, which results in formation of lines and wrinkles in the face. These unwanted temporary creases are called as dynamic wrinkles such as the forehead lines, crow’s feet, etc. But, as the number of years add up, the lines and folds become quite permanent and then, they are acknowledged as static wrinkles.

Our anti-wrinkle injections work best over dynamic wrinkles in the upper face area, which includes, frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, glabellar lines, etc.

What exactly does this anti-wrinkle injection consist of?

This anti-ageing injection is prepared from a special type of purified protein extracted from certain lab-cultivated bacteria. It actively stops the occurrence of wrinkles and folds and rejuvenates the skin.

Generally, any sort of anaesthesia is not required during the treatment, but if your skin is very much sensitive, then your practitioner might infuse a mild anaesthesia along with it.

How does the wrinkle removal injection work?

For the anti-wrinkle injections to work effectively and to avoid any kind of error, it is very crucial to select the precise wrinkle-causing facial muscles. Then, the liquid injectable is inserted in those specific muscles with the help of a fine needle. The injected drug then relaxes that muscle thus, completely stopping it from contracting and causing unwanted wrinkles. Without the constant formation of creases, the face looks young and glamorous.

How much time does it take to complete the treatment?

Generally, to complete a session, the anti-ageing treatment needs only 10-15 minutes. And only one session is enough to complete the procedure. However, your physician might refer a few follow up sessions to check on the progress.

When does the anti-ageing injection start showing results?

For the effect of the anti-wrinkle injection to surface, it might take nearly 1-2 days. But, only after a lapse of full 10-12 days, the full action of the treatment can be witnessed.

Wrinkle removal @Nitai

Does this anti-wrinkle treatment require any downtime?

Not really. Once the whole procedure is over, the patient may resume the daily work without any discomfort. So, no downtime is required for this wrinkle removal treatment.

How long does the effect of the anti-wrinkle injection sustain?

From what we have observed in our patients at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, the effect of the treatment lasts perfectly for four months. After that, though the folds and creases start re-occurring. But, the patients who repeat the anti-wrinkle treatment in precise intervals have better and longer effect.

What are the possible side-effects of this anti-wrinkle treatment?

In proper dose with perfect skills of your physician, this premium quality anti-wrinkle injection produces negligible concerns. But, in some cases, this injection might cause subtle discomforts which are temporary and ebbs away within a week. To find more such details, read our blog  Let Us Dig Out All the Minor Details on Anti-Wrinkle Injections! 

Most common side-effects of wrinkle removal injections include:

 Headache,
 Nausea,
 Pain,
 Burning sensation and itching,
 Swelling and bruising,
 Redness at the injection site,
 Drooping eyelids or eyebrows,
 And flu-like symptoms.

Even after a week if the above-mentioned symptoms persist, then it is best to refer to your physician immediately.

Can this anti-wrinkle injection be used in collaboration with other aesthetic treatments?

The anti-wrinkle injections are usually used along with other anti-ageing or skin treatments such as dermal fillers, laser therapy, etc. for enhanced results. But, only after a proper consultation from a skilled practitioner, it will be clear which combination treatment is right for you.

These cosmetic injectables might cause drastic changes in your facial appearance, so before making any decision, we recommend undergoing a proper consultation from a licensed practitioner.

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Let Us Dig Out All the Minor Details on Anti-wrinkle Injections!

Anti-wrinkle Injections in Melbourne

Ageing is a natural process and we all are aware of it. But still, as soon as the signs of ageing start appearing, we desperately seek ways to reverse it and rejuvenate our skin. After all, it is the period of panache and beauty, when everybody desires to look and feel attractive and alluring.

Even though there are numerous surgical anti-ageing treatments available, but the risks, pain and exaggerated price of the treatment processes does not make it worthwhile for our many patients. Hence based on the capital feedback of our patients, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend our premium quality anti-wrinkle injections to our most clients.

But, what exactly is this premium quality anti-wrinkle injection? How does it help? You need to understand all such trivial facts before undergoing this anti-ageing treatment.

Why do we get wrinkles and folds when we age?

It is a commonly known fact that our cell regeneration process slows down as we age. This theory extends to our skin cells also. As time passes, the creation of structural proteins and fats slow down, as a result, consistent loss of collagen and elastin (structural proteins), and fats occur which reduces the elasticity of the skin. Apart from that, our facial muscles also become weak as we grow. Therefore, when our facial muscles contract, it takes time to retreat back to its initial position, leaving behind lingering impression on the skin, which are termed as dynamic wrinkles.

What sort of wrinkles are erased with the help of anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections work best upon dynamic wrinkles, which occur in our face when we create expressions like frown or smile. As anti-wrinkle injections are injected into facial muscles to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, they prove most effective in removing crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines.

How does our premium quality anti-wrinkle injection work?

To fix the unwanted display of lines and creases, our premium quality injections relax the wrinkle-causing muscles, thus, remarkably, diminishing the occurrence of wrinkles and folds and rejuvenating the skin from within.

What does the premium quality anti-wrinkle injection, used in Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, consist of?

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, a special type of protein synthesized from a type of lab-cultured bacteria is utilized. The protein is meticulously treated and only after myriad tests on its effectiveness and security, it is released for commercial use. To know more about the wrinkle removing injections, read our blog, an account on wrinkle removal injections.

In some special cases, anaesthesia is also added to avoid any sort of discomfort in the ongoing treatment.

How to ensure the maximum and secured effect of this anti-wrinkle injection?

This anti-ageing injection works only on the precisely injected muscles, the rest of the area remains completely unaffected. Hence, it is important to seek such anti-wrinkle treatment from a specialized cosmetic practitioner, at a licensed skin clinic.

Also, it is required to continue the treatment after every four months (approx.) as the effect of the anti-wrinkle injection subsides within that period of time. But, with continuity of the treatment, the result of the anti-wrinkle injections last for longer time.

nitai before after

How many sessions does it require?

This wrinkle removal treatment gets over in a couple of minutes only. When done by an experienced cosmetic physician, it only takes 10 to 15 mins to complete the whole wrinkle removal treatment as it comprises of just one session.

When can one expect to see improvements?

After 1-2 days of the treatment only, one can see subtle changes in the appearance of wrinkles. But, for best results, one will have to wait for at least 10-14 days. Although, it should be taken into consideration that result of the treatment varies from person to person depending on the type of treatment and skin requirements.

What are the common side-effects of anti-wrinkle injections?

Generally, this anti-wrinkle injection does not instigate any side-effects, but in some cases, it might generate some common distress:

 Extreme pain, burning and stinging sensation in the injected areas,
 Bruising, swelling or redness might also occur,
 Tightness in the injected skin area,
 Muscle weakness, resulting in drooping eyelids or eyebrows,
 Swollen eyelids,
 Tingling sensations or itching in the forehead,
 Headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms might also appear.

These symptoms are not very grave and are reported to fade away within a week.

What special precautions to be taken after the anti-ageing treatment?

Your practitioner will be able to instruct you properly about what specific safety measures need to be taken.

Apart from that, we would suggest refraining from rubbing or applying pressure in that area for the next 4 hours at least.

Is it possible to use the anti-wrinkle injection in combination with other cosmetic treatments?

Many clients of ours, prefer customized facial treatments that take care of the total appearance of the face. In those cases, anti-wrinkle injections are combined with dermal fillers and double chin removal injections to augment the overall impact.

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Discover the Complete Story Behind Total Face Anti-Ageing Treatment

total face anti-ageing treatment-min

A Face is our identity. When we look attractive, we feel confident and courageous, ready to face the outside world with a broad smile. But, as time takes its toll, the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, age lines and creases spoils that impeccable beauty.

There are numerous cosmetic and dermatological procedures available to stop the clock of ageing and rejuvenate the skin. Nonetheless, before setting up your mind about any such cosmetic procedures, let us discover a few basics about ageing process and how the cosmetic treatments such as total face anti-ageing treatment can improve the overall look. After all, when it’s your face on the line, one can never be too cautious.

Understanding the Concept of Ageing

In Australia, statistics show, 63% of women are concerned of their eye bags, 57% of women are worried about volume loss or sunken areas in face and 37% of women find fine lines and wrinkles abysmal.

Ageing Statistics

But, why and how do these wrinkles, dark circles, under eye bags and folds occur?

At young age, our skin is rich in structural proteins like collagen, elastin, etc. so, even when our facial muscles contract after we make facial expressions, they coil back to the former position. Although with time, the facial muscles weaken, and the structural proteins deplete from our skin, thus making the skin lose its elasticity and suppleness. After that, whenever we make expressions, the facial muscles contract but could not relax back immediately. This leaves behind a trail of imprints which we call dynamic (temporary) wrinkles and fine lines. If not interfered, these dynamic wrinkles convert into static (permanent) lines and wrinkles over time.

Again, the youthfulness of face depends largely on the soft fat padding that cushions our cheek, chin and all other facial features. But, as our age multiplies, the volume of the face is reduced due to collagen and fat loss. That is when our cheeks and temples appear bony, our lips look thin and flat, and we develop dark circles, wrinkles and folds. On top of that, due to the effect of gravity, all the mass starts accumulating in the lower face area resulting in the formation of double chin.

Therefore, in brief, the ageing of the face means collagen loss/lack of elasticity, weak facial muscles and volume loss. So, for the complete revival of youth and beauty, each of these causes must be individually dealt.

Concerns Related to Cosmetic Procedures

For altering the marks of ageing, ultimately, people seek resort in various aesthetic treatments. But, to heal the different ageing symptoms, we require specific anti-ageing treatments as one type of anti-ageing treatment cannot smoothen all types of skin ageing issues. For instance, in case of dynamic wrinkles and lines, anti-wrinkle injections work wonders, whereas, for treatment of dark circles and under eye bags, dermal fillers are the best option. Hence, to obtain a natural-looking, youthful skin, the best approach would be to undergo a combination treatment which involves two or three procedures together for a maximized result.

Moreover, if we try to fix or enhance a particular section of the face, there are high chances of annihilating the subtle balance among the facial features, thus, portraying a very fake and unattractive look. So, the focus should be shifted to improving the overall facial appearance with a blend of anti-ageing treatments.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we understand all those concerns and issues. Hence, we have commenced an innovative anti-ageing treatment called total face, which actively treats the wrinkles, volume loss and double chin.

Concept Behind Total Face Anti-Ageing Treatment

Many people avoid cosmetic procedures because they fear that treating a facial feature will deliver a fake appearance ruining the natural balance of the face. The primary purpose of this total face anti-ageing treatment is to eliminate that concern. Other than that, this treatment focuses on:

 Replenishing the skin to erase wrinkles, frown lines, folds, dark circles, double chin and as such. This treatment does not overemphasize any feature, it precisely improves the volume and reduces the appearance of creases. The result is a fresh, glamorous look which looks very natural.

 Every face is distinct and accordingly, have different requirements. Total face anti-ageing treatment offers flexible customization depending on the type of facial treatments needed. A thorough consultation with a professional cosmetic physician in Melbourne will guide you in tailoring the perfect program for a rejuvenated skin.

 Total Face anti-ageing treatment uses premium quality anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and double chin removal injections to provide excellent results that last.

Why is total face anti-ageing treatment so effective?

Total face unifies three different anti-ageing treatments together to garner enhanced results.

 Collagen loss and volume loss can be corrected with the help of dermal fillers,

 Anti-wrinkle injections are very effective in relaxing the wrinkle-causing weak facial muscles,

Double chin removal injections are appropriate to remove fullness of chin.

Thus, total face effectually rectifies the overall appearance of the face without spoiling the natural balance among the facial features.

What is the anti-wrinkle injection used in total face approach?

At Nitai Skin Clinic in Melbourne, we use premium quality anti-wrinkle injection, which is a special type of protein synthesized from certain lab cultivated bacteria. The injectable liquid relaxes the specific wrinkle causing muscles, thus, resulting in remarkable reduction of creases from the face.

Significant Features:

 It starts showing results within the first two days of the treatment and the effect lasts for at least four consecutive months.

 As the product has been thoroughly tested, the anti-wrinkle injections used in Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, have minimum risk factors. All known risks are discussed with you prior to any treatment by our experienced cosmetic doctor.

 It refreshes the skin without casting a fake, rigid look (must be treated by a professional practitioner).

What is the role of Dermal Fillers?

Dermal filler injections use artificially synthesized hyaluronic acid that replaces the lost volume in the sunken areas of the face. Apart from that, dermal fillers also help in boosting up the collagen production, thus, renewing the elasticity of the skin and refreshing it from within.

Significant Features:

 Premium quality dermal fillers last from 1-2 years, specifically depending on the dosage and the treated area.

 Facial fillers recover the condition of the skin from within, presenting a plush, wrinkle-free, natural-looking skin.

 Since it has very low chances of allergy or inflammation, it is regarded as a product with negligible side-effects. Again, all known risks are discussed prior to any treatment by our cosmetic doctor.

How do double chin removal injections help?

Double chin removal injections are synthetically created deoxycholic acid that dissolves the extra, unwanted fat accumulating under the chin. Without much pain or irritation, this double chin injection defines the jawline and contours the neck, bestowing grace and beauty.

Significant Features:

 It is regarded as the first injectable treatment to eradicate the appearance of swollen flesh under the chin.

 The effect of the treatment lasts for the next four years and after that also, in most cases, re-treatment is not required.

 The advanced double chin treatment is relatively painless (compared to surgical procedures) and does not have severe side-effects. The minor consequences such as subtle pain, redness, swelling, etc. fade away within a week.

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Rejuvenate Your Face with Total Face: The All-In-One Anti-Ageing Treatment for A Natural, Youthful Skin

Total Face Anti-ageing Treatment
The scorching UV rays from sun, pollution and stressed lifestyle affect the health and freshness of our skin making it appear dull and lifeless, which further triggers the premature ageing of our skin. There is no escape from this harsh reality that with the progression of time, our skin develops hollows, wrinkles, fine lines and folds, bestowing an old and tired look. That is when the various anti-ageing treatments come into the picture.

What is the ageing process?

As the number of years of our existence on earth, i.e. our age increases, our body passes through many internal as well as external changes. This transformation in our body as mentioned below is referred to as ageing.

Skin: As we grow older, the cell renewal process (when the old cells are replaced by new cells) slows down and also the structural proteins and fat layers, arranged beneath the skin, deplete with time. As a result, the external skin becomes saggy and wrinkled losing its natural moisture.

Volume: The plump youthful beauty of face depends on the layers of subcutaneous tissues that adds appropriate volume and structure to the skin. The prominent jawline, lush lips and smooth cheeks lose its volume over the period of time. The lips become thinner and flat, the shape of the face changes and the mass shifts towards the lower section of the face due to pull of gravity.

Muscle: When we make an expression our facial muscles contract but later,   relax back to its original position. Albeit, when we grow old, the facial muscles lose its elasticity and hence, they take longer time to relax back. Those contracted muscles leave imprints deep into the skin that appear as static or dynamic wrinkles over time.

Bones: The basic structure of our face is built by the bones. The layers of tissues and skin are settled over these bones only. When we grow older, the density of bone decreases and their structure also changes slowly. Thus, as time elapses, due to structural difference, the facial features might lose the balance amongst them.

What are the concerns related to anti-ageing treatments?

Even though there are numerous anti-wrinkle treatments available nowadays to keep the lines and wrinkles at a bay, people are petrified of ending up with a disproportionate and artificial look, which generally happens if balance amongst the facial features is disrupted.

Moreover, treating only a section of face cannot improve the overall appearance. For instance, if you have forehead lines, frown lines and dark circles, then, for dark circles, dermal fillers are used to fill up the lost volume. But to eliminate forehead lines or frown lines, anti-wrinkle injections work best that act on facial muscles. For a patient, it becomes confusing to decide on which anti-ageing treatment he/she should rely to remove all the unwanted lines and folds and attain a natural, youthful face.

Therefore, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have introduced a combination anti-ageing treatment, called Total Face, that asserts effective measures on different sections of our face depending on the distinct skin requirements.

What is the idea behind Total Face anti-ageing treatment?

When our face starts showing the signs of ageing, it does not stay restricted to only a certain area, rather subtle changes start occurring all over our face such as dark circles, volume loss in lips, cheeks and temples, nasolabial folds among many others.

As patients, when we opt for only one type of anti-ageing treatment be it either anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers individually, they are not effective against all sorts of ageing symptoms as different cosmetic procedures have different features. Hence, to look youthful and appealing, it is mandatory to take action against every ageing issue at the same time, which is exactly what Total Face does.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we customize Total Face anti-aging treatment based on the specific requirements of the patients. We include anti-wrinkle injections to erase the frown lines, crow’s feet, etc., dermal fillers to retain the lost volume of under eye areas, cheeks and lips and also double chin fat dissolving injections. Thus, Total Face corrects all the existing age flaws, rejuvenating the natural beauty of the face.

How does Total Face approach prove effective in inducing a natural and fresh look?

Our face can be categorized into three sections: the upper (from forehead till eyes), mid (nose and cheeks) and the lower (lips and chin). When we start ageing, subtle changes occur in all these three sections of our face. Concentrating on the correction of a single facial feature like nose or eyes only spoils the proper proportion of the face. With the option of Total Face, all minor as well as major changes in the face, are corrected by applying different treatment solutions, which also maintains harmony amongst the facial features. Thus, rejuvenating the face and generating a natural and fresh look approved by a majority of Australians.

How does Total Face deal with the ageing process?

In order to wipe out wrinkles and other complaints of ageing and retain a natural look throughout, the important task is to control the rate of ageing in the following layers- skin, volume, muscles and bones. Though bone structure cannot be changed without surgical means, the customization process of Total Face approach enables to stop the clock of ageing in skin, volume and muscles.

a. Anti-wrinkle injections are applied to the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles and folds. The premium quality anti-wrinkle injections used at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne relaxes the specific wrinkle-causing muscles, thus reducing the visibility of any sort of folds, lines or wrinkles quite dramatically. Crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines and other such creases in upper, mid or lower section of the face, formed due to ageing muscles, can be treated with this anti-aging treatment.

b. Dermal fillers are synthetically created with a gel-based compound that plums up when it comes in contact with water, hence it is used to make up for the lost volume in our face. Under eye areas, cheeks and lips lose their volume over time and dermal fillers fill those hollow areas, thus capturing our youthful glamour. Dark circles correction, under eye bags removal, lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, volume rectification as well as contouring of facial features can be achieved with this.

c. Double chin removal injections dissolve the extra fat that gets accumulated in the chin area with the growing age. Thus, it defines the jawline and helps in contouring the lower section of the face. In Total face approach, when the ageing process of facial volume and muscles is controlled, the wrinkles and folds on the external skin vanish on its own as the skin is rejuvenated from within. Thus, it eliminates all traces of aging and re-builds a fresh, natural and youthful face.

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An Account on Anti-wrinkle Injections: All Your Questions and Queries Answered

Anti-wrinkle Injections Explained-min


In this age of beauty and glamour, the way we look and present ourselves to the outer world has a strong impact on our career and lives. But, with the influence of stress, pollution and harsh sun, the premature aging, age spots and other skin issues have become inevitable in recent times. Inexpensive creams and beauty products cannot repair all the damages done to the skin, hence, the need to seek aesthetic treatments from a skilled cosmetic physician is increasing day by day.

Crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines and other fine lines and wrinkles are the most common signs of aging against which anti-wrinkle injections are considered to be most effective. But, when it is your face as well as money on the line, one can never be too cautious. Therefore, before opting for any cosmetic or aesthetic procedure, there are a few essentials that you should be aware of.

Here, we have enlisted all the questions and concerns on our premium quality anti-wrinkle injections that are frequently asked by our patients at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne so that you can take the right decision.

What are wrinkles? How are they formed?

When we conduct any kind of facial expression like we smile or frown, the inner facial muscles contract but later on they retreat back to their original position. But, when we age, the structural proteins called elastin and collagen reduces from our skin. As a result, our skin loses its elasticity. After that, when our face makes any sort of expression, the muscles cannot stretch back to its initial position, thus generating unwanted creases in the skin, which are called dynamic lines and wrinkles. Over time, these dynamic wrinkles turn into static wrinkles, which stays in our face even when the inner muscles are at rest.

Pollution, harmful UV rays, smoking and stressed lifestyle also contributes to the increment of facial wrinkles and folds in the face, thus stealing away its youth.

What are the non-surgical anti-wrinkle injections?

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, a special kind of purified protein is injected into the skin to relax the particular wrinkle-causing facial muscles. This protein is derived from specific lab-cultured bacteria, which effectively reduces the appearance of lines and creases while rejuvenating the skin from within. If one wishes to refrain from painful surgeries, then this anti-ageing treatment is a very good alternative.

How do our premium quality anti-wrinkle injections work?

The lines and wrinkles that appear in our face are actually the imprints left behind after the contraction of facial muscles, due to the lack of elastin and collagen proteins in the skin layers. A series of anti-wrinkle injections are applied to those specific muscles that are responsible for creating creases and lines with the help of a fine needle. The injectable liquid then relaxes the muscle, thus arresting it from making any sort of contraction, which in turn stops the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This anti-aging treatment has proved very effective among our patients as it efficiently smoothens the lines without any stern side-effect.

How much time do these anti-ageing injections require to show results?

Generally, to complete a session of this anti-ageing treatment, it requires 10-15 minutes. But, for the effect of the anti-wrinkle injection to surface, it might take nearly 2-3 days and only after a lapse of full seven days, the full action of the treatment can be witnessed.

Is anaesthesia required to sustain pain during this anti-wrinkle treatment?

The premium quality anti-wrinkle treatment used at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is regarded as painless, compared to other surgical procedures. Although, slight discomfort or irritation might occur during the ongoing process, that lasts only for seconds. Hence, mostly anaesthesia is not required during the treatment.

What is the longevity of the anti-wrinkle injections?

As per our estimation, the effect of the treatment lasts perfectly for four months, but, after that, the folds and fine lines start re-appearing. Albeit, those who frequently repeat the anti-wrinkle treatment might have better and longer effect.

What are the primary regions that are targeted with this premium quality anti-aging treatment?

The wrinkle removal injections prove very impactful against the wrinkles in the upper face area, i.e., around the corners of the eyes and temple, such as frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, etc.

antiWrinkle injections before after

Does this treatment increase the appearance of wrinkles after the effect of the anti-wrinkle injections subsides?

Once the injection is applied into the skin, it relaxes the facial muscles, thus easing the expression lines that appear. With time when the effect of the injection fades, the old lines and wrinkles start re-surfacing. If you do not desire to continue with the treatment, then the condition of the skin goes back to the way it was before the treatment. The halt from the anti-wrinkle injection does not increase the appearance of wrinkles, it merely takes the skin back to its former position.

Will this anti-aging technique freeze our facial expressions as well?

It will definitely not freeze up the facial expressions when done by a professional cosmetic physician. This prescribed drug must be injected into the specific wrinkle-causing muscle only. The untreated muscles stay unaffected and can be contracted easily without any discomfort. The impact of the treatment rests a great deal on the dosage used for the treatment and the skill of the doctor in targeting the precise facial muscles without any error.

What are the possible side-effects of this anti-wrinkle treatment?

When this premium quality anti-wrinkle injection is used in proper dosage, it produces negligible concerns. But, in some cases, this injection might cause subtle discomforts which are temporary and vanishes completely within a week.

Probable side-effects include headache, nausea, pain, burning sensation, itching, swelling, bruising, redness at the injection site, drooping eyelids or eyebrows, and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms pass within a week, but if they persist even after that, then it is best to refer to your physician immediately. All known symptoms are discussed during the consultation with the doctor.

Can this anti-wrinkle injection be used in combination with other cosmetic treatments?

Definitely, the anti-wrinkle injections can be used with other anti-ageing or skin treatments such as dermal fillers, laser therapy, etc. for enhanced results. But, only after a proper consultation from a skilled practitioner, you can understand which combination treatment will be right for you.

When you look beautiful, you feel blissful.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we are passionate to help you reach your very best self. So, if you have any further query on other anti-ageing or skin treatments, visit us at

Dermal Fillers: The Easy Solution For A Natural Looking, Wrinkle-free Skin

Dermal Fillers_Nitai Skin Clinic


The general parameters of beauty are high cheekbones, fuller lips and lively eyes without any hint of dark circles or eye bags. But, with hectic and erratic lifestyle ahead, it becomes truly difficult to maintain those parameters. Wrinkles, vertical lines on lips, thin and flat lips, under eye circles, hollow cheeks and under eyes mitigate the charm and vivacity of the face, thus making us look old and haggard.

Albeit we desperately desire to eliminate every single of those flaw with available anti-aging treatments, but there is always that fear of ending up with a completely artificial and puffed up look. So, to acquire a very natural and rejuvenated look that almost all women in Australia prefer, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend giving dermal fillers a chance.

What are dermal fillers? How do dermal fillers improve our facial features as well as remove wrinkles while retaining our natural look?

Dermal fillers are gel-based compound formed by replicating the chemical structure of natural collagen that plumps up as it comes in contact with water, hence when the dermal fillers are injected in the hollow regions of face, it interacts with the water content present in the inner epidermal layers and slowly puffs up, thus refilling the lost volume in cheek, eye areas, lips, etc.
Unlike many anti-wrinkle injections that freezes the wrinkle-causing muscle, facial fillers fill up the gap within the skin, which appear as wrinkles, thus, leading to a soft and smooth skin in a few days after the treatment. Moreover, the contours of the face can be enhanced and added volume to, with the help of facial fillers rendering a completely natural appearance.

When are dermal fillers prescribed to a patient?

At young age, our faces are padded with delicate fat layers, which gets dissipated with time. As a result, being devoid of the cushioning of fat layers, cheeks, under eye areas and lips appear bony, thin and lifeless. In such conditions, facial filler injections are prescribed to add volume to the shrunken skin and hydrate the skin revealing a plush, young face.

Again, with age, the collagen and elastin responsible for the elasticity of the skin are lost, henceforth, when we smile or frown and our facial muscles contract, it takes longer time to retreat to its former position. Thus, leaving behind a trail of wrinkles, frown lines, nasolabial folds and other fine lines which spoil the facial appearance. In such a case, patients are referred to opt for dermal fillers as their anti-aging treatment because dermal fillers fill up the wrinkles and folds and slowly boosts the collagen formation in skin. Thus, generating soft, natural-looking, youthful skin.

How do dermal fillers help in enhancing the facial features?

In our face, the cheeks, lips, brows, temples and jawlines are a few marked areas where the volume loss is prominent. Over time, these areas lose their sharpness and appeal, for instance, the lips get thinner and flatter, eyebrows start drooping, and as such. Dermal filler injections give a subtle lift that rectifies these errors of aging impeccably. Apart from that, anyone, irrespective of his/her age can define the outlines of lips or make the arch of the eyebrows more pronounced with the help of dermal fillers. Thus, dermal fillers recapture and enhance the tenderness of the delicate facial features.

General Uses of Dermal Fillers

Lip Augmentation:



Lips being an important part of our beauty profile, women of all age want to be blessed with soft, pink, and plump lips. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with defined and fuller lips, hence, dermal fillers fix that issue conveniently, without any discomfort. With the efficacy of the fillers, the arch and the outlines of lips can be emphasized and perfected. At the same time, it gives lips the required volume to make them appear lush and reduce the appearance of vertical lines that cast an elderly look. Hence, dermal fillers are the best tool for lip augmentation or lip enhancement.

Eradicate Wrinkles and Lines:

Dermal Fillers for Sunken Eyes Melbourne


Dermal filler adds volume beneath the wrinkled skin, thus smoothening the upper skin layer and making it appear supple and hydrated. The wrinkles and folds are visibly reduced after the first session of the treatment. Nasolabial folds, frown lines, etc. are very competently removed with the help of fillers as filler gel lifts up and tightens the skin from inside. Also, the result of the anti-aging lasts for nearly 18 months depending on the quality and area on which the fillers are injected.

How are dermal fillers different than anti-wrinkle injections?

Dermal fillers restore the lost volume of the skin, diminishing the folds and lines in the process. This synthetically produced injectable gel is also regarded as one of the most effective non-surgical anti-aging treatments as it multiplies the collagen build-up, regaining the elasticity of the skin. So, by choosing dermal fillers, one can not only ease out static wrinkles but also rejuvenate and refresh the skin internally.

Whereas, in case of anti-wrinkle injections, the injected liquid relaxes the specific facial muscles that cause creases, thus, limiting the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles.

Henceforth, the professional dermatologists of Australia prescribe dermal fillers to those seeking to perfect their overall facial features by rectifying volume loss as well as folds rather than simply erasing the occurrence of wrinkles and lines.

How much time does it take after the treatment to show the results?

Immediately after the treatment, subtle changes can be noticed but with time, the hyaluronic gel draws water and expands in mass, thus, making up for the lost volume.

What is the longevity of dermal fillers?

When done under the supervision of a skilled dermatologist or cosmetic physician, the effect might last for around 18 months or sometimes more than that depending on the quality and amount of filler used.

How much time does it require to finish the procedure?

Dermal filler generally takes 15 – 30 mins to conclude the procedure. Sometimes anaesthesia is also infused with dermal fillers to avoid any sort of discomfort, so, no downtime is required to lift the unwanted wrinkles and embrace a serene and natural beauty.

A research conducted by Allergen on Australian women in 2017, divulged that around 53% of them believe that injectable dermal filler treatment presents a natural and lasting result. So, for natural looking beauty, give the non-surgical filler injections a chance!

Look Fabulous Even in Forties with Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers_Nitai Clinic

Appearing like 20s in 40s is definitely not possible but looking fabulous in forties surely is. In Australia, nowadays, women are more focussed on possessing a natural yet glamorous look, that’s why the demand for facial fillers is increasing day by day. Dermal fillers fill the hollow regions under eyes, cheeks and around lips, thus, improving or enhancing the overall facial appearance with a subtle yet remarkable touch.

According to a survey conducted by Allergen in August 2017, 65% of Australian women believe that facial fillers or dermal fillers are more acceptable in present society than they were five years ago. Hence, people are getting more and more inclined towards using this anti-aging treatment with facial fillers.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use one particular type of dermal filler also known as hyaluronic acid injectable gel, which is extremely safe and has emulated remarkable results. Still, alongside the benefits of this gel as a filler, there are numerous other vital queries about its safety, precautions and side-effects that we need to be aware of prior to starting the sessions. So, let us explore all the details about hyaluronic dermal fillers.

Basics on Dermal Fillers Unveiled

What is this advanced type of dermal filler?

Created from a complex sugar content called hyaluronic acid, also found in living skin tissues, the dermal filler mimics the naturally found collagen. The dermal filler that we use is not synthesized from animals, instead, it is artificially generated in the laboratory, thus mitigating the chances of any sort of allergy or inflammation.
The hyaluronic dermal filler is also infused with a liquid anaesthetic to obliterate even the slightest trace of pain or discomfort in the ongoing sessions.

How does it work?

The hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic compound, which means it has a huge affinity for water. So, when the dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, it draws the water content present beneath the skin and puffs up over time increasing the volume of that area. Thus, it helps in removing wrinkles and folds as well as enhance and magnify the attractiveness of face.

How much time does it take after the treatment to show the results?

Immediately after the treatment, subtle changes can be noticed but with time, the hyaluronic gel draws in water and expands in mass, thus, making up for the lost volume.

How long does it last?

When done under the supervision of a skilled dermatologist or cosmetic physician, the effect might last for up to 2 years depending on the type of fillers used.

What amount of time is taken to finish the whole procedure?

This dermal filler takes 15 – 30 mins to conclude the procedure. Since anaesthesia is also fused along with the hyaluronic dermal fillers, no downtime is required as it hardly causes any discomfort or side-effects that might interfere with the everyday routine of normal activities.

Uses of Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers for Luscious Lips:


With age, our lips lose its volume and become thin and flat, thus, dissipating its allure and beauty. Also, the edges of the lips droop, vertical lines are formed and the cupid’s bow (V-shaped curve on the upper lip) flattens out as the harsh effects of time starts appearing. In such a case, to enhance the borders of the lips or to plump up the lips, dermal fillers are the safest and effective option without any downtime or painful surgeries.

Removal of Wrinkles:


Lines and wrinkles in our face is a way of our body letting us know that we are approaching towards old age. Due to collagen loss, our face loses its elasticity and hence, after we frown or smile, the skin muscles take time to relax back to its former position. That is when we start noticing lines and wrinkles that we genuinely want to be rid of. Dermal fillers boost the regeneration of collagen beneath the skin, hence, with this anti-aging treatment, we not only increase the volume of the face in the required areas but also repairs the skin from within by reducing all the signs of aging.

Side-effects of Dermal Fillers

Anti-aging treatment with facial fillers is extremely safe in comparison to other alternatives available. Moreover, the hyaluronic acid gel used in this particular type of dermal filler is artificially derived, therefore, there is a negligible chance of any sort of allergy or infection. However, sometimes, some general side-effects might occur such as slight redness in the site of injection, pain, bruising, lumps, itching or discolouration. But, these are temporary concerns that fade away within a week.

More About Dermal Fillers

Can dermal fillers be used in combination with other skin treatments?

For transcending results, hyaluronic dermal fillers can be paired up with other cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, laser therapy, etc. such that the whole face is rejuvenated.

What are the precautions that must be followed after the treatment?

Although it is a very fast and secured procedure, still a little precaution on the way helps to avoid unwanted discomfort. So, a few concrete rules to follow after the completion of the session:
• Try to avoid putting pressure on the treated area or massaging the face for the next 24 hrs.
• For the next two weeks, avert direct sun exposure or extreme temperatures. Other than that, apply broad range sunscreen regularly while heading out for the day.
• Also, it is suggested not to apply any sort of make-up for the next 12 hrs after the treatment.

Re-discover the old, pretty and confident YOU again!

Time to Take A Closer Look Around Your Eyes – Do They Look Aged?

Signs of Aging Eyes_Nitai Clinic

Eyes are regarded as the mirror to our soul, but little did we know that eyes also mirror the signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is certainly the most sensitive and delicate one. Hence, even after restricting to a proper eye care regime, the lines and folds around our eyes is a very common occurrence. These unwanted lines and creases lead to aging eyes.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne, we have been cataloguing the issues and experiences of our patients and from the descriptive study of those reports, we have discovered that the signs of aging start developing around the eye areas at first. Under eye bags, dark circles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and as such signs of aging eyes appear on our face as we reach the early 30s. In Australia, around 63% of women have expressed, in a survey, that under eye bags have become one of their utmost beauty concerns nowadays.

Like two dazzling orbs, eyes accentuate our beauty with its glass-like glint and unguarded expression. But, dark circles, lines and wrinkles destroy the charm of our eyes and make us look old, tired and unattractive. So, let us take a closer look at the eye areas and learn what unpleasant changes occur surrounding our eye regions and the range of treatments that help us to escape the aging eyes.

Why does our face changes with age?

At young age, our face produces sufficient amount of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin that keeps our face soft and supple. But, as we all know, with age, cell regeneration process of our body slows down, thus, resulting in slow formation of collagen and elastin.

Also, our erratic lifestyle, smoking, aging, etc. causes collagen protein to break down in our body over the due course of time. Ultimately, slow rate of collagen formation and its fast break down results in high collagen loss in our face, thus reducing the elasticity of skin. Due to which, when we frown or smile or procure any expression, our facial muscles contract but lack of elasticity restrains them from relaxing back to their former position. Thus, the imprint of the facial expressions etches deeper in the skin in form of static wrinkles, frown lines, and folds.

Along with collagen, the subcutaneous layer of fat padding over the facial skeleton is responsible for the youthful, plump look of our face. But, with time, this fat padding also perishes, thus, creating hollow areas surrounding eyes, cheeks, etc. The much-disliked dark circles or under eye bags, which are the signals of aging eyes, are also caused by the occurrence of fat and collagen loss in our face.

What are the facial changes that contribute to aging eyes?

• Forehead Lines:

When we raise our brows, the forehead muscles contract. Continuous contraction of these muscles etches straight horizontal lines in the forehead, which gives a very old and unappealing look.

• Frown Lines:

Frown lines make us appear angry most of the times even when we are not, thus, spoiling the charm of the face.

• Crow’s Feet:

Crow’s feet appear in the sensitive skin around the end corner of the eyes. Basically, caused by the facial muscle movement during smiling and squinting, they become permanent over the period of time.

• Bunny Lines:

Bunny lines are created at the bridge of the nose after repeated muscle contraction but with time, they might become permanent.

• Drooping Brows:

Over time, due to volume loss in face as well as gravitational pull, the eyebrows of our face becomes drooping. It gives a very old and unattractive appearance.

• Tear Troughs:

The collagen loss from under eye areas leaves that region hollow and dark, thus, lending that area a very tired and exhausted look.

• Skin Pigmentation:

Skin pigmentation might appear at any segment of the skin. It might be anything starting from freckles, age spots, rosacea, broken capillaries and uneven skin tone.

• Emaciated Temple:

Volume loss in temples presents a bony look to the sides of the forehead by revealing the very prominent skull from beneath the skin.

What are the available treatments to beat these signs of aging eyes?

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal Fillers Before After

As preferred by numerous Australians, dermal fillers restore the loveliness and youthful look of our face by filling out the hollow regions under eyes. Dermal fillers are synthetically created to imitate the naturally found collagen that improves the facial appearance and at the same time, rejuvenates and hydrates the skin, thus depleting the tear troughs, dark circles, undereye bags and as such other signs of aging quite efficiently.

Anti-wrinkle Injections:

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Before After


The anti-wrinkle injections are applied to relax specific facial muscles, which are responsible for causing wrinkles and folds. These are very skilfully applied in the forehead and upper eyelid regions to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, tear troughs, forehead lines, frown lines, etc.


In the modern field of dermatology and cosmetology, Laser therapy has become a safe (with a well understood risk profile) and very competent source to replenish the skin and abolish the unwanted existence of wrinkles, lines and pigmentation from the skin. Fraxel Laser and Revlite Laser are two of the best choices to treat the eye area without any discomfort or irritation as they are non-invasive. Apart from that, the laser therapy stimulates cell growth and helps in skin tightening, thus improving overall skin quality.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:

In this process, the body’s healing properties are taken into consideration to treat the fine lines, folds and other aging indications. A little sample of the patient’s blood is extracted at first, then the platelets are separated from the fluid and injected into the concerned area. This anti-aging treatment naturally cures the stubborn dark circles as well as undereye and upper eyelid lines and wrinkles. This platelet rich plasma therapy is suitable for delicate skin areas as it tightens the skin, lifts the wrinkles and also nurtures the skin from deep inside with least chances of side-effects or pain.

Eyes not only make us look beautiful, but it also helps us see the beautiful world, so it is always wise to protect them properly. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we suggest to always keep the surrounding eye areas hydrated and nourished. Also, don’t forget to wear a broad-range sunscreen and sunglasses while strutting out for the day.

For any further queries, get in touch with our team of experts at (03) 9300 1244 or visit us at

Discover A Youthful Look with Our Premium Quality Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Premium Quality Anti-Wrinkle Injection

With age, our youthful charm and loveliness withers away, replacing it with frown lines, wrinkles, and folds. In this age of glamour and beauty, what most Australian women or men in their late 30s or 40s seek is to be rid of these creases of age as these lines tend to shatter their confidence and self-esteem. In fact, a review has divulged that one-third of Australian women believe facial allure and the reflected age matters a lot in case of promotions as well as future job prospects.

There are many alternative anti-aging treatments both surgical and non-surgical, to halt the clock of aging for a certain amount of time. But their effectiveness and longevity vary from person to person. Amongst all those anti-aging treatments, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, Melbourne, we have picked out one premium quality anti-wrinkle injection that has revealed the most impressive results on our patients.

Let us understand in detail why this anti-aging treatment is termed as an advanced and premium quality solution.

Basics Explained

1.  What is this premium Quality anti-wrinkle injection?

At Nitai Clinic, the anti-aging injection that is applied to our clients is a kind of naturally available purified protein which helps in relaxing the wrinkle generating muscles. This essential ingredient is synthesized from microscopic bacteria in neutral lab conditions. Type of anti-aging treatment is a prescription only method, hence, available at only professional medical and cosmetic centres in Melbourne.

2. When are these anti-wrinkle injections prescribed?

With age, our face develops static and dynamic lines, which are nothing but the expression lines that occur in the upper and lower section of the face when we frown or smile or provide any such expressions contracting our facial muscles. Increase in age results in loss of collagen from our skin, which reduces the skin’s elasticity. Hence, the lines formed by the contraction of our facial muscles take time to relax and return to its normal position, thus, causing wrinkles and folds. To restore the youth and beauty, this is the most efficient anti-wrinkle injection that treats glabellar frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines among the notable few.

3. How does it work?

In the premium quality anti-aging treatment available at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne, the facial muscles which cause wrinkles or lines are relaxed, eliminating the main reason behind the occurrence of wrinkles. In this type of anti-wrinkle treatment, the specific facial muscles are targeted with a thin syringe, hence, it is mandatory to seek a very skilled physician as even a small lapse in the judgement might end up in relaxing a wrong muscle or potentially other serious issues.

4. What are the steps involved in this premium quality anti-wrinkle injection?

It is a very simple and fast procedure that can be completed within a couple of minutes. In this method, at first, which lines and wrinkles are caused by which muscle contraction is minutely traced, based on which target areas are selected. In the next step, a small amount of the wrinkle lifting serum is injected into the specific muscles to prevent those facial muscles from unnecessary contraction. Thus, the cause of wrinkles and fine lines are fixed easily without any pain or anaesthesia.

Results of Anti-Wrinkle Injection

5. When are the results clearly visible?

After undergoing this non-surgical anti-aging treatment, the results are visible instantly within the next 1-2 days. But, in order to witness the full course of its effects, a wait of 10-14 days is required.

6. How long does the result last?

As per our observation, this anti-wrinkle treatment lasts for around four months, but it might last longer if treatment is continued in regular sessions.

7. What is the trick to ensure the longevity of this non-surgical anti-aging treatment?

For impressive effects that last longer, the best approach is to continue the treatment at regular intervals without fail. This will allow the sustenance of product for the extended period and controls the occurrence of static wrinkles also much more effectively.

Comparison with Dermal Fillers

8. How is this treatment to fight wrinkles different than dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are synthetically produced gel-based substance that is injected beneath the skin to substitute for the loss of volume or enhance the volume in cheeks or lips and thus mitigates the appearance of wrinkles as well. But, this innovative anti-wrinkle injection primarily focusses on the elimination of lines, folds and wrinkles. It pacifies the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles, thus, eradicating the cause of wrinkles completely.

9. Is it possible to fuse this treatment with any other anti-wrinkle treatment?

To boost the youth and beauty, this advanced anti-wrinkle injection can be amalgamated with other cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, hyaluronic fillers, etc. to magnify the overall charm of the face. This effective anti-wrinkle treatment will erase the existing wrinkles whereas the fillers will help to improve the hollow regions under eyes or cheeks or around lips to rejuvenate the youthful appeal of the face.
In order to combine other cosmetic treatments along with this process, it is imperative to consult with one of the experienced and skilled cosmetic doctors in Melbourne prior to treatment.

Probable Side-Effects

Although there are certain side-effects related to this anti-wrinkle injection, they are short-lived and soon fade away with time. The general ill consequences of this treatment are:
• Intense pain, burning and stinging sensation in the injected areas,
• Chances of experiencing bruising, swelling or redness are also there,
• One might also feel tightness in skin,
• Muscle weakness may occur resulting in drooping eyelids or eyebrows,
• Swollen eyelids and tingling sensations or itching might occur in forehead,
• Headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms might also appear.

Such an advanced sort of anti-ageing treatment should be conducted under the strict supervision of an efficient cosmetic physician in Melbourne, as it is a prescribed treatment which can be performed by a licensed practitioner only.

Anti-Wrinkle Injection_Nitai Skin Clinic


So, if you are planning to get rid of your wrinkles, visit us at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne, because we genuinely care!