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NeoGraft is the latest and most advanced hair transplantation device to effectively solve the problem of hair loss and balding in both men and women.



A majority of people experience hair loss as they age. Some medical conditions may cause this problem. However, The most common cause of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia or pattern hair loss. Hair loss has a more psychological impact on the person than physical, affecting their overall aesthetic appearance. 

For women, especially, their hair is the most important asset. It is synonymous with their beauty and self-esteem. Hair loss and balding can deeply impact their self-esteem and cause them to feel low, frustrated and depressed about their appearance. This could have a far-reaching psychological impact on a woman. 

You no longer need to worry, Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre offers the best solution for hair loss and an unpleasant appearance with the advanced NeoGraft hair transplant system.

NeoGraft can effectively treat your problem of hair loss and give back your lost beauty, confidence and self-esteem. NeoGraft is a unique and automated hair transplantation device that takes hair follicles from the surplus areas of the scalp and implants them on the balding parts of the scalp. The hair follicles are usually taken from the sides of the back of the scalp. 

The advanced techniques of hair transplantation used by NeoGraft is called Follicular Unit Excision(FUE) This technique has proven to potentially deliver aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results.


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NeoGraft carries more benefits over the traditional strip method of linear harvesting method for hair transplantation.

Firstly, NeoGraft uses the semi-automated version of the FUE hair translation technique. In this procedure, the hair doctor manually removes individual hair follicles from the sides or back of the scalp. Then, a series of incisions are made on the blading area to implant the extracted hair follicles. 

This procedure doesn’t leave any permanent scars as in the case of linear harvesting. 

NeoGraft transplantation procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t cause any downtime, unlike the linear harvesting method, which requires expensive surgery. 

In the NeoGraft technique, the hair follicle is extracted with a wand using the suction method. Plus, a special tool is used to make the incision and implant the hair follicles. This makes the entire process more efficient and effective.

The Earlier method of hair transplantation known as the FUT or Follicular Unit transplantation technique deterred many women from undergoing the procedure especially due to the deeply visible long term scar in the donor areas of the scalp. This greatly impacted the aesthetic beauty and appearance of the scalp. 

NeoGraft system is a minimally invasive technique, therefore, it doesn’t cause any serious surgical complications compared to the traditional strip method which involves cutting and replacing an entire strip of scalp skin. 

The procedure may cause some tiny pinpoint scarring due to extraction and incisions. However, these scars are barely noticeable and usually go away when the hair begins to grow.  

The NeoGraft system doesn’t need any staples or stitches, and the process is automated, which further negates the chances of causing damage to the blood vessels or nerves due to human error. 

The NeoGraft system of hair transplantation hugely prevents damage and trauma to the hair follicles compared to other traditional forms of hair surgeries. This greatly improves the survival rate of the transplanted hair follicles, thus making the NeoGraft technique far more effective than the traditional methods.

Thus, men and women can now actively undergo hair transplantation with the latest NeoGraft hair transplantation device without worrying about the deep, long term and visible scalp  scarring

NeoGraft procedure is quicker than the traditional hair transplantation processes, which could take days or require a large number of grafts. In contrast, NeoGraft requires only about 5 to 10 hours to provide comprehensive results. 

You no longer need to live with a balding scalp. Visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre Today to undergo a NeoGraft.

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