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From an aesthetic point of view, the chin and jawline are supposed to anchor the face. Anyone who has a recession, moderate or even mild protrusion, deviation or irregularity could opt for the non-surgical chin enhancement treatment with dermal fillers. Chin and jaw enhancement fillers are an effective and quick way of enhancing the overall appearance of your jawline. Consider dermal filler injections if your jawline lacks definition, seem asymmetrical and have started sagging because of aging or drastic weight loss. A balanced and reshaped jawline or chin could help in improving your looks and restoring your self-confidence.



Permanent Double Chin treatment is now available in Australia. Unfortunately, due to Australian regulations we cannot mention the name of the product here. The treatment is designed to improve the appearance of the chin by dissolving the fat in the area.

‘Double Chin’, is a common issue most men and women face as they age. The double chin issue occurs due to a number of factors such as change in weight, ageing and genetics.

Until recently lipo-suction treatments have been the main option available in Australia , however the cost of these treatments has been very high and out of reach of many. Side effects have also been a deterrent.

With the introduction of new Permanent Double Chin treatment, it is now possible for many average Australians to access this treatment. The treatment is not new. It has been used in USA and many overseas countries for a few years.

At Nitai, our doctor, Dr. Shobhna Singh, has been trained by Global experts in this area. She is now offering free and no-obligation Double Chin treatment consultations. Following a detailed consultation, treatments may be booked.

A profound and well-defined chin and jawline have always been symbolic of beauty and youth. However, the double chin creeps in slowly as we age. 

Now, you can get rid of the double chin, and achieve a well-defined chin and jawline, with advanced double chin treatment in Melbourne available at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre. 

Liposuction may have been the earlier go-to method for double chin removal in Melbourne. But the treatment is uncomfortable and consumes time. Now, you can get the most efficient and effective results, quickly and easily, through the advanced double chin injections in Melbourne at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre.

Double chin injections in Melbourne are created out of a natural ingredient extracted from the body called deoxycholic acid. This acid is naturally present in the body and is responsible for the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. 

Most chin fillers in Melbourne contain deoxycholic acid in its synthesized form, which is injected into the double chin area via very thin needles. Once injected, the acid accelerates the process of breakdown and absorption of dietary fat in the double chin area. These broken down fat cells are then drained by the body through natural biological processes. And you get a profound and well-defined chin and jawline. 

The process of double chin removal in Melbourne is absolutely swift and easy and hardly causes any downtime. You can even go back to your daily routine almost immediately after undergoing double chin treatment in Melbourne

Here is your chance to reclaim your beauty and youth with effective chin fillers in Melbourne

Why wait then. Consult our cosmetic experts today.


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above: before and after Double Chin Treatment

above: before and after Double Chin Treatment

above: before and after Double Chin Treatment

above: before and after Double Chin Treatment

above: before and after Double Chin Treatment

above: before and after Double Chin Treatment


In our body, the presence of deoxycholic acid helps in the absorption and breakdown of dietary fat. Deoxycholic Acid in a synthesised form is an active ingredient in treatment of double chin.

Fat deposits in the chin, referred to as ‘double chin’ can be reduced with the injections by breaking down the fat cells. The fat is then absorbed by the body.

As a result, visible improvement in the chin profile can be achieved. Recent studies have shown that more than 75% of patients reported High satisfaction with their contoured chin profile using the Double Chin treatment.

Studies have shown that following a double-chin treatment, patients have reported feeling happier and younger, less embarrassed, less bothered and less self-conscious.

Double Chin treatment treatments are customised for each patient to suit one’s anatomy and circumstances.
Up to 6 treatments, generally 6 weeks apart may be given. It is likely that visible results will be noticeable in 2 to 4 treatments.

The Double Chin treatment works by destroying fat cells in the chin. Once destroyed, these cells will not return. As a result, the treatment is permanent. Please note that multiple treatments are necessary to achieve the desired result.

As the Double Chin treatment uses a Prescription only medicine, treatment should only be administered under the strict direction of trained Medical doctor. At Nitai, your safety is paramount so we take this matter very seriously. At Nitai, double chin treatment will only be administered by a trained and very experienced doctor. We do not delegate your safety to a nurse.

As the Double Chin treatment has only been launched in Australia, only a small number of local Before/After images are available. The following images are of patients treated by Dr Shobhna Singh.

* DISCLAIMER: All images on this page are of Individual Patients. Individual results will vary from person to person

The following images have been supplied by Allergan, the local supplier of the product used in the treatment, to give us an idea of what is achievable.

You can expect to experience swelling as a result of the treatment. In fact swelling is a sign that the treatment is working. If there is NO swelling, please contact our doctor. Swelling can typically last 2-3 days with the most severe in the first 24 hours.

Other side effects can include bruising, , pain, numbness, redness, and formation of small areas of firmness.

You may use ice/cold packs and /or oral analgesics to manage side effects as needed.

We do recommend patients to take the day off work following the treatment.

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