You Don’t Want Him to Be the Kid With Bad Skin

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Pimples can strike at any time in your life, but it’s most common to suffer from acne in the teen years. With everything else today’s teens have to deal with, you don’t want your son or daughter to obsess and worry about bad skin. If you’re concerned that acne is your kid’s most defining characteristic, continue reading to learn about solutions that can stop him or her from being ‘the kid with the bad skin’.

 In-Office Treatments

Nitai offers several different treatments for acne, and each is used to target a different cause. It’s important to meet with your doctor to assess your child’s specific skin issues, so it’s easier to pinpoint the best solution. It’s possible that medication will be the most effective remedy, but that’s often not the first or best treatment option for people that are still in their developing years. If you come in for a consultation at Nitai, we’ll discuss all the available treatments so that you can make the best choice.

At Nitai, we have variety of laser and light treatments available to treat acne in teenagers, and our clients see amazing results from all of them. These treatments sometimes require a series of visits that can be challenging for today’s busy teens, but most appointments take less time than football practice, and there will certainly be no missed school days or violin lessons! Note that laser treatments are also used to treat the scarring acne leaves behind.

Skin peels can also help treat acne in teens. Our skin peels range from mild to more aggressive, so your child’s skin will be assessed and down-time discussed before deciding on this treatment option.

What You Can Do At Home

We hate to stereotype here, but often, teens just don’t take the time to properly wash their faces and treat their acne each morning and evening, especially boys. Make sure you speak to your son or daughter about the importance of following a thorough cleansing routine to clear up acne and prevent new blemishes from forming.

Pick up proper skincare for your teen to encourage following a thorough regimen. Nitai carries an anti-acne lotion specially formulated for teenage skin, in addition to a full range of products to treat acne. Just stocking your kid’s bathroom with these products might be enough to get them started on using them regularly, which can definitely improve the appearance of their skin. To help them combat the redness associated with acne, read our article on reducing redness.

A topical retinoid cream can also be prescribed for your son or daughter. This powerful product works quickly, and while it’s incredibly effective, it’s also completely non-invasive. Teens with sensitive skin might need to work up to using it by starting with just every-other day applications, and any dryness that occurs is easily treated with a hydrating lotion.

Nitai offers the most cutting edge acne treatments in Melbourne, and our doctor understands the unique issues that cause acne in teenagers. Schedule an appointment today to help your son or daughter get rid of their acne and get back to enjoying the best years of their life!

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