What is the Best Procedure For Scarless Mole Removal in Melbourne?

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Somewhere, someone said, “On a clear face what adds beauty is a tiny mole.” But, not always I suppose, as sometimes, they only add cancer to the skin. And that is when we browse the internet in search of methods for scarless mole removal in Melbourne.

Moles are basically clusters of pigmented cells that appear as small, dark patches on the skin, and whose size and colour vary. Normally, moles appear on the face, arms, legs and torso, but can develop elsewhere in the body. Although most cutaneous moles are harmless, in isolated cases they can become precancerous (cause cancer), and it will be necessary to remove them surgically. However, some patients choose to remove moles for aesthetic reasons only, for which laser or natural extraction is used.

Types of moles:

The common cutaneous moles are dark, uniform in colour and often rise on the skin. Atypical skin moles are usually larger than common moles, with irregular borders and colouration. These moles are considered precancerous and are more likely to become carcinogenic than other common moles.

How Moles are Related to Skin Cancer:

Since abnormal skin moles are more likely to develop into melanomas – the most aggressive and fatal type of skin cancer, it is important to keep a track of the changes in shape, size or colour. On detecting any change in the mole, it is prudent to visit a doctor and if the doctor thinks it might be cancerous, it will be best to remove it.

Methods of Removing Moles:

While the removal of moles is essential in patients with melanoma, many other patients decide to remove their skin moles as a precaution or because they dislike their appearance. For those patients with cancerous moles, the surgical extraction is the most suitable option whereas for those who want to remove their moles for aesthetic reasons, radiofrequency extraction is the perfect solution.

Surgical Methods:

Three surgical methods are used to remove moles: tangential excision (shaving), puncture biopsy and excision surgery.

  1. Tangential excision (by shaving) is used for moles that rise on the skin. In the shaving procedure, the doctor will apply local anaesthesia to the area surrounding the mole and use a small, sharp scalpel to shave the surface of the mole so that it is in level with the surrounding skin.
  2. In the technique of the puncture biopsy, a special device is used to extract a cylindrical piece of the skin. It is normally used for smaller skin moles.
  3. Flat or malignant skin moles are usually removed with excision surgery in which the surgeon removes the entire mole and closes the wound with stitches.

Removing Polka Dots with Ellman for Scarless Mole Removal in Melbourne:

Radio frequency extraction is best for those flat moles, or brown and black moles. The complete removal of the mole, in general, requires only one session of the radiofrequency mole removal treatment where a local anaesthesia will be applied, and radio frequency will be used to remove the mole tissue. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use the Ellman machine, which is extremely distinguished for its scarless mole removal in Melbourne.

Natural Method for Scarless Mole Removal in Melbourne:

In the market, there are a variety of creams and pastes for the natural extraction of polka dot moles, most of which contain various herbs. Despite the availability of a wide range of products for scarless mole removal in Melbourne, there is no guarantee of their effectiveness on the moles. Also, given that little is known about the effects of these creams on the malignant tissue, these methods should not be used to treat potentially cancerous moles. They may successfully remove the mole or reverse the condition. The possibility of gaining certain skin irritation and issues are also there. So, we advise to carry on a meticulous investigation on the product before even thinking of giving it a try.

Be it due to health reasons or aesthetic purpose, mole removal should be done only after proper consultation with an accredited skin cancer doctor. From the overall statistics over the years, it can be concluded that Ellman technique for scarless mole removal in Melbourne is the most favoured choice but in case of severely cancerous moles, we think surgical procedures are the most suitable choice. 

If you are inquisitive about the Ellman mole treatment procedures, just give us a call at (03) 93001244 to make an appointment with an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor. We are always there to be at your aid.

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