What are the Causes and How to prevent dark circles under the eyes?

cause and cure of under eye dark circles

Is it not important to preserve the beauty of those who let you experience the beauty of the world? Well, it is your elegant eyes we are talking about. We capture all the glory of the world with our eyes, but we often forget to take care of them. The area around our eyes is very tender and sensitive. The random lifestyle of ours, improper sleep timings as well as exhaustive work make our eyes look tired and haggard, which ultimately leads to the formation of stubborn dark circles around our eyes.

The hollow dark circles around eyes, not only overshadows the charm of the face, but it also shatters the confidence of a person. Concealers and expensive under eye creams also do not prove to be very effective against them. Hence, instead of trying to cure the dark circles, let us learn more about what causes dark circles and how to prevent dark circles under the eyes.

What causes dark circles or undereye bags?

Honestly, there are sundry reasons that contribute to the occurrence of dark circles under eyes and understanding the right cause behind your undereye circles will help reduce its onset you overcome it with ease.

Exhaustion and Tiredness:

Excessive work pressure, strain, and lack of sleep exhaust the body. As a result, the sensitive skin under eyes turns pale and the veins and capillaries underneath become prominent and dark, creating dark circles in the eyes.

Also, in certain situations, body fluid gets accumulated under the skin of the lower eye, causing puffy under eye bags. So, we always recommend taking sufficient rest and sleep to relax your stressed-out body before facing sunshine the next day.

Ageing Effects:

As we age, the skin around our eyes become thin and delicate. On top of it, the collagen and fat loss results in hollow circles around eyes. The veins present below the skin also become visible making the undereye skin appear darker in comparison to the rest of facial skin.

Stressing the Eyes:

Certain tasks put a lot of strain in our eyes, for instance, working continuously in front of a computer, reading books in insufficient light, etc. Such stressful tasks enlarge the blood vessels around our eyes, making them appear darker and tired.

Allergic Reaction:

Due to certain allergic reactions, sometimes, our eyes get all itchy, red and puffed up. In such conditions, the skin in the nearby area dries up and increases the irritation and itching sensation. In response, we keep rubbing our eyes, which ruptures the blood vessels beneath, making the rims of dark circles prominent.

Excessive Sun:

To protect our skin from harmful UV rays, our body generates melanin, a dark pigment responsible for skin colour. The undereye skin being sensitive, starts oversecreting melanin, thus darkening the area and creating dark circles.

Genetic Conditions:

Family legacy may carry forward the genes of forming dark circles. Such cases of dark circles occur at an early age and worsen with time.

How to prevent dark circles under the eyes?

Although very few dark circle removal treatments at home properly work, a few healthy habits that will help in confining the appearance of hollow circles around eyes:

Proper Moisturization:

The eye area is indeed very delicate and sensitive. It tends to dry off and lose its moisture very fast. Hence, the specialists of Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne suggest to always keep the eye region properly moisturized, preferably with vitamin E rich oil, before going to bed. It nourishes the skin and keeps it soft, thus pushing dark circles away.

Sufficient Sleep:

Sleep deficiency is the primary reason behind the hollow rims around eyes. So sufficient in proper timings must be maintained at any cost, especially if it is a genetic issue. Sleep heals the body and eliminates all traces of tiredness and exhaustion from eyes. After a proper good night sleep, you will notice your eyes are looking fresh and alive.

Complete Hydration:

Hard to believe, but lack of water consumption might also cause dark circles as the skin becomes dry and itchy when the water level goes down. So, to keep under eye circles at bay, don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water every day.

Sleep in Proper Pillows:

Though many of us don’t know this, how we sleep also impacts how we appear. We should sleep in proper pillows, not too soft or too hard, and also, they should be of proper width, not too low and not too high. Appropriate pillows help us sleep better, in a more comfortable manner, thus abolishing even the slightest hint of tiredness.

Teabag Therapy:

After brewing tea, don’t throw the teabags as they can help get rid of the dark circles. Just keep the tea bags in the refrigerator for thirty minutes. Then let out the chilled tea bags and place them over your eyes for another twenty minutes. Rinse and you will definitely notice a difference. The caffeine and anti-oxidants of the tea help in soothing the eyes. The blood circulation is stimulated, and the blood vessels shrink, relaxing the eyes and making the hollow rings disappear.

Eyes are the most attractive part of our face. Let us help them stay beautiful, always!

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