What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Hair Removal Treatment in Melbourne

Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne


When we think about the benefits of laser hair removal, we usually come to the comfort of not having to shave again. But is that really the only benefit that can be obtained from a laser treatment? Perhaps we are overlooking other aspects and facts on laser hair removal treatment that are also important.

What are the advantages of Laser Hair Removal?

  • Comfortable and easy:

The convenience of forgetting about hair removal is an indisputable benefit. Currently, there is no method that eliminates hair growth at 100%. However, the laser technique manages to finish, in most cases, with 95% of the initial hair permanently.  The hair melanin attracts the laser light leading to the root where the hair follicle is responsible for hair growth. Once it reaches the follicle, it destroys it preventing the hair from growing back.

  • It is safe (with a well known minimal risk profile) and fast:

    The laser technology does not imply any risk if the instructions of the skin doctor are followed. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use a Medical Grade Laser for effective results. Our doctors value the type of hair and skin you have got and thus, set up a customised treatment that best suits your skin.

In the first session usually, the results are noticed. Although it is important to emphasize that the process of definitive hair removal is progressive. It depends on the growth phase in which the follicle is located when the treatment is performed.

The hair cycle consists of different phases; anagen, catagen and telogen. The phase of the hair cycle in which laser hair removal is effective is anagen. If the hair is not in that phase, you will need more sessions to definitively end it.

  • Heals dermatological concerns as well:

Laser hair removal is recommended by doctors to combat folliculitis and hirsutism. The folliculitis is a condition that is caused, in many cases, by traditional methods of depilation. The hair becomes encyst and generates boils that can become infected. Eliminating hair permanently with laser hair removal, also eliminates the possibility of suffering folliculitis.

Hirsutism is the medical term used to describe excess hair. Laser hair removal is the solution for those who, due to hormonal or other causes, have excessive hair.

  • A clean and hygienic method:

A hair-free skin provides greater hygiene. The sweat is odourless; the smell of sweat is derived from bacteria that break down because of moisture. A skin without hair, dries fast and in this way we avoid the decomposition that generates bad smell.

A depilated skin also facilitates the healing of wounds quicker. The hair contains bacteria that can cause infections. By removing the hair, we will help the correct wound healing by avoiding any complication during the process.

  • Aesthetics:

Being able to successfully get rid of hair from those unwanted areas without any complexity is an undoubted benefit. Removing hair from those areas will help you feel more confident with your physique. The back, shoulders, chest, ears, hands, legs or in any part of the body, you can perform laser hair removal treatments, and forget about hair worry definitely.

  • Anybody can do it:

You can perform a laser hair removal treatment on any type of skin or hair, except grey hair. White hair is characterized by a lack of melanin, therefore, the laser is not attracted to the follicle and the treatment is not effective.

Take advantage of all the benefits provided by the ultimate method of hair removal. Join the laser and say goodbye to unwanted hair.

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