Have You Tried this Innovative Double Chin Treatment?

Have You Tried this Innovative Double Chin Treatment?

To desire for stars…
                                     Is ambitious
To desire for love…
                                  Is wistful
But, to desire for faultless beauty…
                                      Is possible.

Remember how our mothers used to say, “Chin up, tummy in, shoulders back”, the three golden rules of a perfect posture? But with time, due to genetics or compulsive weight gain or age, we develop double chin, which ruins our posture, our beauty and of course, our confidence.

Double chin strategically destroys the appeal of the face, which even the perfection of makeup cannot conceal completely. This agony is not constrained to women only, even men fall prey to its clutches. As per the Aesthetic Medical Practitioner Magazine, an Australian survey conducted on 3,500 men and women in 2017 revealed that double chin raises more alarm than any other issues of the face.

The old, ongoing treatments for double chin are not only painful but also very expensive. So, to avoid these drawbacks, we, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, Melbourne, have introduced an innovative injectable double chin treatment.

Concerned if it really works? Of course, it does!
After carefully inspecting the condition of the clients and witnessing the miraculous result, we have sorted out 6 reasons why injectable double chin removal treatment can fulfil your desire of faultless beauty.

Have You Tried this Innovative Double Chin Treatment?

1> Beget Beauty Without Pain: The double chin treatment done at Nitai Clinic, Melbourne uses synthetic deoxycholic acid to destroy the unwanted fat content from under the chin. Deoxycholic acid is a natural content found in our body. Hence, it is a completely safe (with a well understood risk profile) and painless process, definitely worth a try.

2> Anti-aging Treatment that Lasts Forever: After undergoing the double chin treatment, the fat cells are completely destroyed. And once they are eliminated completely, the chances of the resurfacing of these fat cells are next to negligible. So, compared to other facial anti-wrinkle injections Melbourne, it is a permanent solution that can be adopted to defy the appearance of double chin.

3> Toned Neck and Defined Chin: This sort of facial injection helps in re-shaping the neck and also in contouring the chin and jawline of the face. Such double chin treatment at Melbourne gives a very young and graceful look which is highly admired.

4> Cost Efficient: Previously used surgical methods or liposuction procedures are immensely expensive compared to the injectable double chin treatment. Easy on the pocket, and effective in results, this is definitely one of the most convenient double chin treatment one can opt for.

5> A Safe Solution (with a well understood risk profile): Deoxycholic acid is readily available in our body and since double chin fat dissolving injections imitate that chemical composition, so they (synthetic deoxycholic acid) are very secure to be injected in the fuller areas under the chin. It eliminates the fat cells but does not cause any permanent side-effects. Although, slight puffiness, numbness, bruises or red blotches might occur for the next 24-48 hrs after applying the injectable double chin removal treatment, which only implies that it is working properly. Worry not! It is a natural reaction that recovers within a day or two without any complication.

6> Simple and Easy Process: Depending on the fat saturation under the chin area of the patients, it might take 4-6 sessions for the treatment to be completed, whereas, each session requires only 15-20 mins. So, do you have an extra twenty minutes in your hand?

Sometimes, beauty is not all about looking gorgeous and breathtaking. It is also about a person feeling confident and positive about herself/himself. The drooping flesh under our chin spoils the perfection of facial features and also shatters our confidence.

So, it’s time to get rid of your double chin and get your beauty and confidence back!

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