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Even though staying fit and having a toned body structure is what all of us desire but our busy lifestyle hardly permits us much time to holistically carry out with rigid workout sessions. Hence, comes the need for a convenient means which can offer the effect of intensive workout but without investing that length of time or energy. That is when you can rely on Stimsure treatment as the key
to attain a beautifully toned body structure without any pain, surgery or invasive procedures. Here is some information about this new innovative treatment introduced by Cynosure.


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above: before and after Stimsure Treatment


– Stimsure treatment uses a state-of-the-art device that applies high intensity focused Electromagnetic Energy, which converts the generated magnetic field energy into a beam that can be projected on certain areas of the body.

– This emission is controlled and modulated thanks to the software that the device has and acts specifically in each area of ​​the body, through various programmed pulse patterns.

– In the treatment, two body applicators are used that act in parallel, symmetrically on both sides of the anatomical axial line.

– These applicators transfer the electromagnetic pulses through the skin in order to stimulate the muscle cells of the area to be treated, non-invasively and painlessly.

Thanks to this muscle stimulation treatment, Stimsure, we will get 3 benefits:
– The muscle develops thanks to the intense workout of the muscles led by Stimsure. The consistent contraction of the muscles during the treatment augments the growth of muscle fibres, thus helping in building sculpted muscles.

– Because the speed with which the muscles are going to contract is much higher than what we get with exercise, the muscle needs to consume a lot of energy. This increase in energy demand reaches the brain, increasing the metabolism rate of our body in that particular area.

– This treatment contours the muscles locally in the area. The continuous stimulation keeps the contracted muscles tense repeatedly thus achieving maximal tetanic contraction, which results in a perfectly toned body structure.

In aesthetic sense, one can say Stimsure is the convenient alternative to exercise as it creates up to 24,000 contractions in only 20-30 minutes of the treatment, which is like getting fast-track results of exercise without investing that much time or energy.

Stimsure is an aesthetic treatment of body remodelling, perfect to use in those areas that are a little more rebellious and need extra help such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen, biceps/ triceps and calves. Performing physical exercise on a regular basis is a health choice, not just aesthetic whereas, Stimsure provides an aesthetic solution to all our patients, while uplifting their confidence a great

These types of treatments are perfect to work the muscles of very specific areas of our body that need extra help to look better or those areas that we most want to enhance in a simpler way.

The treatment lasts 20-30 minutes per session and about 6-8 sessions are usually necessary depending on the section of area that needs to be worked on. However, the approach of the treatment along with the number of required sessions will be clarified in the first consultation only. This may vary depending on age, physical condition, body mass index and other aspects of the patient.

Normally, patients begin to see tangible results immediately after treatment. The true results are usually noticed between three to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve several weeks after the treatment is performed.

The Stimsure treatment is completely painless and does not require any previous or subsequent preparation.

Without the application of needles or anesthesia, you can continue with your day to day activities normally, at the same time you leave the clinic.

Stimsure treatment acts very effectively in certain areas of our body which includes thighs, buttocks, abdomen, biceps/ triceps and calves. Therefore, Stimsure can be used for the following requirements:

– Sculpt Your Abs:

When it comes to acquiring a toned abdomen, both men and women have different requirements. Men mostly desire to possess six-pack abs, which Stimsure can offer but the treatment should beaccompanied with proper diet and persistent exercise for augmented results.

In case of women, more than having sculpted abs, they prefer to use Stimsure to get rid of diastasis recti (a postpartum condition where small lumps are formed in the abdomen). Stimsure helps in treating this condition in women after pregnancy.

Apart from all that, Stimsure also helps in retaining better posture of the body.

– Firm and Toned Buttocks:

With age, the body muscle tends to lose its previous shape and become saggy and slightly deformed. In women, it mostly happens after pregnancy when the body releases a protein hormone relaxin to mainly prepare the body for the birth process. This relaxin hormone also impacts on the behind of the body.

Stimsure not only aids in toning the muscles but it also helps in controlling incontinence that might happen post-pregnancy.

– Poor Posture and Shoulder Issues:

Due to certain previous injuries or weakness of muscles in the backside, the body posture might worsen with time. Due to the sedentary lifestyle of ours, the muscles perform very less activity, which in turn weakens the muscles and impacts the body posture of the body.

Stimsure continuously contracts the muscles and repairs the functioning of the muscles, thus, improving the body posture as well as correcting other minor muscle problems and their related discomfort.

– Controlling Incontinence:

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a condition that occurs in numerous women because of childbirth, menopause or pregnancy. In this condition, involuntary loss of urine can be noticed during laughing, sneezing, coughing or working out due to weakening of muscles.

Stimsure helps in re-engaging those muscles and fix this issue of incontinence.


Abdomen results on male patient after 4 treatments (Left view)

Abdomen results on female patient after 3 treatments

Abdomen results on male patient after 4 treatments(Right view)

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