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Skin Treatments & Rejuvenation Melbourne

Facial Fillers to Remove Creases and Folds – Dermal filler in Melbourne fills up the vacant space underneath the wrinkled skin, thus making the outer skin layer appear refreshing and hydrated. The wrinkles and folds are visibly reduced after the first session of the dermal filler treatment. Nasolabial folds, frown lines, etc. are very competently removed with the help of facial fillers as it lifts up and tightens the skin from inside.

Dermal Fillers, Just Right for Tear Troughs – The under-eye region is often a cosmetic concern. Under eye bags or dark circles cast a tired and sad looking the face. Tear troughs are the groove found between the cheeks and the lower eyelids. The puffiness under eyes is caused due to the accumulation of fluids or fats in that area. Eye bags and tear troughs could be treated non-surgically with the help of an effective dermal filler treatment in Melbourne. Dermal fillers could smoothen the transition between the cheeks and the lower eyelid.

Cheek Fillers for Supple, Plush Cheeks – Cheek enhancement using dermal filler injections could provide an effective and instant facial lift and harmonize the facial proportions. Improving the mid-face is treated as a cornerstone in skin rejuvenation. Age could result in flattened or saggy cheeks that have lost volume, suppleness, and charm.

Restore volume to get back the youthfulness of your cheeks using high-quality facial filler injections in Melbourne.

Non-Surgical Chin Fillers for Defined Jawline – From an aesthetic point of view, the chin and jawline are supposed to anchor the face. Anyone who has a recession, moderate or even mild protrusion, deviation or irregularity could opt for the non-surgical chin enhancement treatment with dermal fillers. Chin and jaw enhancement fillers are an effective and quick way of enhancing the overall appearance of your jawline. Consider dermal filler injections if your jawline lacks definition, seem asymmetrical and have started sagging because of aging or drastic weight loss. A balanced and reshaped jawline or chin could help in improving your looks and restoring your self-confidence.

Hand Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers – Constant contact with water, neglect, and sun damage make the hands look and feel rather old. Moreover, as we know from age, the hands also lose their substantial volume naturally. Sun exposure and volume loss are the greatest culprits that steal away the comely look from your hands. Dermal filler injections are the best solution to restore the volume and beauty of your hands. We suggest opting for hand rejuvenation in Melbourne using effective dermal filler injections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dermal fillers? What is their basic operation?

The Dermal fillers used in Melbourne are basically a gel-based compound that mimics the chemical structure of natural collagen. As dermal fillers are hydrophilic in nature, they absorb water and swell up when they come in contact with it, hence when the facial fillers are injected in the hollow regions of the face, it interacts with the water content present in the inner epidermal layers and slowly puffs up, thus refilling the lost volume of cheek, eye areas, lips, etc.

Unlike the many anti-wrinkle injections available that freezes the wrinkle-causing muscle; facial fillers fill up the gap within the skin, which appear as wrinkles and hydrate the saggy skin thus, leading to a soft and smooth skin within a few days after the treatment. Moreover, the contours of the face can be enhanced and added volume to, with the help of facial fillers rendering a completely natural appearance.

When are dermal fillers prescribed to a patient?

When we are young, our face is padded with delicate fat layers, which disintegrates along with time. As a result, once-plump cheeks, under eye areas and lips appear bony, thin and lifeless, losing the plush cushioning of fats. In such conditions, dermal filler injections are prescribed to add volume to the shrunken skin and hydrate the skin revealing a fresh, youthful face.

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Moreover, the collagen and elastin responsible for the natural elasticity of the skin also vanish with age. That is why, when we smile or frown or make any facial expression and our facial muscles contract, it takes longer time to spring back to its former position. Consequently, this leaves behind a trail of wrinkles, frown lines, nasolabial folds and other fine lines which spoil the facial appearance.

In such cases, to return the lost confidence and self-esteem of the patients, they are referred to receive facial fillers as their anti-aging treatment in Melbourne because dermal fillers fill up the wrinkles and folds and slowly boost the collagen formation in the skin. Thus, following a complete skin rejuvenation to improve the overall appearance.

What are the benefits of the dermal filler treatment in Melbourne?

  • Immediate long-lasting results.
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive procedure.
  • Highly effective in reversing the signs of ageing.
  • It takes only about 20 minutes and one single sitting to perform the whole procedure.
  • Requires no anaesthesia.
  • Natural-looking results.
  • All the precautions and protection measures are implemented to minimize the risk factor to negligible.
  • Hydrates the skin from within.
  • Boosts up the collagen production in the skin.
  • If not satisfied with the result, it can be reversed without any hassle.
  • Rectifies the wrinkles and folds by lifting and filling your skin, thus, smoothening the lines and creases.
  • Great for contouring the jawline, cheekbones, etc.

How is the anti-ageing treatment with dermal fillers conducted?

Dermal fillers are generally applied in the sunken and wrinkled areas of our face, such as hollow eye regions or cheek areas. The semi-liquid compound is injected with the help of a thin syringe, which then coagulates with the water component present beneath our skin and thus, dedicates volume to the sunken area. With time, dermal fillers also enhance the collagen production within our skin, consequently, retaining the elasticity and health of the skin.

YouTube video

YouTube video

What are the dermal filler injections made of?

Dermal filler injections contain a semi-fluid component that imitates the structural

Composition of naturally found collagen such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, polylactic acid, etc.

Animal collagen is also used as fillers in many clinics, but they may cause unwanted allergies and inflammations on several occasions, hence their use is strictly prohibited at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre.

However, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use hyaluronic acid as the most trusted facial fillers due to the negligible risks and genuine patient satisfaction associated with it. Apart from that, sometimes, anaesthesia is also fused with the synthetic collagen compound (like hyaluronic acid) to avoid even the slightest inconvenience of our patients.

How long does it take to finish the whole anti-ageing treatment?

It takes only 15-30 mins to complete a session of dermal filler treatment. And mostly, one session is enough to complete the whole procedure. However, follow-up sessions might be required to assess the progress of the skin condition.

The following images have been supplied by Allergan, the local supplier of the product used in the treatment, to give us an idea of what is achievable.

When do the results of the dermal fillers in Melbourne become visible?

Almost instantly, slight changes in the overall facial appearance can be noticed. Although, after a week, as the dermal fillers interact with the water content and plump up, then the full impact can be witnessed.

Is there any downtime required after the dermal filler anti-ageing treatment done in Melbourne?

Since it rarely causes any severe side-effects, it does not require any downtime. One can start with the daily work routine immediately after the treatment is over.

How long do the dermal fillers in Melbourne last?

The result of the dermal filler anti-ageing treatment lasts for around 12-18 months or more than that depending on the quality and amount of filler used.

What are the usual side-effects involved with dermal fillers in Melbourne?

Side-effects associated with Facial fillers in Melbourne are generally well understood and effective risk management strategies are in place when treatments are performed by trained doctors.

Commonly, side-effects might occur such as:

  • Slight redness in the site of injection
  • Pain and bruising
  • Lumps, itching or discolouration.

These drawbacks are temporary and are sure to fade away within a week. But, if these concerns still persist, an immediate consultation with your physician is necessary.

During the consultation, the treating doctor should provide a full disclosure of risks to the patient.

Dermal Fillers: Not just facial fillers in Melbourne but a complete skin rejuvenating miracle.

Come, visit us at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre and avail the most effective facial fillers in Melbourne, to stay beautiful and glamorous always. Don’t let age and harsh environment make you feel old and dull; beat it all with our premium quality dermal fillers in Melbourne.

If you are interested in finding out more about this miraculous treatment, or if you require free consultation, just reach us @ (03) 9300 1244 or 0402293726.

Dermal Fillers: Not just facial fillers in Melbourne but a complete skin rejuvenating miracle.

Dermal filler treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that reverses the spell of age by recovering the volume loss and repairing the wrinkles and folds like marionette lines, nasolabial folds, etc. in the skin. Apart from that, facial fillers are also used to define and volumize the facial features, lending a glamorous look. Generally, dermal filler injections are applied for enhancement of lips, cheek, chin, etc. and treat tear troughs.

Uses of dermal fillers in Melbourne

Lip Plumping with Lip Fillers, Not everyone is blessed with perfect plump lips and at times, some suffer from birth defects as well. Dermal fillers help in fixing those issues without much discomfort.

Lip fillers might help in emphasizing the arch and the outlines of the lips. Also, the lip fillers increase the volume to make them appear lush and reduce the appearance of vertical lines that cast an elderly look. Hence, dermal fillers are the best tool to acquire a natural look, after lip augmentation or lip enhancement without overdoing it.

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YouTube video

Non-Surgical Reduction of Jowls in Melbourne with Dermal Fillers:

As a result of the aging process, often the cheeks would sag. Jowl formation is because of the descent of your sunken cheeks below your jawline. This completely disrupts your jawline, thus interfering with the structure and shape of the face. In order to rectify this usually, a facelift is performed for lifting the droopy cheeks back to their previous position and for straightening the jawline. However, most of the patients avoid any sort of surgical procedure, hence there is an easy alternative. At Nitai Cosmetic and Medical Centre, our experienced team of experts can use effective facial fillers treatment in Melbourne for blending the jowls successfully with the surrounding areas of the face, thus, garnering an improved jawline and overall youthful appearance.

Why Choose Us Over Other Skin Clinics in Melbourne?

  • We use only premium quality dermal fillers in our Melbourne Clinic.
  • We have a professional team of fully qualified and experienced cosmetic doctors and staff to take care of all your skin and hair issues.
  • Great packages at an affordable cost.
  • First free consultation is also available.
  • Updated machines and equipment are used to provide absolute satisfaction without any discomfort.

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