Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre’s advanced Revlite tattoo laser removal in Melbourne works wonders to remove tattoos without harming the surrounding skin.



The above video shows Dr. Shobhna Singh removing a Tattoo on a lady using the Revlite Laser Machine.

Tattoos can look great if done properly, but if they are poorly executed, or if you change your mind about them after getting them done, getting rid of them can be a fairly sticky process. Thankfully, Dr. Shobhna Singh, Nitai’s pride, is a medical doctor in laser tattoo removal treatments in Melbourne. We have one of the very best cosmetic treatment facilities, and possess a top-notch laser machine called “Revlite”. With the introduction of Q-Switched lasers in mainstream cosmetic medicine, tattoo-removal procedures have become very approachable and have minimal scarring risks. We use the Revlite Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser to effectively remove or lighten the majority of tattoo inks with minimal risk of scarring. It is suitable for all skin types and all colours of tattoo ink.

You can make an appointment with us for a no-obligation consultation at any time as per your convenience. We would be delighted to discuss targeted treatment schemes, costs the procedure entails and the like.


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above: before and after Laser Tattoo Removal

above: before and after Laser Tattoo Removal

above: before and after Laser Tattoo Removal

above: before and after Laser Tattoo Removal


A laser is a focused beam of light, designed to be of one or more wavelengths. To remove tattoo ink, the wavelength is set to a value which is enough for the skin to absorb it, and also to cause the tattoo ink to split into small particles, which the body’s natural filtering mechanisms can get rid of easily. Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre’s advanced Revlite tattoo laser removal in Melbourne works wonders to remove tattoos without harming the surrounding skin

Revlite laser treatments are capable of removing a number of tattoos, ranging from the homemade variety to professional and surgical tattoos as well. There are, however, a small percentage of tattoos which respond to laser treatment. Our advanced treatments can remove green, yellow, black and red inks, but may not be that effective that take longer for blue or pink colours. When you come in for your consultation, we will be able to indicate the nature and extent of removal that we expect to be able to perform using the Revlite lasers.

We use Q-Switched laser machine in our tattoo removal clinic in Melbourne, which is the best option for all skin areas. We do not compromise with the technology we use to save on costs because we put you first. Our highly-trained medical professionals administer the treatments with utmost care and precision to ensure that there are no unnecessary side-effects or issues.

Our experience for numerous clients over the years tells us that it takes anywhere between four and twelve sessions on average to get the best results out of Revlite laser tattoo removal Melbourne procedures. After a few initial sessions, you should begin to see some fading, but more than 80% to
95% of the tattoo can be removed after some more.

The length and effectiveness of the treatment will depend on:

– Type of ink used
– Layering in the tattoo
– The presence of colours which are resilient against removal, like purples, yellow, green, light blues, and pinks.

During the initial consultation, we should be able to tell you how many treatments you would require for best results, and what outcome you should be expecting at the end. The treatments are spaced out, keeping gaps of six to eight weeks to minimize risks of complications like scarring. After the area heals, you can get it re-tattooed as well.

The procedure can be painful, with most patients reporting a temporary discomfort, like an elastic band being snapped against the skin due to the short pulses of lasers being emitted. We at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre try our best to keep discomfort on the down low, so we have a great numbing cream administered to the area beforehand, and also have a cooling machine to soothe the area.

The Revlite tattoo removal process is as smooth and safe with a well understood risk profile as it gets. It is uncommon but has been observed that there could be some side effects to laser tattoo removal, but these are always temporary and are gone in a matter of hours or a couple of days. These include mild swelling, redness or minor blistering. You can report any issues to us, and we’ll get a team of trained clinicians to have a look at it.

Once the treatment is done, an antibacterial cream or ointment and also a dressing is applied to the affected area. Sometimes, pinpoint bleeding may occur, and will be dealt with. It must be kept dry and clean at all times, and our doctor will be able to tell you exactly how to go about that. You can take a shower, but definitely must not scrub the treated area. If a scab formed, you must not scratch or pick at it.

At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre, the cost of the treatment would be ranging from $50 to around $800 per session. The actual price is determined according to the area covered by the tattoo in terms of square centimetres. However, we cannot predict the actual number of sessions that would be required. You could get a precise cost estimate by seeking free consultations. Free consultation does not impose any obligation on you to avail the treatment. You could, however, be accommodated if you are interested in getting the treatment done on the consultation visit itself.

At Nitai, loading fee is never applicable for additional colours. This could be a substantial saving for you. Come to us for professional and competent tattoo removal in Melbourne. We scrutinize and accurately evaluate every case and after a thorough clinical assessment, we determine an apt treatment and also an ongoing skin care regimen to suit unique individual needs. Call us today at (03) 9300 1244 or you could send us an email by using our contact form. The email would be promptly forwarded to an appropriate staff member for a quick response.

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