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You can now bolster your small chin and reshape it with scientifically approved chin fillers in Melbourne at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic centre.



Do you lack a well-defined chin and jawline?

You can now bolster your small chin and reshape it with scientifically approved chin fillers in Melbourne at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic centre.

A well-defined chin and jawline help to anchor your face to provide an aesthetically appealing look. But,  a small or asymmetrical chin and jawline often impacts the overall aesthetic appearance of your face.

Due to aging, our facial skin loses its fat deposits. As a result, our face loses its volume and the skin shifts downwards resulting in a dull and unbalanced appearance. This may sometimes make you feel low or not feel great about yourself.

Our impeccable non-surgical chin augmentation treatment uses the most advanced clinically approved premium filler products to add volume to the chin area to give it a proper shape and provide a well-defined chin and jawline.  With successive chin filler treatments, you will be able to achieve and maintain your perfect looking chin and jawline.

Patients with skin concerns such as chin creases and dimples, or scarring experience optimum chin enhancement results after undergoing a comprehensive non-surgical chin filler treatment in Melbourne at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre.

Our Expert Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Shobhna Singh, is a “Country Expert ” for Teoxane Australia in the areas of Cosmetic Injectables. And possess vast experience of more than 15 years in Cosmetic Injectables and Facial Aesthetics Treatment.

Dr Shobhna Singh has been mentored by Dr Mauricio De Maio, a Global Leading Plastic Surgeon and pioneer of the ‘MD Codes’ system which is the global benchmark standard in Cosmetic Injectables.

She first thoroughly examines the facial skin of the patient and then suggests the right chin enhancement treatment to achieve optimum chin augmentation results. Therefore, you can be sure to receive transparent advice and top quality chin enhancement treatment.

We perform the finest services in chin reshaping with our premium TGA and FDA approved products. The treatment for chin fillers in Melbourne is secure and minimally invasive. The positive results are visible almost immediately post the treatment and stay for a prolonged period. You need to undergo successive treatment sessions to get more profound results and to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment.

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above: before and after Chin Filler

above: before and after Chin Filler

above: before and after Chin Filler


The chin enhancement treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive. It is a swift and easy procedure that uses microneedles to administer natural compounds in your chin area to give a desired shape and volume.

* It enhances the appearance of your chin

* Improves the definition of your chin and jawline

* Brings your chin forward and makes it fuller

* Reshapes the chin for a more feminine or masculine appearance

* Corrects the asymmetry of the chin

* Increases the length of the chin and makes it more proportional to your facial features for a more balanced facial appearance

The chin fillers used in chin enhancement treatment are created out of natural ingredients sourced from the body. These natural compounds are securely administered into the skin under controlled circumstances under the supervision of expert Cosmetic Doctor Dr Shobhna Singh.

Therefore, chiller fillers are safe to use (with a well-known risk profile) as per the recommendation of the Cosmetic expert.

The chin fillers add volume to your chin and reshape it to make it more proportional to your facial features. This improves the youthful appearance of your face.

With age, the proportions of your face change. Therefore, a permanent chin enhancement treatment may prove counterproductive after a certain period. To counter the changing facial proportions, the chin fillers need to be administered in prescribed doses at regular intervals to maintain the aesthetic look of your face despite the facial changes.

 The cost of a chin filler treatment at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is very cost-effective when compared to other skin clinics in Melbourne.

The treatment cost generally depends on your skin type and the kind of treatment required to achieve the desired chin enhancement results. Contact us now to get the best quotes.

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