Top Benefits of Fraxel Laser

Top Benefits of Fraxel Laser - 1

The Fraxel Laser, also called Fractional Laser, is the latest in laser technology for skin rejuvenation. Fraxel Dual laser is a new type of non-aggressive laser technique that works by removing the ageing skin, which, once repaired, has a more hydrated, smooth and healthy look and feel. Fraxel Dual laser can reduce wrinkles, remove skin blemishes, remove scars, and remove pigmentation and acne scars. Fraxel laser is also ideal for stretch marks and helps to restore the health of the skin that is lost due to external agents such as pollution, sun or the passage of time.

Previously, scars, acne and skin rejuvenation treatment could only be conducted with ablative type lasers, which were effective but required a longer skin recovery period. With the Fractional Laser technology, the recovery time has been greatly reduced. In the Fraxel Laser technique, minute light beams are emitted, which penetrate the skin creating microscopic wounds that promote optimal and prompt healing.

What imperfections can be removed with Fraxel Laser?

  • Ageing: Remove wrinkles and age spots

It allows you to show younger skin, as it improves sagging skin, and corrects small wrinkles. Besides, it improves hyperpigmentation, melasma and typical age spots.

  • Scars: Remove scars

Fraxel is considered the best antidote against acne and scars, due to its skin renewal features which increases the production of new collagen.

  • Stretch marks: Remove stretch marks

This laser achieves good results in stretch marks removal in comparison to other medical treatments.

  • Sun damage and actinic keratosis: Prevent skin cancer

The Fraxel Laser helps in healing skin lesions caused by dangerous sun exposure.

How many treatment sessions does one need?

In general, 3-5 sessions are necessary to achieve the best results. However, the positive results are already visible from the first session onwards. To treat skin that has been heavily exposed to the sun or that is badly affected by scars, more than one or two sessions may be necessary. The skincare specialist will decide on the frequency with which the sessions should be held in one month.

Are there any side effects?

The negative effects are barely noticeable. The skin swells a little after the treatment and stays with a Rosy tone for about four days. After four days, the skin may acquire a tan tone, so it requires abundant sun protection.

To whom and in what zones is it recommended?

Fraxel Dual System is suitable for all ages (from the beginning when the first blemishes and marks appear to older ages), for all skin types and can be used in absolutely all areas of the body. Also, can be divided into several sessions without risk, as the device has a camera that detects optimal areas treated and not act twice on the same area.

How does laser rejuvenation work?

The new Fraxel Dual laser is powered by two different laser types on the same equipment, one that works in the most superficial skin and another that acts at a deeper level, and works as a gradual peeling skin, making it brighter, smoother and healthier-looking.

With Fraxel Dual laser we can repair deeper skin damage than with previous fractional laser systems, and also reduces the effects of treatment, resulting in less pain, redness of the area and more comfort.

The revolutionary Fraxel Dual laser reverses the visible effects of ageing obtaining natural and effective results and enabling quick recovery in all areas of the body, even allowing vaginal rejuvenation. This novel technology is based on the generation of millions of tiny microscopic laser spots islands surrounded by healthy tissue, allowing early recovery of the treated areas, without producing injury or scabs. The laser columns stimulate a natural healing process that works from the inside to the outside, replacing damaged tissue with healthier, smoother and younger skin.

How can this laser treatment prevent skin cancer?

Fraxel Dual is the first laser approved for the treatment of melasma and actinic keratosis (signs before the development of skin cancer caused by sun exposure). A team of renowned skin doctors has shown that this laser reduces by almost 90% the number of actinic keratoses, thus preventing the occurrence of skin cancer.

What are the after-effects of the treatment?

After treatment, you may feel a certain degree of redness, swelling or a sensation of being burned by the sun. These are signs of the natural healing process of your body. This means that your body is generating new skin from the inside out. people could return to their daily activities in just a few hours after treatment, or, in the most aggressive cases, 4 or 5 days, when the first effects are visible.

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