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Lips emphasize the allure of our face, but at times, with age or due to hereditary reasons, lips appear thin and flat without any vivacity. That’s when people decide to induce volume and plushness to the lips with the help of lip fillers.

While treating a patient, the primary objective of the doctors in a clinic like ours, is that the final result must seem as natural as possible. For instance, if a lip is very straight, we can seek to accentuate the cupid’s bow and give volume so that the lips, thus it can acquire a natural curve, which does not look fake.

Similarly, there are a lot more to lip enhancement treatment than meets the eye, so here we are discussing a few substantial details that you should know before trying lip filler treatment.

1. Lifestyle Matters.

During the first consultation with your doctor, it is possible that you will be asked a brief summary about your life. Mostly things like whether you smoke or not, or the frequency of your exercise or your habits, etc. From these data, the doctor will assess the type of lip filler that the patient needs, always maintaining the maximum possible naturalness, as these lifestyle preferences impact on the longevity of the lip fillers used.

2. There is a reverse gear.

If after the session is over, you are not convinced by the result of your lip filling, do not be overwhelmed, as the effect of hyaluronic acid can be undone in a matter of minutes, thanks to an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

3. Treatment prices vary.

The prices offered by this type of treatment change a lot between one clinic and another, but the important thing is to make sure that it is a specialist doctor who treats you. Do not focus on the reduction of price rather stress on the quality of the product. You must ensure that the product you inject is approved by TGA and has all the guarantees that are required.

4. A temporary solution.

Keep in mind that each person is different depending on the metabolism of each person and their ability to absorb the filling. Once the effect is finished, the lips will return to their original state naturally. But do not worry, since it gets completely absorbed without leaving any trace. Also, it lasts between 3-18 months depending on the type of filler used. At Nitai, our Premium Brand of fillers last between 9-18 months, so you have immense time before you need a retouch.

5. You can ask for anaesthesia.

If you are afraid of punctures or syringes, you can ask to have your lips numbed with anaesthesia without any problem. The professional who makes the treatment will try to find you as comfortable as possible.

6. Free your agenda.

Postpone the important appointments you have that day, because although the procedure does not exceed 20 minutes (and the anaesthesia goes on 15), it is best to rest the rest of the day, as sometimes swelling may appear.

7. Take precautions before treatment.

If you have suffered constant experiences with herpes or similar kind of inflammation, you will most likely need to take some medication in the days before treatment, to prevent injections of hyaluronic acid from affecting the infection and making it worse.

8. Follow the guidance of the specialist.

Many times, the idea you have does not fit with what the professional recommends, so it is best to discuss your requirements with the aesthetic doctor. Listen to his/her advice also so that the treatment is inspired from your wishes and fits your features as well, maintaining a natural appearance.

9. Avoid the risks.

To avoid the side-effects that might occur, despite it being a safe treatment, it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking or sunbathing for a couple of days after the treatment to avoid formation of any kind of bruise after injection.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use hyaluronic acid to lend a rejuvenated, fresh look to the lips.

Why choose hyaluronic acid?

For those who are not familiar with this term, hyaluronic acid is part of the collagen that is lodged in the skin, acting as a moisturizer. Hyaluronic lip fillers not only give volume but it also revive the lips in a natural manner without causing any threat.

Its treatment is carried out through small injections with very fine needles. To avoid discomfort, the doctor can apply local anaesthesia in the area. Being an operation that lacks surgery, the reincorporation to the normal routine is immediate. Once the treatment is finished, the patient will enjoy lips that are more defined and fleshy than ever, giving them a much younger and more sensual appearance.

It must be said that this type of treatment is neither carcinogenic nor teratogenic. Despite having a temporary effect, hyaluronic acid is the safest to use for lip filling.

After the lip filling treatment:

The day they inject hyaluronic acid, the area usually swells a little, but the next day the patient can return to his routine normally. It is advisable to wait for one-two days before applying makeup to the lips. Although, no downtime is required after the treatment.

During the hours following treatment, it is normal for the lip to be more sensitive to touch, due to swelling and redness, so avoid touching it to avoid discomfort. It could also happen that the product moves and the affected area is modified, try not to apply pressure on the treated area.

It is advisable to maintain a good daily routine of care, cleaning the lips with a soft and moisturizing product, lacking alcohol. By applying a hydrating lip balm, the lips will maintain correct hydration, remaining firm, plump and smooth. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, try to put on lip products with sunscreen in it to avoid damage.

If the pain persists or lumps appear, try not to resort to medications, unless the specialist recommends it. It is also a mistake to put on makeup since some products could adversely affect the area. It is convenient to rest and avoid partying, in addition to drinking alcohol and smoking for the next few days. Also, do not expose yourself to the heat of the grape rays, be it that of a sauna or similar.

The effect of the product lasts around 3 months – 18 months depending on the type of fillers, since hyaluronic acid, being natural, gradually breaks down after being injected into the skin, and it is absorbed by the body.

Our Recommendation:

As experts, we recommend that you go to a center specialized in filling the lips with hyaluronic acid to avoid complications, bad practices and, consequently, unwanted results.

Your appearance matters and your health too, a poorly used treatment or a more than adequate amount can pose more serious problems in the long term. For this reason, do not leave your image in the hands of an amateur. How many celebrities have finished worse than they were, after undergoing retouching of this style? You have to have many factors in mind and analyze them, such as: type of treatment, specialists, as well as the centre to undergo the lip treatment.

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