Jenna Christodoulou

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I’ve been meaning to rate and review since August!! I couldn’t speak highly enough of Dr Shobhna Singh and the team at Nital! I did a bit of researching over the net about multiple clinics all over as I had heard so many horror story’s ect and dodgy products. I found Nital to have great ratings and quality products not all the cheap stuff that’s on the market these days. After being asked on extremely short notice to fly to Victoria for work I jumped at the chance hoping that I could at least get a consultation. called within 15 minutes of arriving in Victoria from Queensland on a 48hour trip and was seen the very next morning for a consultation PLUS my procedure I was that happy with my time there and the results i called back after leaving that morning, extended my stay and went back to see Dr Shobhna Singh. After my procedures I couldn’t help but give Dr Singh a big hug and thank her enough for all her work, advise and seeing me in such short notice it’s now been nearly 4 months and I can’t wait to fly back to Victoria see these lovely lady’s and Dr Singh again. I’m One Very happy customer.

February 8, 2017

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