Spider Veins Removal Treatment: Have You Tried it Yet?

Spider veins removal treatment

Face, Skin, Hair…we all care a ton about them, but what about the most common issue we face after ageing? Most definitely, it is the vascular lesions we are talking about. The vascular lesions also called as spider veins influence the overall appearance of the legs, sometimes face also, affecting both men and women between 25-65 years of age. These small blue and purple veins in the legs or face lower the self-esteem and confidence. Hence, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we suggest a simple and easy solution to be rid of spider veins.

What are the known treatments for spider veins or vascular lesions?

The treatment for these vascular lesions is based on two pillars. Firstly, for the thicker bluish veins, a sclerosing substance is introduced into these veins via injections to close them. This procedure does not affect the rest of the venous capital of the leg, hence is considered to be a relatively safe (with a well-known risk profile) option. It is what is called sclerotherapy. 

On the other hand, the web of burst capillaries or the red and purple broken veins in face are treated with a specific laser beam. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use Gemini Laser Machine, which can easily penetrate deep within the skin innocuously without hurting the outer layer. 

Here, we strongly recommend that treatment of these two types should not be performed without having a proper consultation with an accredited skin doctor.

Are there any side effects involved with spider veins removal treatment?

Mostly, in the spider veins removal treatment, risks do exist and these are generally discussed in detail during a consultation with the treating doctor. It is highly recommended that Sclerotherapy be performed by a Certified Sclerotherapist or Phlebologist. Most GPs are neither Sclerotherapists or Phlebologists. With respect to the treatment of sclerotherapy, hematomas or brown spots may appear relatively frequently in the puncture site, although in two or three weeks they disappear.

Whereas, the side effects that may derive from their elimination with laser therapy are those of any laser treatment, such as skin burns, bruises, etc. although they are unlikely since it acts on the photochromic of the blood and not on the pigment melanin. 

What possible results can be expected from the spider veins removal treatment?

Both the treatments create a miraculous impact on the vascular lesion and the burst capillaries in the leg or face disappear after the sclerotherapy and laser treatment respectively.

The treatment with sclerosis has immediate results, while the laser requires three or more number sessions for the total elimination of spider veins from face or other body parts with severe damage.

With these new procedures, in a couple of minutes, amazing results are obtained and the patient can go home and lead a normal life after the procedure is completed, although, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend the use of a compression elastic stocking for a time after the sclerotherapy treatment.

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