Smooth Away Crow’s Feet, With This Non Invasive Treatment

It is good to smile. There is no body in the world that will disagree with this fact. In fact, studies show that people who smile more tend to experience more contentment and happiness overall – be it in relationships, work or life in general. And why not? A smile is like a universal language of warmth and connection, and it is only natural to warm up to someone when they give you a beautiful, warm smile that makes their eyes shine. In fact, it is our eyes that really give away how genuine our smile is. There is an interesting quote that goes like this:

“A smile isn’t genuine unless the eyes smile too.”
A heartfelt smile brings a twinkle to the eye, and sometimes, ‘smile lines’ around the eyes. Smile lines are the fine to deep lines that spread out from the outer corners of the eye, most commonly caused by repetitive muscle action when we smile. These are a natural and positive expression that we all have when we smile or laugh. And as a part of the natural ageing process, these lines can sometimes become deeper and permanent even when we are not smiling, resulting in a condition called Crow’s Feet.

What is Crow’s Feet and what causes this condition?

When we smile, the orbicularis oculi muscles around our eye socket contract. This causes the skin to be pulled inwards and cause creases. Over a period of time, the repetitive muscle contraction and skin creasing result in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
The skin around our eyes is very delicate and thin, and is often one of the first areas that show the signs of ageing. As we grow older, the skin’s collagen and elastin levels go down, lessening its elasticity, and this makes us more susceptible to these wrinkles around the eyes. Other factors that could likely cause crow’s feet are smoking, squinting, frowning and even high sun exposure.

Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatment - Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre

Can this condition be treated?

Yes, so you have no reason to frown!
This condition can be treated and with a simple cosmetic, non-surgical procedure. Anti-wrinkle injections are a great way to treat Crow’s Feet without surgery, and at Nitai, we have helped thousands of women (and a few men too) to get rid of their crow’s feet.
Anti-wrinkle injections contain a protein that causes the orbicularis oculi muscles to relax. This reduces their ability to crease the skin surrounding the eyes, and minimizes the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It also smoothens out the existing wrinkles and reduces their intensity.
Having said this, smile lines or crow’s feet are a natural occurrence when we express our emotions. And having them to some extent makes our face look natural. So it is important to not overdo these injections or the dosage, as it could result in what is called a ‘frozen face’. In case the wrinkle lines run deep, then dermal fillers can be used to fill them out.

How long does it take for the results to show?

Most people can see visible improvement within 7-10 days of treatment.

Is this procedure painful?

A lot of people hesitate to get the treatment as they fear pain and bruising. And while that can happen, our cosmetic doctor at Nitai takes care to minimize the possibility of pain and bruises. We adopt some very effective techniques so that you experience minimal to no pain. Some of them are:

1) Topical Anaesthesia
We might use some local anaesthetic cream in the area to be injected, to numb the skin before we administer injections. This will numb any sensations of pain.

2) Vibration
A vibrating device is used over the area to be treated. What this does is that this causes a ‘traffic jam’ of sorts in the nerve pathways that send pain signals to the brain, so that you don’t feel pain.

3) Ice
Ice is used as a natural anaesthetic in this case. Sensations of pain travel along the same nerve pathways that also transmit sensations of temperature. Icing the skin before injections minimizes the level of pain experienced.

4) Anaesthetic gas
Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas is often used during painful dental procedures or during labour. This is inhaled, and the effects tend to wear off quickly after the procedure.

Bruising can also happen during this procedure, if the needle disrupts or bursts a vein under the skin. But to avoid this happening, our team uses the advanced Acccuvein Vein Finder, which allows us to visualize veins beneath the skin and adjust the position of the injection accordingly. At Nitai, we always believe in taking extra care so that you do not experience any unnecessary discomfort.

What is the post treatment care?
We recommend that post treatment, the skin around the eyes is nourished and hydrated. There are many over the counter and prescription products that you could use.
Aspect Dr. Facelift is one such product that helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Synergie Revitalize is yet another lightweight eye serum, that has been specially formulated to treat under eye skin. BiopelleTensage Dual Eye Care Kit is an effective anti-ageing kit for the eyes, that moisturizes and protects against free radicals, and repairs the delicate surrounding skin while we sleep.

Why choose Nitai Cosmetic and Medical Centre?

Our highly experienced doctor and staff are adept at treating Crow’s Feet without making the face look frozen or unnatural. And we know that is what you would like as well, isn’t it?

So go on and share your smile with the world, as we will make sure you won’t have any reason to frown!

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