Comprehensive Skin Peel & Analysis

A comprehensive skin peel is the anti-wrinkle injection alternative you’re looking for

A skin peel can be used on the face to even out the texture of your skin, removing the outer layer of skin and improving your overall complexion and skin quality. Download our FREE Guide to discover:

  • How skin peels can remove lines and creases from surface skin
  • How you can transform the complexion of your skin
  • How you can rejuvenate and refresh your appearance

Download the Guide

Discover more about the benefits of a comprehensive skin peel and other rejuvenation procedures in our FREE downloadable guide.

Refresh and rejuvenate your complexion with skin peels

Wrinkle reduction with chemical peels
By removing the outer layer of the skin, you are removing part of the skin that shows the wrinkle, thus reducing the appearance of the wrinkle itself.

The effects of your peel
The effects of your skin peel is dependent on your skin type. Dr Shobhna Singh will recommend the best solution to solve your skin related issues.

Does a skin peel hurt?
Pain or discomfort during a skin peel is common, although it is minimal. You can rest assured that you will be provided with the utmost care to ensure pain is minimised.


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