What is Rosacea?

Rosacea / Facial Telangiectasia (Red Capillaries on Face) is a very common condition that occurs in people usually of Celtic Origin. It is characterised by facial redness especially on the cheek, nose and chin. The skin is sensitive to many skin products. Broken facial capillaries and small acne like pustules may be found.

What makes Rosacea worse?
Alcohol, spicy food, sport, heat, sunlight and certain skin care products can make Rosacea worse. The cause is unknown.

How do we treat Rosacea?


It is important to avoid any triggers and wear regular sunscreen.


Using appropriate skincare that will not aggravate Rosacea. We have a range of good quality skincare products (Aspect Dr) that is used for patients suffering from Rosacea. A specific product called “Redless” is very effective in management of Rosacea.

Skin Peels

Skin Peels (plant derived) can be used to reduce inflammation and acne-like pustules.

Mineral makeup

Mineral Makeup (Youngblood will not enter pores and aggravate Rosacea.

Laser treatment

Laser Treatment (Iridex 532 nm) is used to treat broken facial capillaries very effectively and safely (with a well understood risk profile). In some patients, a medicare rebate may apply.


Prescription strength antibiotic ointment may be required in some cases.

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