Youngblood Mineral Makeup Products

A gentle and soothing range of makeup, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics was originally formulated in a medical setting for patients recovering from harsh medical procedures such as laser, chemical peels, skin needling, surgeries, and cancer treatments.

Pauline Youngblood, being a former medical aesthetician, was completely aware of how reactive, sensitive and vulnerable the skin can be after cosmetic and medical procedures. That is why she sought to create a soothing, hydrating and nourishing range of cosmetic products that would provide gorgeous appearance whilst encouraging the skin to heal.

Formulated with ultra-refined natural minerals of the highest quality and without common irritants like preservatives and fillers, Pauline’s patients loved the formula so much that they continued using it long after their skin had healed and urged her to make it commercially available.

In present day, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics provides a full range of clean, lightweight mineral makeup that wears beautifully on every skin type and tone and offers natural, luxurious coverage that is good for your skin. Youngblood formulas gently but effectively conceal skin concerns like rosacea, acne, eczema, pigmentation without causing any irritation and dramatically improving the appearance of the skin while allowing it to breathe and function normally.

Founded over 20 years ago, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics stresses on being a Clean Beauty brand showcasing makeup products which are luxurious to wear yet very gentle and healing for the skin. Thanks to its organic based skin-loving formula, free of harsh components such as synthetic preservatives, artificial colour, artificial fragrance among others, for almost 25 years, Youngblood has been the clear choice for makeup artists and beauty therapists around the world. All the health-conscious individuals who want healthy, high-performance makeup that nourishes the skin and gives flawless, long-lasting coverage may opt for these mineral makeup products. The pride of Australia, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics has successfully marked its presence in the world of aesthetics by being one of the first beauty brands that sell luxury range clean beauty products.

For Youngblood Mineral Makeup Products, clean beauty is not a trend rather it is a way of life. Before anyone coined the trendy term “clean-beauty” or “green beauty”, Youngblood set a new standard for performance and quality of ingredients, limiting the use of potentially irritating material. Today they are the only ultra-luxury cosmetics brand that focuses on using naturally derived ingredients while maintaining luxury performance. Founded in 1990s, dermatologists and cosmetic doctors have endorsed Youngblood as the safer, and only cosmetics brand suitable for post-op use. These endorsements have held up over the last 22 years.

The clean luxury promise of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is simple – “we abide by our strict “no-no” list that has been developed and grown over the years with new studies, research, and development”.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, you can buy Youngblood Mineral Makeup products online after referring to our aesthetician to understand which range of mineral makeup products is eligible for your skin type. Pauline Youngblood states, “We must look inside ourselves and realize that makeup is not only skin deep but a life changing product that will remain at the forefront of women’s self-confidence for generations to come.” So, buy Youngblood mineral makeup products and earn the confidence to stand tall and conquer the world!

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Youngblood Mineral Makeup Products

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Ideal for all skin types, especially for oily skin, Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier is a clear, multi-use balm that instantly mattifies skin while Nigella and Pumpkin Seed oils purify and balance for a healthier complexion. This anti-shine mattifier absorbs the excess oil from the surface of the skin giving your makeup a fresh, long-lasting look. Start with clean, toned and moisturised skin before applying Anti-Shine Mattifier by Youngblood.


To give a perfect, flawless finish to your make-up, Youngblood baby kabuki is a very accomplished tool. Smaller in size, Youngblood baby kabuki can be easily carried around while travelling also. Featuring ultra-soft synthetic bristles and a short handle for precision and control, this kabuki brush is ideal for applying and blending powder products, including loose mineral foundations, bronzers and setting powders.


Perfect to clean all sorts of makeup brushes, the alcohol-free Youngblood Pro Brush Cleaner removes all traces of makeup from the bristles of the brush without drying out, and instead this formulation conditions the bristles. This quick-drying Youngblood Brush Cleaner spray makes it very easy to clean up the makeup brushes without any fuss and inconvenience. With a sweet scent of rosewater and effective cleansing quality, this cleaner keeps makeup brushes sanitized and well maintained.


To adorn your eyes with beautiful colours, Youngblood Crease Brush is a very accomplished tool. To give definition and flawless edge to your makeup, the Youngblood Crease Brush available online is designed with precision. It is a beautifully crafted soft touch brush that is hand-made with artist-quality Taklon synthetic fibres. Amazingly soft and expertly precise, the Crease Brush blends and packs colour to the outer ends and crease of the eyes.


Perfect for all skin types and all skin tones, Youngblood Crushed Mineral Blush adds a very natural colour and sheen to the skin. The range of Crease Mineral Blushes is very gentle on skin and they are able to reflect light off the skin for a natural flush. The pure mineral blush from Youngblood collection has a silky-smooth texture and was created with Kaolin to regulate shine and keep the colour on the cheek intact throughout the day. For those who prefer the natural looking makeup, the eclectic shades of Crushed Blushes are the perfect.


Bright, vivid and simply extraordinary, Youngblood Crushed Mineral Eyeshadow is perfect for everyday look or to add flair in a grand occasion. The range of Crushed Mineral Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and can be used dry for a softer look, or wet for adding a dramatic colour in your eyes. These Youngblood Crushed Mineral Eyeshadows available online are Paraben, Talc and cruelty free. The crushed mineral eyeshadows from Youngblood are formulated with 100% pure luxurious minerals, that won’t block pores or cause irritation such that the skin looks and feels luminous. The addition of jojoba oil and vitamin E moisturises and soothes the skin and helps it to combat environmental pollution.


Perfect for easy and consistent application, Youngblood Deluxe Eyeshadow Brush is a very accomplished tool. Eyeshadow Brush available online is designed in the perfect shape of an eyelid. The Deluxe eyeshadow brush makes the application of the Crushed Mineral Eyeshadow to the entire lid with ease. Youngblood Deluxe Brush is made of short and dense taklon fibres that effectively apply pigment for a bold look. This type of brush is also ideal for packing on shimmer or glitter shadows.


Easy and convenient to use, Youngblood Dual Pencil Sharpener is a very proficient tool. This dual pencil sharpener can sharpen Lip Liner Pencils, Eye Liner Pencils and the larger Eye-lluminating Pencils with ease. Due to sharp blades installed in the sharpener, it very neatly sharpens the makeup pencils without breaking the tip. At the same time, the elegant design of the sharpener protects the fingers from minor cuts. Fitting pencils of different sizes, this convenient sharpener also has a removable top to easily dispose the shavings without any mess.


Unleashing six very enticing shades, Youngblood Eye Pencil is created to give definition to the lower lash line. These rich, long-lasting, cream-textured pencils are very easy to apply without breaking to pieces every now and then. The presence of Vitamin E in the eye pencil moisturizes and heals the dry, irritated skin while defending the skin from environmental pollutants. Hydrogenated glycerides in the Youngblood eye pencil conditions the skin and aids in smooth application. The rich, long-lasting colour does not cause itching or irritation. These eye pencils can be easily sharpen to a fine point for completely precise lines or you cn smudge the lines for a sultry, smoky look.


Perfect to give definition to your eyes, Youngblood Eye Mazing Liquid Liner Pen is very convenient to use and its long lasting formula stays put for a very long time. One can explore endless liner looks from classic to modern or a very natural look with the fine-point tip of this Liquid Liner Pen. The dark, richly pigmented colours of the Eye-Mazing Liner Pen glide on effortlessly for a smooth application and intense payoff. This water resistant formula of Youngblood Eye-Mazing Liner Pen available online dries down quickly and stays perfect without smudging all day.


Designed to fill colour in the eyebrows easily, Youngblood Eyebrow Angled Brush is a very accomplished tool. The Youngblood Eyebrow Brush is the perfect way to get full, gorgeous eyebrow with the exact shape you desired. This angled brush can be used to create a high arch or a more natural brow. Perfect for shaping the eyebrow and filling in thin areas, the Youngblood Eyebrow Brush helps to create thick, dark eyebrows. The angled head contains sable hair which glides on smoothly and helps to draw thin, precise lines or fill in large gaps in eyebrows with ease. The versatility of the eyebrow brush also gives it the ability to apply colour from the Youngblood Eye Liner Pencil for a soft, subtle look.


Perfect to achieve a glam look, Youngblood Eyeshadow Quads contains highly pigmented colours that can be mixed and matched to create many looks. The Eyeshadow Quads contains a combination of matte, shimmery, and pearl shades that can assist in achieving many looks matching the occasion or whether it is day and night. Each quad contains four pressed mineral eyeshadows made with velvety, stay-put mineral pigments that glide on and wear for hours. The colour palette available in the Eyeshadow Quads are:

GEMSTONES: Alabaster, Cashmere, Irish Moss, Golden Beryl
ETERNITY: Silken, Quartz, Spice, Mink
SHANGHAI NIGHTS: Shitake, Beige-ing, Cherry Blossom, Bamboo
VINTAGE: Blush, Merlot, Bordeaux, Syrah
CITY CHIC: Bisque, Aura, Bombshell, Baked
DESERT DREAMS: Heaven, Sultry, Terracotta, Sable.

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