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Introduced by Ferndale Laboratories, OC Eight products provide a miraculous treatment to control excessive oil secretion in the face and control acne. The dermatologically tested OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel has turned to be a legend when it comes to providing a complete shine-controlled, fresh appearance. Since many years, photographers and makeup specialists have been using a secret weapon for shine-free results and that is nothing other than the very famous OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel.

The OC Eight products online features the 8-hour lasting mattifying gel formula that consists of ACRYSORB®, micro-particles that trap facial oils to reduce shine and redness for up to eight hours. You’ll get beautiful, worry-free results that persists all day.
OC Eight products are clinically proven to reduce shine and improve the appearance of facial foundation. It can be used after your regular facial cleansing and moisturising routine underneath the foundation before applying makeup or it can be tapped over the face after finishing the complete makeup to induce a shine-free, fresh effect that remains intact for another 8 hours.

Benefits of OC Eight Gel:

• 8-Hour Shine Control
• Evens Skin Tone
• For All Skin Types

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, you can buy OC Eight products online if you have very oily skin and you wish to acquire a fresh, matte look. The fragrance-free OC Eight products can be used by people with sensitive skin also without causing any irritation or discomfort.

Expert Review on the OC Eight Products:

Experts have termed it as a great mattifying product for those who have trouble restraining shine on their face. This product can be used both over and under makeup and one will be surprised how well it controls shine for hours without the need for blotting papers or pressed-powder application. Regrettably, there is one drawback of OC Eight and that is it leaves a slight white cast on your skin, even when worn under foundation. The white cast is assumed to occur from the acrylate-based powder ingredient it contains, which forms a flexible film on the skin that absorbs oil and plays a major role in controlling oil breakthrough so well. Due to the white residue issue, it is recommended only for those with the oiliest of skin, or you can buy OC Eight products for special occasions when you want to look bright and fresh for long hours.

How to use OC Eight?

Applying OC Eight is a very simple process.

• Cleanse your face, pat dry and continue with your normal regime of moisturization.
• Apply sunscreen and over that gently massage a little bit of OC Eight in circular motion.
• Wear foundation over it, followed by your complete makeup ritual.
• OC Eight can also be applied over the makeup. Just dab a little bit of the gel all over the face.

Why buy OC Eight product online?

• Absorbs oils: OC Eight contains micro particles that traps facial oils and reduce shine.
• Evens skin tone: This gel gives a beautifully even skin tone, reducing redness.
• Professional results: It gives a very fresh and radiant results of professional quality, often admired by photographers & makeup artists.
• Daily essential: This gel is a must-have for your daily beauty routine to control oils for 8 hours.
• Unisex Product: OC Eight can be used by both men and women and absorbs oils on all skin types.

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