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Dr Shobhna Singh Shares Her Insight on StimSure Treatment in an Article Published in Aesthetic Medical Practitioner

Recently introduced in Australia, StimSure treatment by Cynosure, has gained immense popularity within a very short period of time. This non-surgical body contouring procedure is a highly acclaimed electromagnetic muscle building and toning treatment. In a recent article on StimSure published in the Aesthetic Medical Practitioner magazine, Dr Shobhna Singh, the cosmetic physician from Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre and Dr Feng Yang, the cosmetic practitioner from Melbourne City Medical Centre, shared their resourceful insights on the efficacy and procedure of the treatment.

Dr .Singh

In this context, Dr Shobhna Singh stated, ‘We have seen growing demand for fat reduction in the past 4-5 years, and now for muscle stimulation and definition to complete the package.’ She further added, ‘These patients are generally fit and healthy but are looking for more muscle definition in certain stubborn areas. Some people, perhaps due to genetic factors, find it difficult to stimulate muscle growth in certain areas. StimSure can help these individuals – we are seeing results in as little as four treatments.’

To indulge in that brilliant article on StimSur featuring Dr Shobhna Singh’s perception, click here.

Regarding the working procedure of the StimSure body contouring treatment, Dr Singh enlightens, ‘Electromagnetic waves create an action potential, causing activation of the sliding filament whereby myosin and actin proteins in the muscle filaments interact, this interaction causes muscle contraction independent of the brain. When there is muscle contraction, there is hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the muscle filaments.’

Elaborating the treatment process further, Dr Shobhna Singh stated, ‘StimSure is very simple to operate, so the staff were confident in starting treatment fairly quickly. There are also four pre-set treatments and the ability to create personalised programs, which also help.’ She also informed, ‘Two paddles are generally used, which is a great feature for toning the whole area. For example, in the abdomen, the whole rectus abdominis can be addressed.’

Narrating the results and experience of the patients, Dr Shobhna Singh mentioned, ‘We can see very definite (photographable) results within four treatments, however we recommend eight treatments for best results.’ She informed further, ‘There may be some mild delayed onset muscle soreness the next day. However, in my experience this is minimal.’

Also, Dr Shobhna divulged, ‘Patients also say they experience improved exercise performance both for cardio and weight training’.

As a concluding statement, Dr Singh shares her feedback on the treatment, ‘I recommend StimSure as there is a cosmetic improvement, however, even more importantly, there is also a functional improvement. With a stronger core, we can perform a lot of daily activities better as well as improve posture and stability’.

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