Skin Peel is it an effectice acne treatment?

Skin Peel – Is it an Effective Acne Treatment?

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Short Answer: YES

Long Answer: Read On

The information contained on our Skin Peels page gives you the details of what a skin peel is and how it’s administered. However when it comes to using a skin peel as an acne treatment there are other factors which must be taken into account.

When a skin peel treatment is undertaken by a licensed medical practitioner the acid component of the peel can be significantly higher than it can be if the skin peel is undertaken by a beauty therapist. Regardless of the strength of the peel though when it’s being administered to an acne sufferer the rules change completely.

It is absolutely VITAL that the severity of your acne and your skin type / condition is medically assessed before any skin peel treatment is undertaken.

Fortunately at our skin clinic we have one of Melbourne’s most experienced and respected skin doctors, Dr. Shobhna Singh. Call us on (03) 9300 1244 or click here to contact us online for an obligation free skin peel consultation.

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