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Why Tempsure Envi is Claimed as One of the Best Anti-ageing Treatments? Let’s Hear it from Dr Singh!

In the field of modern aesthetic treatments in Australia, a new and innovative treatment called Tempsure Envi has just arrived. The instant tightening effect and the visible correction of fine lines and wrinkles by the Tempsure Envi Treatment has earned it widespread fame across the globe. Dr Shobhna Singh has been associated with this amazing RF-based skin treatment since 2018. In a recent article on Tempsure Envi, published in the Aesthetic Medical Practitioner magazine, Dr Shobhna Singh divulged some vital information to all the readers.

Dr .Singh

Dr Singh says, “It’s been an invaluable addition to our practice,” she further continues, “The science is simple yet effective: gentle targeted heating of tissue resulting in contraction and stimulation of new collagen and elastin for fresher, younger-looking skin.” Regarding the response of the patients, she stated, “Patient feedback has been very positive; they make comments about how great their skin looks and feels, … My patients tell me they are receiving compliments from their friends and family, which they love and has them coming back for more.”

Narrating the credibility of Tempsure Envi, Dr Singh listed the points that make this treatment so patient-friendly. She elaborates, “The technology behind this is quite amazing, Its safety profile is achieved through both advanced smart technology built into the system and also the fact that RF as an energy source is tried and tested with over 30 years of demonstrated use and across all skin types with no restrictions. Treatment is open to a diverse group of patients with virtually no risk.”

The rejuvenating effect of Tempsure Envi is not limited to the tightening of the skin only, but it extends to certain other areas as well. For instance, tissue coagulation, surgery for precise incisions, Vitalia for vaginal rejuvenation and as such. Referring to such applications, Dr Singh commented, “Having the surgical component, Envi and Vitalia on one platform is very useful and has opened a whole paradigm of service we can now offer in our clinic, we can offer these services at a very high standard which is important in a medical clinic. In my opinion, no competitor technology provides the quality, detail and patient experience that TempSure delivers.”

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, Tempsure Envi has helped numerous patients achieve desired results. Dr Singh clarifies, “TempSure Envi is ideal for patients who do not want injectables or the downtime associated with laser and some other procedures, those who are new to the cosmetic world and are fearful of looking ‘fake’, and those who are after a less expensive alternative to injectables.” As a cosmetic doctor, Dr Singh is elated with the impressive outcome that this treatment bestows. In her words, she mentions, “Ultimately,patients are always looking to improve the quality of their skin, and TempSure helps me achieve this.”

Her such in-depth knowledge on the treatment procedure and its results have been illustrated in the article. To indulge in that brilliant article on Tempsure Envi featuring Dr Shobhna Singh’s perception, click here.

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