Things to Know about Modern Skin Rejuvenation using Natural Proteins

In modern times, skin rejuvenation treatment using natural proteins from blood is considered as one of the latest rejuvenation treatments that have emerged to combat the premature ageing of the face. The treatment of skin rejuvenation with natural proteins is the new source of youth as it releases a good amount of growth factors which act by regenerating the damaged tissues of each cell.

It is a fairly simple procedure, painless and does not require any rest or downtime. The best part is that it helps to improve the facial imperfections. This is because a portion of the person’s own blood is taken to make the preparation.

The first thing we have to say is that it is a procedure increasingly requested by patients, this happens because it is an outpatient procedure that is non -invasive and does not require any surgery. Secondly, PRP has important benefits on aged skin, since it restores cutaneous vitality, increases its thickness and luminosity; thus, it improves the colouration and the visible
effects show an increase in the smoothness of the skin.

But, how does this treatment help us? As in this skin rejuvenation procedure, it is the biological substance manufactured from our own body that is used, free of any type of chemical, its application using platelet concentration is very useful for the healing of wounds and bone tissue, acceleration in the assimilation of grafts, regeneration of ulcerated skin and in case of implants, it also helps in the regeneration and healing process, especially in people suffering from diabetes.

What steps are enclosed in the treatment?

The skin rejuvenation treatment with blood protein uses a process that includes the centrifugation of a blood sample, from which the natural protein is obtained. This separated protein is then applied to the skin through a series of micro injections at the intradermal level where the functional cells of the skin are abundant. With this, it helps to increase the production of collagen, elastin,
hyaluronic acid and other essential elements of the skin. Of course, what must be taken into consideration is that if the patients develop any inflammation in the treated area, it should be immediately notified to attain immediate relief.

It is said that this skin repairing treatment manages to delay the effects of the passage of time on the skin, even promises to eliminate cellulite. Although there are many myths surrounding this treatment, so let us dig deeper and point out to everyone the myths and truths associated with this treatment:

It rejuvenates the skin:

It is true as it allows to delay the ageing process of the skin by regenerating new cells. The skin looks more luminous and fresh, with less flaccidity and wrinkles after employing such skin rejuvenating treatments.

It serves to combat cellulite and stretch marks:

It is true. It is beneficial to treat all kind of pathologies that require tissue regeneration. It also repairs damaged fibres and tissue.

It can be applied at any time:

It is true. The treatment can be carried out at any time of the year, always taking direct sunlight into account.

It serves as a preventive treatment:

It is true. It is recommended to apply it if you notice that the skin loses collagen and loses its capacity of cellular regeneration.

No medical check is needed:

It is untrue as it is necessary for the doctor to have a complete medical history and blood tests to rule out any pre-existing disease because there are contradictions.

It can be applied several times:

It is not true. The frequency will depend on each patient and the degree of ageing as well as other concerns of the skin.

Serves for any type of skin:

It is not true. A preliminary consultation with a skin doctor is suggested as there are different types of skin based on which it can be decided whether the treatment is suitable or not. Skin that has some type of disease or skin with active acne cannot be subjected to this treatment.

After the treatment sunscreen is not essential:

It is untrue. It is necessary to apply sunscreen, after having undergone an aesthetic treatment.

What does our specialist think?

The skin doctor at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, recommends this treatment as one of the healthiest treatments in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. All it takes is the extraction of a little bit of blood from the patient, then it is processed to achieve a concentration of natural protein. They contain growth factors that are when injected into the face of the patient stimulates a better production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

This skin rejuvenation treatment with natural proteins can be applied every two months or according to the protocol indicated by the treating doctor. Since it does not create any negative effect, it is considered to be an ideal method to prevent fast ageing of the skin and reclaim the lost dazzle of the face.


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