When layers of unwanted fat accumulate under the chin, they create a bulge under the chin. This is termed the double chin.

Various factors may lead to the formation of a double chin, but.

A double chin can be effectively reduced by removing the unwanted fat from under the skin.

Double Chin treatment involves a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure, wherein, scientifically approved synthetic compounds are injected into the skin, in prescribed quantities, in a controlled environment.

This synthetic compound breaks down the unwanted fat from under the skin, which greatly helps to get rid of the double chin.


The double chin injectable treatment can successfully eliminate the appearance of submental fullness in your chin area.

This treatment is the most widely practised method of cosmetic treatment for double chin reduction.

The injectable treatment can be customized as per the patient’s requirements and necessities.

The synthetic injectable compounds are created out of a natural ingredient, called deoxycholic acid, extracted from the body

After the successful completion of all the double chin treatment sessions, the issue of swollen under chin gets eliminated significantly.

As a result of a successful double chin treatment, the jawline and the neck appear defined and graceful.

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