Causes of Lip Wrinkles

Whilst everyone eventually suffers from Lip wrinkles, the problem is significantly accelerated by factors such as smoking and lack of appropriate level of sun-protection. Both smoking and exposure to harmful UV rays results in the reduction of collagen and elastin which causes severe wrinkles around the lips.

Needless to say, avoiding smoking and use of good quality sun-protection is recommended.

Once Lip wrinkles have formed, it is possible to treat the condition. At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre, we offer a number of safe treatment methods (with a well understood risk profile) to treat lip wrinkles

Dermal Fillers for Lip Wrinkles

Dermal fillers can be used to address “static wrinkles” , that is wrinkles which exist all the time when no movement is occurring. The dermal fillers help to fill the volume lost thereby reducing the deeper wrinkle lines. At Nitai, we only use the best quality fillers available for such treatment. The options will be discussed by the doctor during an obligation-free consultation

Anti wrinkle Injections for Lip Wrinkles

If you are also experiencing dynamic wrinkles when there is movement of the area concerned, then you may require anti wrinkle injections to treat the area. The anti wrinkle treatment of the muscle causes it to relax and stop the wrinkles to form. With regular use, anti wrinkle injections can also assist with delaying the formation of static wrinkles , thereby reducing the need for dermal fillers.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Lip Wrinkles

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP can also be used to treat lip wrinkles. PRP method extracts the platelets from a patient’s own blood samples using the centifugation process. The rich platelet solution is then re-injected back into the treatment area to reinvigorate healthy growth factors. Whilst this method will generally assist most patients, the level of improvement can vary with individuals due to presence of a number of factors. A consultation with our doctor is required to determine the suitability of this method over others. Furthermore, unlike antiwrinkle and dermal filler treatments, the improvements from the PRP method will not be immediate. Improvements can be seen from 3 weeks after the treatment and upto a 3-4 months. The doctor may recommend multiple treatments to achieve the maximum desired effect.

Skin Needling for Lip Wrinkles

With Skin Needling, the skin surface is punctured with fine micro-needles. The resultant repair process by the body releases numerous growth and healing factors. As a result, new collagen is deposited under the skin surface thereby improving the appearance of treated area. Multiple treatments may be recommended by the doctor.

At Nitai, as with all our treatments, we only use the best treatment available on the market. For skin needling, we use the Dermaroller and DermaStamp. Between in-clinic treatments using either Dermarollers and Dermastamps, a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dermaroller can also be purchased based on the doctor’s recommendation that will further enhance skin improvements.

CO2 Laser Therapy

Laser treatments can be used to achieve improvement to Lip wrinkles. One the best laser treatments for Lip wrinkle reduction is CO2 laser. Using CO2 laser, significant redness can result with a few days of downtime . The CO2 laser penetrates deep into the skin. The treated areas are regenerated by the body resulting in new tissues with remodelled collagen production. During the consultation, our doctor will assess the suitability of this treatment based on skin type, severity of the issue and relative costs.

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