Lip Fillers – The natural vs. fake controversy

Vying for that perfect pout? Lip fillers are a popular way to add more fullness and definition to your lips in a non-surgical way. These injectable fillers are an almost painless way to get plumper lips. Nitai is among the leading cosmetic clinics in Melbourne offering lip augmentation treatments, and our cosmetic doctors have helped our patients get the lips, and the look that they’ve always wanted. We are experienced in lip filler treatments that achieve a natural look – where the upper and lower lips are evenly and precisely enhanced to make it seem like you were born with them!

However, lip fillers can also go wrong at times. Too much injectable filler could make your lips look botched up, and fake. But how much is too much? A recent study by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery set out to find just that when it asked a mixed group of about a hundred women and men participants to review and rate photos of a female model’s lips, which were digitally modified to different levels, in different combinations – upper lip, lower lip, upper and lower lip and the shape of the Cupid’s bow. Participants had to share whether they found the lips attractive and natural, or fake and unnatural.

The study threw up some interesting findings. 50% of the participants found lips to be cosmetically treated, and therefore “fake” when the lower to upper lip ratio was less than 0.92, or greater than 1.48, while the remaining 50% found lips to be artificial if this ratio was less than 0.85, or more than 1. So essentially, the attractiveness and natural look of lips was influenced by whether the lower and upper lip looked proportionate together. So if just the upper lip or the lower lip was augmented, there were higher chances of it being perceived as fake. On the other hand, treating both the lips along with the Cupid’s bow gave the most believable result. But it was not just this lower to upper lip ratio. The researchers also felt that cultural and ethnic backgrounds also influence people’s perception on the attractiveness of lips.

So that brings us to the fact that there is no one standard for the perfect lips. But having well-proportioned lips is definitely one half of the job done. And if you are considering to have this treatment, you need to take care that what you choose to get done will match with your face. Our cosmetic doctors are here to help you make the most of what you’ve got – beautifully enhanced lips that look great on you! We do this by looking at all of the aspects from the vermilion border, Cupid’s bow, the shape of each lip and the ratio between them.

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