Lip Fillers and Lip Plumper Melbourne

Lip enhancement and lip enlargement are always in high demand in Melbourne. Lip Fillers and Lip Plumper are administered by our very own highly qualified and experienced doctor Dr. Shobhna Singh using the highest quality injectable dermal fillers in exactly the right portions and places.

Lip Enhancement is also an important element part of our Anti Aging services and is also used to combat the vertical lines that often develop with age above the top lip. Some patients also use our lip enhancement services to counter the effect of their lips thinning as they get older.

A soft dermal filler with anaesthetic is used to minimise pain and swelling. Other forms of analgesia are also available if the patient is sensitive to pain.

This feels natural like the rest of the lip. Some bruising can occur which is reduced with application of hirudoid ointment or arnica. This can be covered effectively with makeup.

The number of syringes of filler used will vary depending on the extent of damage seen. The filler is expected to last 9 months in the lips.

Lip Fillers Melbourne Before & After - Nitai
lip filLip Fillers Melbourne Before & After - Nitailers and lip plumper 1
Lip Fillers Melbourne Before & After - Nitai

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