Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Best Way to Eliminate Ingrown Hair

Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

ingrown hair removal in Melbourne


If you believe that getting rid of unwanted hair from the skin is a very tricky procedure, especially when they keep coming back after every six-seven days, then what would you say about ingrown hair trouble? The ingrown hair leaves a trail of red marks and bumps in the skin that is not only difficult to be rid of, but it also ruins the perfection of the skin.

Imagine the trauma of bidding goodbye to all those cute shorts and summer dresses, just because you cannot reveal your long, slim legs due to ingrown hairs. And, let’s not forget the ordeal of using tweezers, exfoliation, waxing and all other traditional painful methods for ingrown hair removal, which are not exactly very effective also. This situation, in addition to being unattractive, is uncomfortable and reduces the self-esteem of women, but today it has a solution because laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hairs as well. Yes, it is another of the many advantages of laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne.

What is ingrown hair? What causes it?

The folliculitis or ingrown hairs involves inflammation of one or more hair follicles, it may appear on any hairy part of the body. The main causes behind ingrown hairs are the continuous friction of the skin with harsh clothing, the use of very oily moisturizers, excessive sweating, some infections, and also the use of traditional depilatory methods (wax, creams, shaver, etc.).

In general, ingrown hairs are frequently located in areas such as the elbow skin, legs, etc. The lesions are clinically characterized as ‘white-tipped granites’, surrounded by a red halo. They are usually asymptomatic, although sometimes they can cause itching and even pain if they are deeper. Although, with permanent hair removal treatment using a laser, the problem of ingrown hair is also eliminated along with the unwanted hair.

How does laser hair removal treatment destroy ingrown hair problem?

During this treatment to remove hair, the intense laser beams are focused on the hair follicles based on the melanin pigment present in the hair. Around 99% of the hairs are eliminated from their base permanently, destroying the bulge of ingrown hair as well. The patients will be able to verify it since, at the moment of being suppressed, the hairs generate smoke.


Although, it should be noted that, if there are many ingrown hairs (sometimes they are registered up to a thousand per leg), the first session will be equally efficient and productive but there are chances that the patient might require an extra session of laser hair removal.

Laser Ingrown Hair Removal Treatment Post Care:

 Drink lots of water to maintain the hydration level in the body.
 Do not expose your skin directly before the sun. While dashing out for the day, dab your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of high SPF to shield your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays.
 You can also put Aloe Vera gel or pulp in the treated area after each session to utilize its healing properties. Aloe Vera is a natural regenerator of tissues, it moisturizes, protects and provides elasticity to the skin.
Avoid wearing tight, harsh clothes on the area that could irritate the skin for at least two or three days.
 Avoid the application of heat in the treated area, as well as taking showers or baths with very hot water, saunas, etc. during the first two or three days.
 Restrict from using lotions or gels that contain alcohol or peeling effect, which can irritate the treated area for a few days after the session.
 In the case of underarm laser hair removal, it is best to avoid deodorants with alcohol or aggressive products for approximately two days after the treatment.

Your skin is very delicate and sensitive, pamper it, take care of it with laser hair removal treatment, which is gentle to the skin yet very effective in removing ingrown hair as well as unwanted hair.

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