How to Remove A Permanent Tattoo Without Any Skin Hazard?

laser tattoo removal in Melbourne


Although everyone knows that tattoos are for life, it may be the case that after years, days or minutes, you decide that your tattoo is not for you. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend the laser tattoo removal treatment to all our patients because of the convenience and safety (with a well-understood risk profile) it provides. However, other than laser tattoo removal, there are a few other tattoo removal treatments that people resort to. If you want to know how to eliminate a permanent tattoo, do scroll down as the most effective methods for getting rid of that unwanted tattoo are awaiting. So, ready to try these methods of tattoo removal in Melbourne?

Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

As we all must have heard, the most effective technique and also recommended one to eliminate a permanent tattoo is to undergo professional laser tattoo removal treatments. Although they are a little expensive than the others, they are considered to be the most innocuous procedure till date, since you will be in the hands of a professional doctor whose experience and expertise make it very easy to eliminate tattoos.

To perform laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, concentrated pulses of light are used that help the professionals to eliminate the tattoo. A local anaesthetic gel is always applied previously to numb the area; however, the treatment can cause the appearance of scars, small blisters or swelling and temporary pain. While it is the most effective professional technique of tattoo removal in Melbourne, but always remember to visit a licenced doctor for the treatment to prevent any mishap.

A Number of Cosmetic Treatments Available:

Another method used by people for tattoo removal in Melbourne is applying chemical exfoliants, which are applied to the skin to produce blisters and eventually fall off, although they do not eliminate the tattoo completely and are regarded to be painful.

There is also microdermabrasion, which is also termed as “sanding the skin” to eliminate the different layers of ink and remove the tattoo. The efficacy of these methods of tattoo removal depends on the depth of the ink in the skin. Also, all these processes are much more painful, but if they are done by a certified cosmetic doctor, the risk factors may diminish. So, do not hesitate to contact a professional doctor before undergoing any of these treatments on tattoo removal in Melbourne.

A Homemade Remedy for Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

If you are seeking a natural alternative or an easy homemade recipe to eradicate tattoos, then here is something you can try. Although they are not scientifically verified, and we don’t recommend it also, salt can be your great ally in this. There is a process called salabrasión, which consists of rubbing salt on the skin until it warms up and gets rid of the upper layers of the skin, and with it the unwanted tattoo. This is the oldest method known to remove tattoos. And even though it can be effective, you should be aware that you will not be able to leave behind the damages done to the upper layers of the epidermis, inheriting some visible scar from that. If your tattoo is large or your skin is very sensitive, we strongly forbid you from using this method.

Creams and Gels for Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

Have you heard of the tattoo removal creams? They are the cheapest and least painful technique to get rid of a tattoo, however, it has not been proven to be 100% effective. To get rid of a tattoo, you must apply it to the targeted skin area constantly and very carefully. You will need approx. 3 to 9 months to make the tattoo disappear but then also, probably, there will be a ghost image of the tattoo left. So, always consult a cosmetic doctor before using one of these creams.

Now that you have learnt about all the current remedies to remove a permanent tattoo, you must remember that both deciding to get a tattoo and making the choice to remove it is something very personal and should be meditated with time. The leave a mark not only on your skin but on your mind as well, as they shape you, mould you in the person you become in the future. Always be cognitive about having or removing a tattoo and do not trust products that are not 100% recommended. The best thing is always to go to a professional cosmetic doctor who evaluates the state of your tattoo and gives you the best option to be able to get rid of it permanently.

Also, remember that the effectiveness of the alternative remedies is not proven and are not as recommendable as undergoing professional laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. So, before getting inked, think it through for yourself and for any other tattoo related information, get in touch with us at

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