How to Get Rid of Tattoos Without Pain with the Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment at Nitai Skin Clinic?

laser tattoo removal

For a tattoo artist, our body is like a canvas. He fills it with the ink of his ideas and creativity. However, be it the fickleness of our mind or the fading of dyes with time, after a certain period, the allure of that once-favourite tattoo is lost and we ferret ways to erase that.

In recent times, the demand for tattoo removal is increasing. To erase a tattoo there are several procedures or techniques: electrocoagulation, cryosurgery, saline abrasion, excision and laser. Out of the aforementioned procedures, the first three are less and less used, because they are extremely painful, complex and also, they tend to leave scars behind. Hence, you can pretty much presume by now that it is the laser tattoo removal technique that is considered skin-friendly and comfortable.

How does laser tattoo removal treatment work?

Tattoos are extracted with different types of laser techniques. Generally, it is the same type of technology used in laser hair removal treatment, only with different parameters such that it emits a very short pulse. The pulse or shot is directed at the pigment and does not damage the surrounding tissue. This laser tattoo removal treatment is topical and is innocuous to the skin, unlike the other mentioned hair removal treatments. So, it does not damage the skin or produce marks or scars. If it is to be explained in technical terms, we can say that skin cells absorb laser energy, which causes a thermal reaction along with the action of the laser waves, facilitating the exit of the pigments from the cells.

How many sessions are required to remove a tattoo completely?

If the tattoo is a very big one, covering the whole back or something similar, then for the tattoo to disappear altogether it is necessary to undergo at least four and twelve sessions, basically depending on the type of ink used and the intricacy of the design. In between the sessions, it might require an interval of two or three months, to let the exploded ink eliminate with time.

What are the different factors that determine the time required for a laser tattoo removal?

The number of sessions or the required time varies depending on several factors, such as length, depth, type of ink, colour, quality, metal and tattoo artist’s technique. The green and blue tattoos are removed with greater difficulty than the black ones, which are the easiest to get rid of.

What sort of precautions are taken by Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre during the laser tattoo treatment?

To remove a laser tattoo, topical anaesthesia is used before the treatment and an antibiotic occlusive cream is used after the tattoo removal to avoid any sort of discomfort. Even after the treatment, the doctor might suggest applying the cream a couple of times on the same day of the session and the next day. The first day the treated area is covered with a dressing and, after two or three days, it is removed, and the area is left in the air.

What care must be taken after the laser tattoo removal?

The very first condition of the treatment is to keep the treated area sheltered from the sun. From the point of view, we suggest that the cold seasons are ideal for doing so, since the areas that are treated are not much exposed to the sun then. Also, it is necessary to place a dressing or bandage to cover them and protect them from heat, light, and sun. Moreover, it would be wise to keep the area moisturized.

Does it hurt?

No, laser tattoo removal does not cause any pain, though one might feel a little stinging or pricking sensation during the sessions.

Does the laser tattoo removal treatment have any side-effects?

The laser does not damage the skin, although the affected area will be more sensitive for maybe the next couple of months. The laser treatment generally leaves no scars. It is mandatory to keep the treated area covered, or else due to inverse reaction, inflammation or allergy might appear.

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