How Skin Needling Can Help You Get Rid of Scars?

Skin Needling Treatment

Skin Needling in Melbourne


Skin needling or dermal roller treatment is a procedure that is applied on the epidermis, that is to say on the first layer of the skin, in which numerous needles of tiny size perforate it creating micro-punctures of little more than one or two millimetres to promote the collagen production and aid in cell regeneration process.

These needles can be applied with various devices, either in the form of a roller or pencil, and there is a domestic version that can be found available in internet stores, known by the brand Dermal roller and the like, and another professional. In the home, the microneedles barely reach the millimetre of depth and have a less visible effect.

In the professional version, which is the one used by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and aesthetic professionals, the needles can reach 2.5 millimetres, so its effect is more evident but also the risk of causing greater wounds and irritations on the skin. So, here at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend seeking professional expertise before undergoing such skin procedures.

How micro-needling works?

To understand the fundamentals of micro-needling, it is important to understand that these micro-punctures really have a double effect: on the one hand, they provoke a reaction of dermal epithelial cells, which defend themselves from aggression, producing collagen and elastin, two elements responsible for much of the turgidity of our epidermis and the dermal tissues immediately below it. As a result of this aggressive stimulation, although very little invasive, the structural proteins such as collagen and elastin elevate, which in turn dissipate wrinkles and blur scars, as well
as acne marks.

On the other hand, the needles temporarily open channels in the epidermis, which is a thick layer of dead cells. The minute punctures make it easier to penetrate certain dermal treatments, thereby making them more effective. Anyway, the important fact to be noted is that everything that glitters is not gold, at least not completely, because the effectiveness of the treatment will depend a lot on the age of the skin, because it is linked to the collagen production capacity. In young patients, for example during acne treatment, the response of the cells is much more powerful, and the result can be really good.

Skin Needling works but it does not work miracles:

But as the patient gets older, the skin response is weaker, and although it can make improvements, does not perform miracles. Moreover, the skin needling or dermal rollers treatment takes about four weeks to take effect and requires more than one session to reflect the full impact of the treatment. It is always said that in the matters of aesthetics you have to resist making decisions on impulse; if you have severe acne marks or a scar that is injuring your confidence and self-esteem, it is worth trying the technique, but if it is just to get rid of your own wrinkles of age, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we will prescribe resorting to other techniques such as premium quality injections of hyaluronic acid or anti-wrinkle serum.

Always better in the hands of professionals:

Although there is provision of performing dermal roller treatment at home, but we would advise to use this with caution against it. The reason is that the needles of the dermal rollers used at home do not fully pierce the dermis and so its effect is rather more limited and this can cause anxiety in people who use it, and they might end up overusing it that causes serious irritation, plus there is a high risk that the conditions of hygiene and proper control are not maintained.

We must also bear in mind that not all skins respond well to this treatment and very sensitive skins can present serious irritations that worsen the state of the skin and even give rise to infectious processes, so treatment should always be done under control of a professional.

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