How is the Double Chin Treatment at Nitai Skin Clinic Different?

Double chin removal at Nitai

Double chin removal treatment at Nitai Skin Clinic


In this age of glitz and glamour, everyone wishes to look spectacular and flawlessly beautiful. Although we reckon with age the perfection of facial features is ruined, but, there are also other facial imperfections that might occur at an early age such as double chin. The occurrence of double chin may depend on genetic factors, sudden weight gain and old age issues and even heavy workout might not be able to rid you of the fuller chin. So, what is the best double chin treatment?

In Australia, around 4.1 million people have complaints regarding double chin as per a recent survey by Allergen. There are many well-known surgical double chin removal treatments and liposuction procedures that can be adopted to be relieved of swollen flesh under chin, but, they are extremely painful and expensive. So, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have introduced an effective double chin removal injection that dissolves the extra fat from the under chin without excruciating pain or expense.

What is this double chin removal injection that we use at Nitai Skin Clinic?

At Nitai Skin Clinic, we use lab-created deoxycholic acid injections to disintegrate the unwanted fat accumulation under the chin. Deoxycholic acid is normally found in the human body to dissolve the dietary fats, so, its exact replica, the double chin removal injection effectively eliminates double chin in a secured manner without any casualty or excessive pain.

Benefits of Double Chin Treatment

 Medically Acclaimed:

The double chin removal injections very successfully eliminate the appearance of submental fullness. Compared to the excruciating pain and inconvenience of a surgery or liposuction, this double chin treatment is very much preferred by the cosmetic physicians.

 Customization Available:

These injectable treatments can be customized as per the patient’s requirements and necessities. Or it can also be mixed with other treatments like anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers to accentuate the effectiveness of the double chin treatment.

 Slender Chin and Neck:

With this injectable treatment, the extra fats in the submental region are disintegrated. As a result, the jawline and the neck appear defined and graceful.

 Long-lasting Results:

After all the sessions of the double chin treatment are completed, the issue of swollen under chin gets eliminated permanently. The chances of re-appearance of the double chin are also very rare and even if it arises again, it takes at least 4 years to make its presence.

double chin treatment in Melbourne

Effectiveness of the Double Chin Injectables:

After 4-6 sessions of this double chin removal treatment, more than 75% of patients have purported high satisfaction. 68.2% of patients have turned out to be grade-1 responder, whereas, 16% of patients have been grade-2 responders of the treatment. These figures relate the efficacy of the double chin injections.

How does the double chin injectable treatment work?

This double chin removal treatment very skilfully depletes the swollen flesh under chin in three simple steps:

a. The injectable treatment consists of artificially prepared deoxycholic acid, which is injected into the swollen submental region.

b. The injected deoxycholic acid disrupts the fat molecules present in that region slowly.

c. As all the fat cells are disintegrated, they are flushed out of our body via excretion process. Once all the fat cells are destroyed, further accumulation of fat in that arena is not possible.

Thus, all the concerns related to double chin are skilfully eliminated.

What do our patients say about this treatment?

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne, most of our patients have been very elated with the results. The feedbacks of our patients have confirmed that this injectable treatment is considerably secured and less painful than compared with other available double chin removal procedures.

Apart from that, our clients have also related their experience after the completion of double chin treatment. Almost all of them declared:

 Feels a lot happier, youthful and attractive.

 Do not feel embarrassed and self-conscious anymore.

 Improved confidence.

 Defined jaw and neckline; adds a graceful touch.

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