How does Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with Natural Proteins Work?

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The definition of beauty starts with a smooth, polished and glowing skin. Our youth is the manifestation of that aesthetic beauty, but age defies that and finally, we lose our healthy glow of skin to wrinkles, fine lines and dead cells. That is when we need something extraordinary and skin rejuvenation treatment with natural proteins seems like the right answer to it.

The skin repairing treatment with natural protein facial is one of the most advanced treatments that are available in facial rejuvenation, which uses both platelets and rich plasma. It is ideal for those cases in which you want to improve the appearance of the skin, increase its firmness and luminosity. It has a very intense rejuvenating and stimulating cellular effect and this technique allows to stimulate the fibroblasts and elastin to soften wrinkles without any risks involved.

What is skin rejuvenation treatment with natural protein?

Skin rejuvenation treatment with proteins treatment is a natural and physiological treatment that uses the own proteins of our organism, selected and concentrated, so that they repair the damage produced by the passage of time or by the solar lesions. Being a product obtained from the patient, we have no risk of allergies or intolerances to it.

The proteins release the growth factors that are responsible primarily for cell regeneration. These proteins also increase the formation of new blood vessels and produce new tissue. That is, they activate the organism in the area where they are released, helping to rebuild the damaged tissue. In a sentence, it lends a repairing effect that is used to rejuvenate the skin.

Benefits of this Skin Rejuvenating Treatment:

It restores the elasticity and firmness of the skin and also increases the vascularization of the area where it is applied, favouring the appearance of new skin and eliminating wrinkles. So today, the magnificent results obtained with its application to accelerate the healing of burns, treat keloids, acne and stretch marks, improve the results of treatments of all kinds (including surgical), promote merging of skin after grafting, as well as the post-peeling application or as a base treatment incorporated into cosmetics. The many applications of treatment make it one of the most sought-after rejuvenating processes.

How is the rejuvenation treatment performed with the blood proteins?

It is a non-invasive treatment that is performed in our licenced skin clinic in Melbourne. In this treatment, after the cleaning and preparation of the area to be treated, an anaesthetic cream is applied. Blood is drawn from the patient himself, from which the natural protein will be obtained, after submitting it to a centrifuge and activating it. Once prepared, it will be applied with a very fine needle, covering the whole area to be treated.

How many sessions are required for this treatment?

The number of sessions will depend on the condition of the skin of each patient. Usually, the treatment requires 3-4 sessions spaced every month. At the beginning of the year, maintenance must be carried out, consisting of one session every 6 or 12 months. The growth factors of the separated protein have to act by stimulating the tissue, therefore, there is no instant result. The effects appear with the passage of days and increase as they pass. The effect is maximum at 20/30 days after treatment.

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