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Every scar tells a story…a story of painful memory that we are probably trying to forget. Be it acne scars or accidental scars, it is always better to leave that unwanted chapter behind. This is where skin peels plunge in at the rescue. The chemical peel is known for its rejuvenation of the skin. Apart from scars, other merits of skin peel treatment include treating skin issues such as wrinkles, sun spots, acne remnants and premature aging. Although the real question is if this type of treatment really effective?

Treatment Selection:

When we go for a chemical peel treatment, what we are expecting is that our face gains more luminosity and the superficial layer of grime and dead cells is gently removed from our face. By the means of chemical exfoliation, such effective results can be seen. The scars fade away, a certain glow is exhibited in the face and the skin pores tighten only after a few sessions of chemical peel treatment. Undoubtedly, this type of aesthetic interventions improves our appearance, but, firstly, we need to select the right kind of skin peel.

The process of selecting a chemical peel is not as easy as selecting a brand name and then stick with it, in case of chemical peel treatment, it is important to gauge what type of peel suits your skin condition. In each category of chemical peel, there is a greater incidence in the skin, as well as in its results and the damage caused in the face. That is why it is extremely crucial to know what we need, so as not to irritate the skin more than it should.

Is it really as effective as it claims?

In theory, the results are more than evident. Therefore, it can be said that, yes, doing a chemical peel works. But, of course, you should always maintain the periods of rest and the healing rituals necessary after a treatment of this type. On the contrary, if the advice provided by the experts is not followed, the peeling could lead to irritation, allergies or even burns.

Types of Peeling and Their Results:

The three types of chemical peels that exist are superficial, medium and deep. In each one of them, a progressive exfoliation of the layers of the skin is made. Going by order, the first would treat the most visible area of the face, while the other two would have a greater incidence in the dermis.

The superficial peel is a type of chemical peel treatment that can be done weekly, but up to six times in a row, since then it would touch a long period of rest to regenerate the dermis again. With a marked periodicity, this treatment consists of eliminating small wrinkles, very light and little extended spots or flaccidity.

Its effectiveness does not begin to be noticed until one or two weeks after the first treatment, depending on the type of skin and the imperfections that each person has. This is a system that can be repeated more times because it is not so harmful to the skin by removing only the
outermost layer. Even so, the protection with sunscreen should be done daily throughout the year, so that it does not affect since it remains a kind of regenerated skin more delicate and less protected with this type of repeated processes.

So, what do you think will suit your skin most perfectly? Well, we suggest you visit a cosmetic physician first to understand the texture of your skin and also the efficacy of the treatment in your case. After that only, you will be able to decide the course of action.

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