How Dermal Fillers Help to Restore Lost Facial Volume?

Dermal Fillers to Restore Volume


Who could ever stop the clock of ageing? Over the years, not only wrinkles appear in our face, the skin becomes thinner and the elasticity is lost with the frequent loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Then there arrives a period when the overall loss of volume in face brings in a noticeable change in the facial features.

Have you heard about “triangle of youth”, the ideal facial traits that reflect a youthful and glamorous look? Well, the “triangle of youth” represents the facial attributes like high cheekbones, fuller cheek and a small, defined chin. But, with age the triangle inverts itself, the cheeks become flat, the cheekbones lose its prominence and double chin further distorts the beauty of once a very pleasant face. In such a case, cosmetic injectables really help in halting that triangle from overturning, especially dermal fillers in Melbourne.

Ageing Mechanism

The aging process is due to two internal mechanisms: the loss of the components such as hyaluronic acid and collagen (responsible for a youthful look) and the lifestyle factors, which cause signs of ageing, wrinkles and loss of volume. Therefore, the skin appears aged and flaccid with the passage of each year while there is an alteration of the form and structure. Facial balance during youth keeps the face attractive. These parameters are observed in the “triangle of beauty”, including:
* Smooth and luminous skin.
* High and prominent cheekbones
* Well-defined mandibular bone.

All these characteristics form a harmonic facial structure that extends from above, narrowing towards the chin, with a balanced appearance, differentiating characteristics of men and women.

With the passage of time, the signs of volume loss derive the opposite effect, in the reversal of the triangle, reflecting a negative and sad aspect, due to:

  • Chin extension.
  • Flaccid skin
  • Appearance of wrinkles and lines.
  • Decrease in elasticity in the cheek area.
  • Inverted smile lines.

These are the signs of age that invert the triangle.

Causes of Volume Loss:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Habits of life: tobacco, smoking, prolonged sun exposure, accelerate the ageing process. The formation of free radicals weakens cellular structures that help maintain the skin hydration, resulting in a loss of volume and deepening of wrinkles.

The loss of volume and the appearance of signs of ageing can be treated with non-surgical treatments, which help to recover the natural contour of the malar and restore volume loss.

One of the most used dermal fillers in Melbourne is hyaluronic acid, which, improves skin hydration, promotes collagen synthesis and normalizes the function of the dermis. Due to the natural, refreshing look that it provides and also not to forget the numerous beneficial properties it has, hyaluronic acid is the most accepted dermal filler in Melbourne.

Depending on the characteristics and needs of the patient, for instance, some patients require proper lifting whereas some require restructuration. So, based on the requirement, different types of hyaluronic acid treatments are implemented, varying their molecular weight and cross-linking.

Another filling material is Calcium hydroxyapatite, present in our body and designed to restore facial volumes and natural contours. But it is very seldom used due to the unappealing fake appearance that it procures.

How long is the session of dermal fillers in Melbourne?

Generally, the session lasts for around 20 to 40 minutes. The effects begin to be visible immediately after the injection, reaching its optimal results within a week or so.

What if you were on some kind of medication?

It is important to let your physician know about any sort of ongoing or past treatment if you are taking any medication or used to take a few weeks ago. Even taking analgesics such as aspirin and some vitamins can cause bruising, so be certain to discuss this with your physician.

Is it painful?

In general, no, but it depends largely on your treating doctor. Albeit if you have sensitive skin, the doctor might previously apply a small amount of topical anaesthetic to minimize any discomfort at the time of injection.

Can I start a normal activity after the treatment with dermal fillers in Melbourne?

Yes. Some patients experience inflammation, redness or bruising after the injection, which usually disappears after treatment. This allows returning to daily activity immediately.

How to maintain a youthful look with dermal fillers?

To fight down the progressive premature ageing, it is best to work on the sagged and crinkled facial parts individually, but all the while maintaining a symmetry between the features such that the natural charm of the face remains unspoiled.

Soft, Supple Cheeks and Contoured Jawline:

The cushion of fats on the cheek exudes a sublime and youthful look. The volume loss and collagen loss in face destroy that charming appeal. That is when cheek augmentation with dermal fillers in Melbourne come into play. The procedures for cheek augmentation cause little discomfort, embellish the malar contour and contribute to improve self-esteem. The infiltrations of the cheekbone provide a non-invasive and effective solution for this area. With the use of Hyaluronic Acid, it is possible to restore the volume loss due to age or to define the lost contours.

The dermal filler treatment is done in about 20 minutes and the results become more visible after a week or so and the effect lasts approximately 6 to 24 months depending on the type of fillers applied.

This treatment can be carried out in conjunction with other procedures, such as antiwrinkle injections, double chin treatment, etc. for a younger and rejuvenated appearance. There are also cases of flattened cheekbones due to genetic factors, which can also be corrected with facial fillers.

Defined, Plush Lips:

When we age, our lips begin to lose colour, fine lines begin to appear, and the lips become thinner and smaller. This is because the production of collagen begins to decrease with age. The gradual degradation of the lip with the passage of time plays an essential role in the ageing process.
It is possible to recover the fleshiness, sensuality and youth of the lips with treatments of dermal fillers in Melbourne. Lip fillers are made with filling materials, specifically with hyaluronic acid, which manages to recover their initial shape and redefine the edges that had lost definition.

How does a natural lip filler like hyaluronic acid help?

  • Lip fillers treat competently the oral commissures and lines of the smoker.
  • Outline of Cupid’s Bow is defined.
  • Lips derive a luscious, natural and sensual look.

Different techniques are used to increase the plushness of lips, depending on where the volume is needed. Hyaluronic fillers not only lend volume, but also hydrate the lips to get a younger and attractive look. The Arch of Cupid and the ridges of the upper lip can be defined with dermal fillers in Melbourne and thus recover their original youth.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are considered safe (with a pre-explained risk profile) and not permanent for an increase of natural lip that will last for 6 to 12 months.

Combination with Other Treatments:

Nasolabial grooves, oral commissures and puppet lines occur due to volume loss across the face. Generally, the perioral areas are the cause of a sad and ageing appearance. Hyaluronic acid filler is also used to reverse an inverted smile, nasolabial groove or puppet line. Proper insertion of the facial fillers in cheeks and lips remove the all these lines and folds, thus rejuvenating the face completely.

Post Treatment Care:

Inflammation appears after treatment with dermal fillers in Melbourne and you should avoid touching or applying any type of makeup for 24-48 hours after the treatment.

Side Effects and Complications:

  • Like any injected treatment, bruising and redness may appear that fades away within a week.
  • Some other serious complications may occur, such as hypersensitivity reactions, infections and granulomas, although they appear very rarely. In case, they do, refer to your physician urgently.

Dermal fillers, when used by an experienced physician, can repair all the damages of premature ageing. But it is important to find the right clinic and right physician. If you require any guidance in the correct direction, get in touch with us at

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