Get to Know All the Do’s and Don’ts on Laser Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair removal treatment

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Shave it off or wax it all out, little stubs of hair seem to peep out in no time at all. No matter what method you adopt, it is really difficult to keep both ingrown hair and long hair at bay until and unless one resorts to laser hair removal treatment. But, if you are thinking about starting a laser hair removal treatment, there are a few basics that we need to be aware of to obtain an excellent result and show off your body without those annoying hairs.

Laser hair removal technique is used for permanent hair removal. It acts directly on the hair follicle by means of heat propagation. Its effects vary according to each person, the area in which it will be performed, sex and age, genetics, hormones and the type of laser used. With laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne, it is easy to be rid of the body hair permanently after a few sessions, provided the process is carried out in the proper way and with the appropriate machines and personnel.

Here we give you the 6 most relevant things to consider before choosing a laser hair removal treatment in a clinic to get the most efficacious results.

1. Don’t Show Up for Laser Hair Removal Treatment with Tanned Skin:

The ideal candidates for laser hair removal treatment are the people with the skin that is not tanned but in its natural tone. Before starting a treatment, it is important to have a month or two without sunbathing to retain the natural skin tone. Also, before and after each session it is ideal that for at least 10 days there is no exposure to the sun. When skin is exposed to the sun just after the treatment, it increases the risk of causing burns or spots in the treated area.

2. Treatment Procedure and Type of Laser Matters:

Laser Technology is evolving continuously with the passage of time. The types of lasers that have been developed till now are the Ruby (The oldest), Neodymium-Yag, Xenon, Alexandrite and Diode. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use Medical Grade lasers that are very gentle to the skin, yet extremely effective. The most modern equipment has an automatic programming of laser hair removal parameters according to the type of skin and hair, which contributes a lot to the safety and effectiveness. They also have sweeping options, to make the treatment faster and, most importantly, they have an ultra-cooled handpiece that helps in making the treatment as painless as possible.

3. Let the Hair Grow Properly Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

For the treatment to be successful, the hair root must be present. If it is plucked with wax, tweezers or other similar systems, the laser will not be able to attack it at its root and the hair removal will not be that successful.

4. Maintain Gap Between Laser Hair Removal Sessions:

For the laser hair removal treatment to be more effective, you must give the hair time to reappear before proceeding with the next session. As the sessions progress, the hair takes much longer time to reappear. Once all the sessions are completed, even though the result seems to be satisfactory, we recommend visiting a skin clinic once a year to eliminate small and thin hairs that may reappear.

5. Apply A Soothing Gel or Cream After the Treatment:

The vast majority of people who undergo laser hair removal treatment sometimes experience slight discomfort and redness of the skin for a short time after the session. It is usually a painless and minimally invasive treatment. But, as a method of prevention, we advise to apply a moisturizing cream or emollient on the skin and thus reduce possible discomfort. This can be followed by a good sunscreen to prevent the darkening of skin.

6. Be Sure to Visit a Certified Skin Clinic Only:

We recommend you to choose a centre that offers you advanced technology and facilities, also, the clinic must have experience in this type of procedures and qualified personnel for it. Finally, make sure that the technology used is a recognized brand and certified by international institutions such as TDA.

For the sessions of laser hair removal treatment, it is best to attend them in comfortable and loose clothing as it feels more pleasant when the fabric does not stick to the skin after the treatment and does not get stained with the creams. Due to high level of comfort and security offered by this type of treatment, people are getting more and more attracted to it. Now it’s your turn to give it a try.

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