Frown Lines

Frown lines is used to commonly describe the vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows. Some people refer to these as “eleven lines”.

One of the most common uses of cosmetic injections is the treatment of frown lines. Dynamic frown lines or wrinkles are those that appear when you frown. Over time, due to regular frowning, some people develop static frown lines. These are wrinkle that appear even when one is NOT frowning.

There are 2 common methods of treating frown lines.

Antiwrinkle Injections

Anti wrinkle injections are used to treat dynamic frown wrinkles or lines. At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre, only an experienced doctor treats frown lines. During the initial consultation, the doctor will conduct some very simple tests to determine the time of wrinkles involved. For dynamic frown lines typically 10 to 40 units of antiwrinkle injections are required depending on the severity of the wrinkles. The anti wrinkle injections typically last 4-6 months. With regular use, development of static wrinkles may also be delayed as there is less resultant movement.

Dermal Filler Injection

Dermal Fillers are used to treat deep , statiC frown lines. At Nitai, only the best quality dermal fillers are used to treat deep frown lines. These dermal fillers typically last 9-12 months. The dermal filler injections are administered by an experienced doctor.

People who have static frown lines tend to also have dynamic frown lines also. So, it is common that in such severe cases, both antiwrinkle and dermal treatments will be required. For most people though, only antiwrinkle injections are adequate.

We do recommend a followup review to ascertain the effectiveness of the treatment.

Case Study

The following patient presented with very deep frown lines. The frown lines were treated using Antiwrinkle injections.

The ‘After’ photo was taken 2 weeks following the treatment.

The same patient appears in the following video. The video shows the extent of frown lines ‘Before’ and ‘After’ anti wrinkle injection treatment.

To receive more specific advice and costs , we highly recommend making an appointment with our experienced doctor. Feedback from our patients suggests this really helps them in making the right decision about the potential treatment.

We Offer NO Obligation Consultations.

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