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Be it a decision taken at the spur of a moment or a pre-planned one, getting a beautiful tattoo is an exhilarating experience, but removing that tattoo can become a dreadful practice if not done in the proper way at a proper skin clinic.

Once upon a time, tattoos were regarded as a sign of a somewhat murky past, however, in the recent trend, tattoos are a sign of distinction and modernity. Not so many years ago, tattoos had a negative connotation, but nowadays there are few celebrities who do not wear one and even fewer young people who have not thought of getting one, ever… even a little one.

But, as the trend of forming inked images in the body is increasing, so is the desire to remove them after a certain point in time. Over the span of years, we change…our personality, our taste and our preferences transform. Hence, it is very much possible we end up regretting our hasty decision on tattoos. What options do we have then except tattoo removal treatments?  However, one should know tattoo removal is a complex process which requires a deep understanding of the matter before proceeding further with the notion. So, here is everything you need to know about tattoo removal in Melbourne.

What do you need to know before removing a tattoo?

The most important advice that we would give is to think it through before getting a tattoo because doing it is quite simple, but removing it is a very troublesome and hectic process. All the experts over the globe mention laser tattoo removal treatment as the best method to remove a tattoo, but, it is also necessary to remember that it may take many sessions to finally achieve the desired result. Also, the number of sessions varies from about 4 to 12, where a short interval of 6 to 8 weeks is recommended between sessions.

What are the complexities involved in laser tattoo removal in Melbourne?

The factors that influence the complexity of the tattoo removal treatment in Melbourne are the size of the tattoo itself, its age, the area it is in, the number of inks used, and especially how it was made since according to the professional tattoo artists the depth of the ink depends on it.

As for the colours, multi-coloured tattoos are the most complex to eliminate and require a greater number of sessions, so there are some tattoos that are very easily removed, and a few other tattoos created in deep ink that are difficult to remove. Sometimes, they even end up looking like ghost tattoos. In general, the most difficult colours to eliminate are yellow,
green and turquoise and the simplest are the dark ones.

Likewise, the patient’s own skin also influences. It is quite tricky to remove tattoos in the patients with dark or tanned skin due to the risk of competitive absorption of laser light, as the melanin present in the epidermis may generate post-laser sequelae. The simplest cases will be those of light-skinned patients, with tattoos of a single dark colour. Also, it is easier to erase the older tattoos as the oldest tattoos are progressively losing ink naturally.

Different Types of Lasers Used in Tattoo Removal in Melbourne:

While the innovation in laser technology never ceases, but, for the removal of tattoos, there are some specific types of lasers that are highly used. According to several medical institutes on laser therapy, the choice of laser will depend on the type of tattoo.

Thus, for black inks, which are well absorbed in almost all wavelengths, the ideal laser will be the Q-Switched Neodymium-Yag of 1064 nm wavelength. Although alexandrite lasers of 755 nm can also be effective in such case.

In the case of complex inks, such as blue or green, the most suitable lasers are the one of Ruby Q-Switched (however, not in use anymore) or the Q-Switched lasers of polymers that emit up to 650 nm.

Finally, for colours such as red and yellow, the best results are obtained with the Q Switched equipment of 532 nm.

Precisely, Q-Switched (QS) technology that is used in different wave types generate extremely short pulses but they are emitted with a high energy power. All this generates a thermal expansion or thermoelastic dilation, which produces a disruption and fragmentation of the ink particles in tiny and smaller microparticles, thus destroying the pigmented particles completely.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use Revlite Q-Switched Lasers which have helped our thousands of patients get rid of unwanted tattoos without any concern.

Complications of laser tattoo removal in Melbourne:

Although the latest laser technology ensures better results, in less time and with less risk, there are some complications of the laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, which must be taken into account.

There is a probability that QS lasers leave a little abrasion or marks that usually fades within 5 to 14 days. In such cases, your physician might suggest you apply a healing cream, to avoid the formation of scabs until complete skin regeneration. Of course, during that period, the treated area must not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, that is, you have to be careful to not expose the area to the sun. In tanned patients, it may be advisable to delay the treatment until it has completely disappeared, to ensure a better result.

As for other complications, there are chances of developing dyschromia, which is also termed as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation in simple language.

That is why as final recommendations it is always advisable to seek a dermatologist or an expert in cosmetic treatments at the time of undergoing this type of laser treatment, and of course, think it through before getting a tattoo.

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