Do You Know About the Benefits of Lip Filling?

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Hyaluronic acid lip filling


Are you looking for lip filling? Many celebrities opt for this type of touch-up without you noticing. And it is that a small injection, can give your lips the voluptuous and fleshy aspect that you have always wanted. Of course, before resorting to the first one you can think of, you should know that there are many options: from permanent lip filling to semi-permanent or temporary. Hyaluronic acid lip filling treatment is one of the best that can be performed today when you want to intervene this delicate and important region of the face.

In this post we will talk about the 3 main advantages of this treatment, and we will discover what makes it better than others.

Advantages of Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filling

There are many advantages of this aesthetic treatment but without hesitation, the 3 main ones are the following:

  • A more hydrated and revitalized area is obtained with the lip filling using hyaluronic acid. This is due to the properties that this substance has, as it offers us and allows the treated area to have a better appearance and also a better texture. With this filling the lips will look softer and more youthful.


  • The second main advantage is the ability to have a better profiling and natural lip augmentation without becoming excessive. Normally when other substances are used to make a lip filling, the results obtained are usually not the most natural. This does not happen with hyaluronic acid and it is that with it you get lips with more volume but without becoming exaggerated or unnatural.


  • Finally we must highlight the possibility of eliminating commissures with the hyaluronic acid lip filling. Being able to eliminate the corners that occur around the lips clearly improves the appearance, not only of this area but of the face in general. Lips with more volume, more projected, soft, hydrated and without lines or wrinkles around them without hesitation are much more attractive.

As you can see the advantages of lip filling with hyaluronic acid make this technique one of the most recommended currently performed.

If you want to know more about this procedure, then you can discover other advantages that are less prominent or known but also very important and that deserves to be counted.

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Other advantages of Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filling

Other 4 advantages or benefits to highlight:

So, for example, you should keep in mind that the hyaluronic acid lip filling is done using very thin microcannulas. This causes the procedure to be performed without pain, which is obviously an indisputable advantage and is also something that any patient would like.

Similarly, the use of these thin needles allows the filling to occur quickly and without bruising after the procedure.

We cannot fail to mention as an advantage the non-use of anaesthesia to perform the procedure, which is also much appreciated by many people, since it minimizes all kinds of risks that it can entail. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Clinic, we apply a topical anaesthetic gel which numbs the area without any side-effects. It is done to make the treatment procedure very comfortable for the patient.

Finally, and to conclude, it is necessary to highlight as an advantage that the inflammation that the lip presents after the treatment is minimal and with the passing of the days it decreases completely, showing the excellent results, which are really natural.

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