Clean Up Your Skin For the Beach

Clean Up Your Skin For the Beach - Nitai Blog

We’ve already written an article on prepping your skin for summer, but today we’re focusing on those issues that are magnified by time spent at the beach. Read on to find out just what appointments you should be booking at Nitai over the next couple of weeks to get your skin looking great and ready to take on powerful UV rays, not to mention the harsh gaze of other beach-goers…


There are two main skin issues that plague legs: unwanted hair and visible veins. Let’s talk about hair first. Not only is shaving annoying, but many women suffer from ensuing discomfort and unsightly razor bumps. If you have sensitive skin, then you know summer makes shaving even worse. All that sun exposure thickens your skin, making it easier to get ingrown hairs.

The best way to keep your legs silky soft all summer long is to get laser hair removal. This is a surprisingly affordable treatment, especially when you consider that that the results are permanent. Laser hair removal works on any area of the body, even on your bikini line. Schedule your first appointment at Nitai today and you will be flaunting your fuzz-free stems on the beach!

The second issue we see on clients’ legs are veins. There are two types of leg veins, and Nitai can treat them both. The first type are spider veins, those small, squiggly blue lines. Second are varicose veins, which resemble twisted cords beneath the surface of the skin. The procedure we use on spider and varicose veins is called scleratheraphy. This treatment involves injecting a special solution into the vein, causing the vein wall to collapse and disappear. It can take multiple treatments to see success, depending on the severity of your issue. Schedule your appointment at Nitai today to discuss how many treatments you’ll likely need; then you’ll know when you can expect to hit the beach with clean-looking legs.

Chest and arms

One important thing you should do to prep your skin for spending time at the beach is to have a full skin cancer check by our doctor. Before you spend extended periods of time in the harmful UV rays at the beach, you need to make sure you don’t have any suspicious spots. It goes without saying that even if your skin is in tip-top shape, it is still essential to wear SPF every time you’re out in the sun, and when you’re at the beach, you must reapply it every two hours.

If an ageing, fading, or downright ugly tattoo has you hiding in the shade, make sure to come into Nitai for laser tattoo removal. Your tattoo will gradually fade with each treatment, which will help you feel more comfortable at the beach this summer!


If you’re looking for acne treatment that won’t make your skin more sensitive to the sun, then come to Nitai for blue light therapy. This is one of the few acne treatments that doesn’t exacerbate the effects of the sun. Blue light therapy works by killing acne-causing bacteria on your skin, and if you’re spending loads of time at the beach, then you will definitely have accumulated sweat, sunblock, and debris in your pores. Blue light therapy will ensure all of that gunk doesn’t turn into a massive breakout.

Last but not least, make sure to schedule your appointment at Nitai for anti-wrinkle injections. The truth is that the effects of the sun are incredibly ageing, so stop wrinkles from forming in the first place! Anti-wrinkle injections around the eyes are especially important in preparing you to spend tons of time at the beach, because they will keep you from squinting and prevent those dreaded crow’s feet.

Once you prep your skin for summer, the only thing you’ll still need to do is find the perfect bikini to show off your gorgeous skin!

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