Things You Need to Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers in Melbourne


Lips emphasize the allure of our face, but at times, with age or due to hereditary reasons, lips appear thin and flat without any vivacity. That’s when people decide to induce volume and plushness to the lips with the help of lip fillers.

While treating a patient, the primary objective of the doctors in a clinic like ours, is that the final result must seem as natural as possible. For instance, if a lip is very straight, we can seek to accentuate the cupid’s bow and give volume so that the lips, thus it can acquire a natural curve, which does not look fake.

Similarly, there are a lot more to lip enhancement treatment than meets the eye, so here we are discussing a few substantial details that you should know before trying lip filler treatment.

1. Lifestyle Matters.

During the first consultation with your doctor, it is possible that you will be asked a brief summary about your life. Mostly things like whether you smoke or not, or the frequency of your exercise or your habits, etc. From these data, the doctor will assess the type of lip filler that the patient needs, always maintaining the maximum possible naturalness, as these lifestyle preferences impact on the longevity of the lip fillers used.

2. There is a reverse gear.

If after the session is over, you are not convinced by the result of your lip filling, do not be overwhelmed, as the effect of hyaluronic acid can be undone in a matter of minutes, thanks to an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

3. Treatment prices vary.

The prices offered by this type of treatment change a lot between one clinic and another, but the important thing is to make sure that it is a specialist doctor who treats you. Do not focus on the reduction of price rather stress on the quality of the product. You must ensure that the product you inject is approved by TGA and has all the guarantees that are required.

4. A temporary solution.

Keep in mind that each person is different depending on the metabolism of each person and their ability to absorb the filling. Once the effect is finished, the lips will return to their original state naturally. But do not worry, since it gets completely absorbed without leaving any trace. Also, it lasts between 3-18 months depending on the type of filler used. At Nitai, our Premium Brand of fillers last between 9-18 months, so you have immense time before you need a retouch.

5. You can ask for anaesthesia.

If you are afraid of punctures or syringes, you can ask to have your lips numbed with anaesthesia without any problem. The professional who makes the treatment will try to find you as comfortable as possible.

6. Free your agenda.

Postpone the important appointments you have that day, because although the procedure does not exceed 20 minutes (and the anaesthesia goes on 15), it is best to rest the rest of the day, as sometimes swelling may appear.

7. Take precautions before treatment.

If you have suffered constant experiences with herpes or similar kind of inflammation, you will most likely need to take some medication in the days before treatment, to prevent injections of hyaluronic acid from affecting the infection and making it worse.

8. Follow the guidance of the specialist.

Many times, the idea you have does not fit with what the professional recommends, so it is best to discuss your requirements with the aesthetic doctor. Listen to his/her advice also so that the treatment is inspired from your wishes and fits your features as well, maintaining a natural appearance.

9. Avoid the risks.

To avoid the side-effects that might occur, despite it being a safe treatment, it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking or sunbathing for a couple of days after the treatment to avoid formation of any kind of bruise after injection.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use hyaluronic acid to lend a rejuvenated, fresh look to the lips.

Why choose hyaluronic acid?

For those who are not familiar with this term, hyaluronic acid is part of the collagen that is lodged in the skin, acting as a moisturizer. Hyaluronic lip fillers not only give volume but it also revive the lips in a natural manner without causing any threat.

Its treatment is carried out through small injections with very fine needles. To avoid discomfort, the doctor can apply local anaesthesia in the area. Being an operation that lacks surgery, the reincorporation to the normal routine is immediate. Once the treatment is finished, the patient will enjoy lips that are more defined and fleshy than ever, giving them a much younger and more sensual appearance.

It must be said that this type of treatment is neither carcinogenic nor teratogenic. Despite having a temporary effect, hyaluronic acid is the safest to use for lip filling.

After the lip filling treatment:

The day they inject hyaluronic acid, the area usually swells a little, but the next day the patient can return to his routine normally. It is advisable to wait for one-two days before applying makeup to the lips. Although, no downtime is required after the treatment.

During the hours following treatment, it is normal for the lip to be more sensitive to touch, due to swelling and redness, so avoid touching it to avoid discomfort. It could also happen that the product moves and the affected area is modified, try not to apply pressure on the treated area.

It is advisable to maintain a good daily routine of care, cleaning the lips with a soft and moisturizing product, lacking alcohol. By applying a hydrating lip balm, the lips will maintain correct hydration, remaining firm, plump and smooth. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, try to put on lip products with sunscreen in it to avoid damage.

If the pain persists or lumps appear, try not to resort to medications, unless the specialist recommends it. It is also a mistake to put on makeup since some products could adversely affect the area. It is convenient to rest and avoid partying, in addition to drinking alcohol and smoking for the next few days. Also, do not expose yourself to the heat of the grape rays, be it that of a sauna or similar.

The effect of the product lasts around 3 months – 18 months depending on the type of fillers, since hyaluronic acid, being natural, gradually breaks down after being injected into the skin, and it is absorbed by the body.

Our Recommendation:

As experts, we recommend that you go to a center specialized in filling the lips with hyaluronic acid to avoid complications, bad practices and, consequently, unwanted results.

Your appearance matters and your health too, a poorly used treatment or a more than adequate amount can pose more serious problems in the long term. For this reason, do not leave your image in the hands of an amateur. How many celebrities have finished worse than they were, after undergoing retouching of this style? You have to have many factors in mind and analyze them, such as: type of treatment, specialists, as well as the centre to undergo the lip treatment.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for that Pretty Perfect Pout!

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for Lips


The lips are one of the most important parts of our face. It is the area that monopolizes more looks and, like the eyes, speaks of us. That is why, on many occasions, when thinking about beauty treatments for our face, one of the first ideas that come to mind is to moisturize or give volume to the lips.
It is absolutely essential to carry out a correct treatment and, in that, hyaluronic acid is positioned as one of the best options when choosing the substance with which to beautify our face.

Why choose hyaluronic acid treatment?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found innate in the body and can be used for facial and body treatments. Due to its natural condition, it is one of the most effective and instantaneous treatments to add volume and elasticity to skin cells.

In hyaluronic acid treatment, it is injected through a thin needle into the superficial layers of the skin. The amount and depth with which it is injected will depend, in the first instance, on the treated area, the patient’s circumstances and the results that are to be obtained.

It is the most used technique due to its great success rate and good performance. The naturalness with which lips are perceived after treatment is one of its strengths, in addition to moisturizing and giving relief, resulting in fleshy and voluminous lips.

In addition to smoothening the folds of the skin, providing volume and hydration to the lips, hyaluronic acid fillers stimulate the production of collagen, thus multiplying the rejuvenating effect and delaying the premature ageing of the skin.

Treatment and duration of hyaluronic acid fillers:

The aesthetic treatment that involves the lips has had some controversy due to the doubtful results obtained by the excessive infiltrations. It is very important, therefore, that the procedure is performed correctly and by professionals.

Before beginning the infiltration, each lip should be studied on its own merits and, with it, begin a treatment according to each circumstance and need.

The filling of lips carried out by Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is based on the use of microneedles of very small thickness. Because it is performed quickly and is a painless procedure, it does not require anesthesia and the patient can make normal life when the procedure is finished. The substance is injected outside in the outer layer of the lip and, sometimes can produce bruising, although a good practitioner will take all necessary steps to minimise and possibly avoid it.

Duration of the Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:

An infiltration of hyaluronic acid fillers lasts between six to eighteen months, depending on the material used. The definitive result of the treatment is clearly seen after two-three weeks of the injection.

The sessions to be received maybe one or two, depending on the case, but generally, in the first one, the initial results are already noticed. Each session usually lasts about twenty minutes and the results are immediate, although, as already mentioned, a second one may be necessary.

Once the treatment is done, the use of a lip protector is recommended in order to protect and hydrate the lips at the end of the procedure. In this way, more lasting and visible results are achieved.

When you are investing in yourself, make sure you are getting the very best results. Having professionals at your side capable of assisting you in everything you need is a basic requirement to make you look perfect.

The lips are a fundamental part of the face and, that is why, in the Nitai Skin Clinic in Melbourne, we treat our patients in a personalized way, only with the best materials and professionals and at a very affordable price.
Ask us if you have any questions and love yourself by getting the lips you want. It has never been so easy!

All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers in Melbourne

All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers in Melbourne


Soft, pink and plush, our lips say it all… even when we say nothing at all. But, with age, our lips lose its definition and plumpness; they become flat and wrinkled. And it simply feels very despondent to witness what time does to our once-beautiful-face. In such a case, the widely renowned lip augmentation treatment with hyaluronic acid offers a very good alternative to procrastinate the ageing of lips. So, are you thinking about lip fillers in Melbourne?

Increasing the volume of lips can help achieve greater proportionality and harmony in the face and even to correct minor birth defects of lips, such as disproportions of size between the lips or circumoral wrinkles. But, before relying on any kind of aesthetic procedure, we all want to be sure if it is invasive or not. Isn’t it? So, without further ado, let us find out what
this lip augmentation treatment is all about.

1. Does lip augmentation treatment require any surgery?

Not at all. Today, lip augmentation is usually done through temporary fillings. Although the option of lip augmentation operation is also prevalent, patients generally avoid the situation of going through such pain. Injectable lip augmentation process is a very simple procedure which gets over within fifteen-twenty minutes. The non-surgical lip treatment uses a type of semi-fluid filler to give volume and plumpness to
the lips.

2. What types of lip fillers are used in Melbourne?

In most cases, lip augmentation is done through dermal fillers. To reduce the discomfort, all sorts of lip treatments are done with local anaesthesia, which is injected directly into the area. In this way, the patient does not notice any pain.

Types of Lip Fillers in Melbourne:

Autologous fat grafting:

In this process, fat is extracted from the patient, which, after being processed and purified, is injected into the lips. This procedure is usually carried out when a facelift is performed that involves removal of fat due to excess of it. Part of that eliminated fat is used to retouch the lips and increase its volume.

Its drawback is that there is always a percentage of autologous fat that tends to be reabsorbed by the bod so that some areas of the lips can be left with less volume than others.

Dermal Fillers based on collagen or hyaluronic acid:

In these cases, through a very fine needle, small punctures are made in the lip to inject the lip fillers in Melbourne. Today, the most used material for lip filling treatment is hyaluronic acid prepared in the laboratory. Their results last between twelve-eighteen months, depending on the type of fillers used.

There are other lip fillers in Melbourne as well, but their usages are not widespread due to the side effects involved. The animal collagen, for instance, has a high risk of generating allergic reactions.

Can silicone be used as a lip filler?

The silicone was used as a lip filler material a few years ago. But, the results were very poor in the long term, hence, its usage is totally discarded today. In Australia, the use of silicone for lip augmentation is totally prohibited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), not only because of the long-term results of this substance but because it is almost impossible to remove this filling from the lips in case of problems or side effects, which has serious consequences for patients.

How to care for lips after lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation with lip fillers in Melbourne does not require any downtime, so the patient can immediately return to their daily routine. But, as it is normal you will have to take some precautions during the first days. During the hours after treatment, exposure to the sun, heat sources or excessively cold temperatures should be avoided.

In the days following the intervention, it is normal for the area to be somewhat inflamed due to injections. Some professionals also claim that nodules may appear.

To avoid them we can follow these tips:
 Consult the physician immediately,
 Apart from that, moisturize the lips well, since the dryness is counterproductive.
 Also, take medicines referred by your doctor to prevent excessive swelling.

Is it a safe procedure?

Nowadays, the lip augmentation is a safe (with a well-understood risk profile) procedure if the wellbeing of the patient is placed in the hands of an expert physician and also the licensed products of superior quality are used. In this regard, it is important to ensure that the product is authorized for use by the TGA and has not been adulterated or diluted to obtain a higher yield. Also, before the treatment, the doctor should make sure that the patient does not suffer from allergies (especially to collagen) and that he does not consume anticoagulant drugs.

Lip augmentation is an intervention more demanded by women than by men, although it can be performed without any type of problem within the male gender as well when they are not satisfied with their pair of lips.

Most women, who opt for such a treatment with lip fillers in Melbourne, are those who have already passed the age of 40. They begin to notice that the area of the lips has lost volume and, as a consequence, the wrinkles of the perioral area are more pronounced. Most of them choose to increase the volume of the lips with hyaluronic acid since they usually also use this filling material in wrinkles close to the mouth. The result is a smoother, younger and more proportioned face. Also read about the pros and cons of lip injections in Melbourne.

Have You Checked Out All the Benefits and Risks of Lip Injections in Melbourne Yet?

Lip Enhancement in Melbourne


We kiss, we pout, we dazzle the whole world with our infectious smile!

For us Women, lips are the most glamorous part of our face and every day, we invest so much time to make them look plump and perfect. However, when we age, the perfection of lips is destroyed. They become thin, flat and a number of vertical lines appear in the upper lips making them appear aged. Even though we try to conceal them under the glossy shine of lipstick, but still their existence is not compromised. Although, the solution to these problems is quite simple, resorting to the best lip injections in Melbourne.

There are negligible complications involved with augmentation of lips, but all the patients should understand both its possible risks and benefits before undergoing the treatment with dermal fillers. The increase in the size of the lips is a popular procedure that, in general, has a high percentage of patient satisfaction.

Benefits of best lip injections in Melbourne:

 The most noteworthy benefit of enhanced lips is that they improve the overall appearance and ascents the self-esteem.
 Injectable lip fillers, fat plumper or lip implants, whatever you name it, they can be used to transform aged, disproportionate or naturally thin lips into soft, voluptuous and youthful looking lips in a single visit to the doctor’s office.
 After the treatment with lip injections, the lips appear hydrated and nourished. Thus, improving their natural texture with time.
 Irrespective of age, some women might be born with thin lips. So, in their youth as well, lip injections may help by lending the thin lips proper volume and definition, appropriate for young women.
 Best lip injections in Melbourne eradicates the appearance of upper lip wrinkles also, giving them a plush and supple look.
 With lip injections, the arch of the lips (cupid’s bow) and the surrounding outline can be made prominent and more defined.

The voluminous lips are unconsciously recognized as a biological sign of youth and fertility and are a symbol that transcends cultural fashions. As a woman matures and cell regeneration process slows down, the lips may lose their volume and appear thinner and thinner over time. Applying lipsticks and glosses often prove counterproductive, as they highlight the wrinkles around the lips instead. Certainly, then the increase in the size of the lips can return the lips their sensual and youthful voluptuousness or give the naturally thin lips a renewed volume that they never had before.

Probable complications involved in lip injections:

Complications from best lip injections in Melbourne are rare. However, as with any medical procedure, there are certain risks that must be considered.

 Infection may occur after the lip enhancement treatment if proper hygiene is not maintained during the whole process.
 It is important to control proper healing after any type of lip enlargement procedure to avoid any future complexities.
 Any type of inflammation or oozing should always be reported to the doctor immediately as it might indicate an error in the treatment.
 Although it is rare, the body can sometimes reject labial implants, which requires the removal of these. In those cases, an allergic reaction can be noticed. Consult your physician immediately if such a situation occurs, the lip fillers can be disintegrated at that time to stop any serious consequence.
 Implants can also migrate from its precise position if it is not done properly, which can lead to a second operation to re-adjust their alignment.
 Aesthetically, an overdose of lip injections might end up displaying an utter fake look.

Even though it is not a risk, but, of course, it is something everybody wishes to avoid. To avoid all such risks, we recommend consulting a licenced cosmetic physician first, and then decide your course of treatment according to your requirements.

Kiss Your Dream of Fuller Lips to Reality with Lip Injections in Melbourne!

Lip Filler Treatment in Melbourne

Most of us desire to possess the natural fleshy lips like those gorgeous actresses we admire so much, but, alas…not all of us are born with those perfect pair of pink and plump lips. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t fulfil our heartfelt desire. With the help of lip injections available nowadays, this desire can be easily fulfilled.

Over the recent years, the lip injections have become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures. But is this procedure really safe? What does it consist of? What consequences can it have in the future? What do lip injections in Melbourne cost? So, let us dig out all the details.

What are these lip injections?

Lip injections are the special type of dermal filler that presents definition and lusciousness to the lips making them appear fuller and glamorous.

Is there any danger of infection involved with lip plumper?

Mostly, after lip enhancement treatments, no harmful effects are noticed. Although, it would be best to consult an experienced cosmetic doctor to discuss all your concerns and expectations because they might be able to suggest the best course of treatment and the risks involved.

What type of fillers are used in Nitai Skin Clinic?

In market, there are many types of lip fillers available, but it is important to opt for the right type of filler which excels in quality and affordable in price. Understanding the needs and requirements of our patients, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use hyaluronic acid. It is highly recommended both for its “natural” effect (which lasts about 9-12 months) and for
the ability to reverse the result immediately by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase, if the outcome is not up to the satisfaction.

How long does it take to complete the procedure?

Finally, if you decide to do it and you are suitable for injections, the procedure is quite short. It often takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete it. Also, the lip injections are not very painful, however, some doctors place some topical anaesthetic cream to erase even the slightest of discomfort.

What are the certain precautions to keep in mind before signing up for lip treatments?

A lip augmentation process can radically improve your appearance, and it has a few risks involved if it is not done correctly. So, the first precaution would be to take a proper consultation from a licenced practitioner. Then, after discussing the whole process, move ahead with it further.

Also, perform the lip injections at a proper skin clinic in Melbourne to avoid any sort of unwanted infections. Another important pointer is to not get carried away and overdo it. Overdoing the lip enhancement procedure might result in a fake-looking pair of lips, which is not at all appealing.

Who are not eligible for the lip injections?

It is very important to clarify that not all women are good candidates for lip injections. For example, it is not recommended if you are diabetic, pregnant, suffering from herpes in the area or are very allergic.

How much do lip injections in Melbourne cost?

The price of the lip injections in Melbourne varies with the type of fillers used and also the requirement of the patient.

Lips signify beauty, charm and appeal in a person, so, enhance them or augment them with lip injections if you want. But, first and foremost, don’t forget to take proper care of them.

5 Signs That Our Lips Are Aging…What Are Their Respective Lip Treatments?

Lip Treatments


Lips with such sweetness in their honeyed deeps. As fills the rose in which a fairy sleeps.

                                                                                           Edward Bulwer Lytton

In the language of poetry, our lips are considered as enthralling as the red velvety rose petals, or as sweet as the golden honey, or as transfixing as the crimson hues of a spectacular sunset.

In our everyday life, lips help us spread smiles, express our feelings for our loved ones with a kiss, or pout with our friends for those fun pictures. So, be it in reality or in fiction, the beauty of our lips makes everything even more beautiful and appealing.

But, did you know our lips can tell us about our age also?

When we are young, our lips are padded with collagen proteins, and so they appear plump, soft and luscious, all the signs of youthful beauty but as we age, due to collagen loss, our lips grow thin and flat giving us an aged gesture. Similarly, there are other signs of lip aging that might make us look older than our real age. Care to know all about what our lips say about our age? Read through and find out for yourself what makes our lips age and the effective anti aging lip treatments available at topmost skin clinics, Melbourne to reverse the effects.

Wrinkled Lips:

We all must have noticed our lips getting wrinkled or chaffed during winter due to lack of moisture, which can be easily rectified by applying nourishing lip balms or serums. The exact reason behind wrinkled lips is not known, but probably after 20, as we start aging, our lips appear wrinkled due to less collagen production or sun damage or dryness. Even at young age, wrinkled lips tend to make you look old and unattractive.

Solution: A visit to a good cosmetic clinic, Melbourne will surely draw you out of this wrinkled lip aging problem. There are several anti wrinkle lip treatments that might reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the lips. Moreover, the aesthetic physician might also refer some good sunscreen moisturizer that will provide hydration and protection to lips.

Thin and Flat Lips:

It is known to all that with age our lips turn slimmer and flat. But, irrespective of their age, some people have thin and flat lips at a very young age also. As per a research conducted by Allergen in 2017 in Australia, 36% of the surveyed women are very much concerned about the volume of their lips. Firstly, because nowadays, thin lips are considered old fashioned. Secondly, it makes the face appear mature and older than the actual age.

Solution: Lip plumper can be used to increase the volume of the lips and make them appear youthful and lush. Also, while undergoing such lip treatments, it’s mandatory to take care not to overdo it as that might result in a completely artificial look which is again very unappealing.

Undefined Lips:

Some of us don’t have a very prominent cupid’s bow, that is the slender arch on the upper lip or the outline of the lips is not very defined. In such a case, lips lose their sensuality and glamour appearing to be very ordinary.

Solution: The advanced lip enhancement technique with dermal fillers may be considered in this case. This anti aging lip therapy accents the outline of the lips and adds up volume to it, thus, enhancing the lusciousness of our soft lips.

Vertical Lines Around Lips:

With elapse of time, along with our lips, our skin area around our mouth also loses collagen and fats. As a result, severe vertical lines arise on the upper lip along with wrinkles and folds surrounding the mouth. Such aging effect varies from person to person depending on the facial structure and collagen loss. This sort of lip aging is mostly seen in case of chain smokers, hence, it is believed that smoking results in fast collagen break down in lips.

Solution: The obvious and secure solution to this is using facial injectables or laser skin treatment in the area around our mouth. A skilled aesthetic physician will be able to provide an effective free consultation on anti-aging and lip treatments, which will help in retaining the youth and beauty.

Dry and Chapped Lips:

Blame it on cold, dry weather or the vitamins deficiency, we sometimes become victims of dry and coarse lips. Dry, withered lips tone down our allure and attraction. Generally, it wears off with time and proper care. But, at other times, when the cracked and dull lips become an unsolved concern, then a visit to nearby skin care clinic, Melbourne, for effective lip treatments become mandatory.

Solution: A light exfoliation followed by moisturizing argan oil helps in revitalizing the lips. Other than that, a mild lip microdermabrasion procedure at a good skin care centre might help in making your lips soft, pink and beautiful.

Beauty is the art of taking proper care of oneself and lips being the symbol of sensuality and sublimity, it definitely requires our special attention.

Let’s make an effort to preserve the lusciousness of our lips so, the only thing that our lips get to say about our age is that we look young and dazzling… always!

Dermal Fillers: The Easy Solution For A Natural Looking, Wrinkle-free Skin

Dermal Fillers_Nitai Skin Clinic


The general parameters of beauty are high cheekbones, fuller lips and lively eyes without any hint of dark circles or eye bags. But, with hectic and erratic lifestyle ahead, it becomes truly difficult to maintain those parameters. Wrinkles, vertical lines on lips, thin and flat lips, under eye circles, hollow cheeks and under eyes mitigate the charm and vivacity of the face, thus making us look old and haggard.

Albeit we desperately desire to eliminate every single of those flaw with available anti-aging treatments, but there is always that fear of ending up with a completely artificial and puffed up look. So, to acquire a very natural and rejuvenated look that almost all women in Australia prefer, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend giving dermal fillers a chance.

What are dermal fillers? How do dermal fillers improve our facial features as well as remove wrinkles while retaining our natural look?

Dermal fillers are gel-based compound formed by replicating the chemical structure of natural collagen that plumps up as it comes in contact with water, hence when the dermal fillers are injected in the hollow regions of face, it interacts with the water content present in the inner epidermal layers and slowly puffs up, thus refilling the lost volume in cheek, eye areas, lips, etc.
Unlike many anti-wrinkle injections that freezes the wrinkle-causing muscle, facial fillers fill up the gap within the skin, which appear as wrinkles, thus, leading to a soft and smooth skin in a few days after the treatment. Moreover, the contours of the face can be enhanced and added volume to, with the help of facial fillers rendering a completely natural appearance.

When are dermal fillers prescribed to a patient?

At young age, our faces are padded with delicate fat layers, which gets dissipated with time. As a result, being devoid of the cushioning of fat layers, cheeks, under eye areas and lips appear bony, thin and lifeless. In such conditions, facial filler injections are prescribed to add volume to the shrunken skin and hydrate the skin revealing a plush, young face.

Again, with age, the collagen and elastin responsible for the elasticity of the skin are lost, henceforth, when we smile or frown and our facial muscles contract, it takes longer time to retreat to its former position. Thus, leaving behind a trail of wrinkles, frown lines, nasolabial folds and other fine lines which spoil the facial appearance. In such a case, patients are referred to opt for dermal fillers as their anti-aging treatment because dermal fillers fill up the wrinkles and folds and slowly boosts the collagen formation in skin. Thus, generating soft, natural-looking, youthful skin.

How do dermal fillers help in enhancing the facial features?

In our face, the cheeks, lips, brows, temples and jawlines are a few marked areas where the volume loss is prominent. Over time, these areas lose their sharpness and appeal, for instance, the lips get thinner and flatter, eyebrows start drooping, and as such. Dermal filler injections give a subtle lift that rectifies these errors of aging impeccably. Apart from that, anyone, irrespective of his/her age can define the outlines of lips or make the arch of the eyebrows more pronounced with the help of dermal fillers. Thus, dermal fillers recapture and enhance the tenderness of the delicate facial features.

General Uses of Dermal Fillers

Lip Augmentation:



Lips being an important part of our beauty profile, women of all age want to be blessed with soft, pink, and plump lips. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with defined and fuller lips, hence, dermal fillers fix that issue conveniently, without any discomfort. With the efficacy of the fillers, the arch and the outlines of lips can be emphasized and perfected. At the same time, it gives lips the required volume to make them appear lush and reduce the appearance of vertical lines that cast an elderly look. Hence, dermal fillers are the best tool for lip augmentation or lip enhancement.

Eradicate Wrinkles and Lines:

Dermal Fillers for Sunken Eyes Melbourne


Dermal filler adds volume beneath the wrinkled skin, thus smoothening the upper skin layer and making it appear supple and hydrated. The wrinkles and folds are visibly reduced after the first session of the treatment. Nasolabial folds, frown lines, etc. are very competently removed with the help of fillers as filler gel lifts up and tightens the skin from inside. Also, the result of the anti-aging lasts for nearly 18 months depending on the quality and area on which the fillers are injected.

How are dermal fillers different than anti-wrinkle injections?

Dermal fillers restore the lost volume of the skin, diminishing the folds and lines in the process. This synthetically produced injectable gel is also regarded as one of the most effective non-surgical anti-aging treatments as it multiplies the collagen build-up, regaining the elasticity of the skin. So, by choosing dermal fillers, one can not only ease out static wrinkles but also rejuvenate and refresh the skin internally.

Whereas, in case of anti-wrinkle injections, the injected liquid relaxes the specific facial muscles that cause creases, thus, limiting the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles.

Henceforth, the professional dermatologists of Australia prescribe dermal fillers to those seeking to perfect their overall facial features by rectifying volume loss as well as folds rather than simply erasing the occurrence of wrinkles and lines.

How much time does it take after the treatment to show the results?

Immediately after the treatment, subtle changes can be noticed but with time, the hyaluronic gel draws water and expands in mass, thus, making up for the lost volume.

What is the longevity of dermal fillers?

When done under the supervision of a skilled dermatologist or cosmetic physician, the effect might last for around 18 months or sometimes more than that depending on the quality and amount of filler used.

How much time does it require to finish the procedure?

Dermal filler generally takes 15 – 30 mins to conclude the procedure. Sometimes anaesthesia is also infused with dermal fillers to avoid any sort of discomfort, so, no downtime is required to lift the unwanted wrinkles and embrace a serene and natural beauty.

A research conducted by Allergen on Australian women in 2017, divulged that around 53% of them believe that injectable dermal filler treatment presents a natural and lasting result. So, for natural looking beauty, give the non-surgical filler injections a chance!

Look Fabulous Even in Forties with Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers_Nitai Clinic

Appearing like 20s in 40s is definitely not possible but looking fabulous in forties surely is. In Australia, nowadays, women are more focussed on possessing a natural yet glamorous look, that’s why the demand for facial fillers is increasing day by day. Dermal fillers fill the hollow regions under eyes, cheeks and around lips, thus, improving or enhancing the overall facial appearance with a subtle yet remarkable touch.

According to a survey conducted by Allergen in August 2017, 65% of Australian women believe that facial fillers or dermal fillers are more acceptable in present society than they were five years ago. Hence, people are getting more and more inclined towards using this anti-aging treatment with facial fillers.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use one particular type of dermal filler also known as hyaluronic acid injectable gel, which is extremely safe and has emulated remarkable results. Still, alongside the benefits of this gel as a filler, there are numerous other vital queries about its safety, precautions and side-effects that we need to be aware of prior to starting the sessions. So, let us explore all the details about hyaluronic dermal fillers.

Basics on Dermal Fillers Unveiled

What is this advanced type of dermal filler?

Created from a complex sugar content called hyaluronic acid, also found in living skin tissues, the dermal filler mimics the naturally found collagen. The dermal filler that we use is not synthesized from animals, instead, it is artificially generated in the laboratory, thus mitigating the chances of any sort of allergy or inflammation.
The hyaluronic dermal filler is also infused with a liquid anaesthetic to obliterate even the slightest trace of pain or discomfort in the ongoing sessions.

How does it work?

The hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic compound, which means it has a huge affinity for water. So, when the dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, it draws the water content present beneath the skin and puffs up over time increasing the volume of that area. Thus, it helps in removing wrinkles and folds as well as enhance and magnify the attractiveness of face.

How much time does it take after the treatment to show the results?

Immediately after the treatment, subtle changes can be noticed but with time, the hyaluronic gel draws in water and expands in mass, thus, making up for the lost volume.

How long does it last?

When done under the supervision of a skilled dermatologist or cosmetic physician, the effect might last for up to 2 years depending on the type of fillers used.

What amount of time is taken to finish the whole procedure?

This dermal filler takes 15 – 30 mins to conclude the procedure. Since anaesthesia is also fused along with the hyaluronic dermal fillers, no downtime is required as it hardly causes any discomfort or side-effects that might interfere with the everyday routine of normal activities.

Uses of Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers for Luscious Lips:


With age, our lips lose its volume and become thin and flat, thus, dissipating its allure and beauty. Also, the edges of the lips droop, vertical lines are formed and the cupid’s bow (V-shaped curve on the upper lip) flattens out as the harsh effects of time starts appearing. In such a case, to enhance the borders of the lips or to plump up the lips, dermal fillers are the safest and effective option without any downtime or painful surgeries.

Removal of Wrinkles:


Lines and wrinkles in our face is a way of our body letting us know that we are approaching towards old age. Due to collagen loss, our face loses its elasticity and hence, after we frown or smile, the skin muscles take time to relax back to its former position. That is when we start noticing lines and wrinkles that we genuinely want to be rid of. Dermal fillers boost the regeneration of collagen beneath the skin, hence, with this anti-aging treatment, we not only increase the volume of the face in the required areas but also repairs the skin from within by reducing all the signs of aging.

Side-effects of Dermal Fillers

Anti-aging treatment with facial fillers is extremely safe in comparison to other alternatives available. Moreover, the hyaluronic acid gel used in this particular type of dermal filler is artificially derived, therefore, there is a negligible chance of any sort of allergy or infection. However, sometimes, some general side-effects might occur such as slight redness in the site of injection, pain, bruising, lumps, itching or discolouration. But, these are temporary concerns that fade away within a week.

More About Dermal Fillers

Can dermal fillers be used in combination with other skin treatments?

For transcending results, hyaluronic dermal fillers can be paired up with other cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, laser therapy, etc. such that the whole face is rejuvenated.

What are the precautions that must be followed after the treatment?

Although it is a very fast and secured procedure, still a little precaution on the way helps to avoid unwanted discomfort. So, a few concrete rules to follow after the completion of the session:
• Try to avoid putting pressure on the treated area or massaging the face for the next 24 hrs.
• For the next two weeks, avert direct sun exposure or extreme temperatures. Other than that, apply broad range sunscreen regularly while heading out for the day.
• Also, it is suggested not to apply any sort of make-up for the next 12 hrs after the treatment.

Re-discover the old, pretty and confident YOU again!

6 Reasons Why Lip Enhancement is One of the Best Way to Acquire a Glamorous Look

A dazzling smile can win hearts,
A sweet smile can warm souls,
A lovely smile can make someone’s day
And a real happy smile can spread joy around everyone every day.

It is very true that beauty needs no ornament; all it needs is a very beautiful smile…isn’t it?
So, have you ever wondered what is the secret behind the perfectly enchanting smile that we all crave for? It is the proportionate thickness of the upper and lower lips. Lips, being a prominent part of our face helps in defining the beauty of a person. While doing makeup also, we don’t forget to outline them neatly and color them to give a plump and fuller appearance. But, makeup is like creating an illusionary effect, which can hardly achieve the wanted lusciousness of lips. A more natural looking and long-lasting solution is what young women seek nowadays.

According to recent studies, in Australia, 58% of women believe that thinning of lips makes them look older and unattractive. Hence, now is the fad for slightly fuller lips, perfect for a fabulous smile. Marching to the tune of present demands of lip enhancement and lip augmentation, the aesthetic experts and cosmetic doctors have introduced diverse lip enhancement techniques.

But, amongst all other alternatives, lip enhancement treatment done with the help of dermal fillers is considered to be the most efficient and safest (with a well understood risk profile). At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne, after very closely following the case studies and feedback of our clients, we have assembled 6 reasons why lip enhancement with dermal fillers is the best way to look glamorous.

1> A natural plump look: Lip augmentation in our Melbourne clinic is done after an assessment of the lip proportion as well as after evaluating the estimated contrast of the augmented lips with the rest of facial structure. Lip fillers applied after such thorough scrutiny ensures that the lips look fuller and naturally alluring instead of the fake and puffy look.

2> No pain but huge gain: This process involves lip injections filled with dermal fillers, which is basically a painless, non-surgical procedure. It requires only one session of less than an hour and voila…here you get a magical smile without any discomfort.

3> Rejoice…It’s Safe and sound (with a well understood risk profile): Lip enhancement treatment performed at Nitai Clinic is absolutely secured. Utmost hygiene is maintained here and the dermal fillers that are used have very low, almost negligible probability of developing any sort of infection or allergies.

4> So much better than makeup: Lip makeup is surely an easy fix for an evening, but it hardly lasts, and it does not give that genuine soft and luscious look that is very much admired. Lip enhancement with dermal fillers provides the highly desired succulent lips, incomparable to any other alternative.

5> A long-lasting solution: Once this non-surgical lip enhancement is done, it lasts for 9-12 months or 12-18 months (depending on type of dermal filler we use), which makes it so much more appealing.

6> Because you deserve nothing but the best: This aesthetic lip treatment with dermal fillers is very effective and easy solution to get the fuller lips. It is safe (with a well understood risk profile) and has a very high success rate. This cost-efficient technique at Nitai Clinic, has helped hundreds of women to look glamorous and it is now your turn to look your very best with a truly arresting smile.

6 Reasons Why Lip Enhancement is One of the Best Way to Acquire a Glamorous Look

It is said that- If beauty is power, then smile is its sword. And only perfect lips can architect that mighty sword. So, forged your sword yet?

Accentuate Your Lips!

Accentuate Your Lips


Let Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre show you how

Physical appearances in today’s modern world are considered to be extremely essential. It has become an imperative part of our lives to look presentable and appealing in order to climb up the social ladder. After all, your physical appearance is your first impression wherever you go and good looks play a major role in boosting ones self-confidence and self-esteem. Speaking of physical appearances, one of our most prominent features is our lips. The more pronounced they are the more beautiful and attractive they seem to be. Our lips speak volumes about our character, our facial features and our sex appeal; hence it’s only fair to have voluminous lips. Full lips are also deemed to be most striking and pleasing thereby making a recognisable impact. Hence the growing need for distinguished and well-defined full lips is constantly increasing and it’s not surprising that lip enhancement is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures.


Lip augmentation using lip fillers (dermal fillers) is primarily based on the objective of harmonising the appearance of our lips with other facial features. It is the process of adding temporary volume and definition by injecting lip fillers with very fine needles in and around the lips. However, if not explored and executed properly under the right consultation, the entire process can be disappointing and leave a lasting scar in the long run. But no worries, this is where the experts who are known to weave art with science, at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre step right in.


We at Nitai strongly believe that the process of lip augmentation is highly subjective as every pair of lips adorn a different sensitivity, beauty and uniqueness. Each personality is known to vary from the other and impart a distinctive aura; similarly each pair of lips is known to have an inimitable charm of its own. Following the above motto, Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre specialises in catering to your desired needs with precision and care thereby providing comprehensive services on an extremely interpersonal level. ‘Diverse lips need detailed attention’ is the approach we have towards lip augmentation. Lip fillers is an aesthetic treatment and it is incredibly important to only allow a qualified, reputable professional to do it. At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre our expert cosmetic doctors have a great deal of experience in treating and enhancing lips to personalise them to suit every respective patients’ facial structure and anatomy and recreating lips that look natural. This takes enormous experience, an artistic eye and a gentle touch which our doctors at Nitai possess.


In order to treat our patients with focused attention while protecting their best interests and aspirations, it is extremely crucial to understand the patient’s need for the treatment. So before plunging into how we pursue lip augmentation, let’s recognise the reason behind the rising need for lip enhancement. No two people are the same and neither are their motives behind achieving voluptuous lips. So what is it that leads them towards lip augmentation? If we visualise our younger consumers, they are known to use their lips as an accessory for self-expression; using it as a tool for presenting their attitudes, viewpoints and moods effectively. Hence the need for distinct, visible and glamorous lips becomes vital. On the other hand, if we take into consideration our comparatively aged consumers, their need for lip fillers is solely based on the purpose of achieving a fresher more youthful look, as accentuated lips are often associated with beauty and youth. Celebrity influence also plays a key role in marketing lip enhancements as compelling and necessary. Thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner, the rise of people opting plump their pout with temporary lip fillers has skyrocketed.


At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre we pay special heed to our patients’ and their keen intent for lip augmentation. Our team of respected, expert and highly experienced doctors use comprehensive and advanced techniques to provide the most advanced, least painful dermal filler procedures that produce consistent and satisfying outcomes. One of our most popular dermal fillers used in lip augmentation is a substance found naturally in abundance within the skin and connective tissue. Senior and highly trained Dr Shobhna Singh who is the Cosmetic Physician at Nitai says, “With prior and detailed consultation and lip assessment to determine the apt treatment, our level of commitment at Nitai towards our patients’ is uncompromising and elaborate. We thrive on the expectations our patients’ have and are passionate about offering them complete support and continuous attention.” Being a synthetic cosmetic treatment, lip augmentation may seem complicated and risky but can be transformed into a subtle, believable and satisfying one if done the right way. Intrigued? Interested? Let Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre be your guide.



– By Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre

Lip Fillers – The natural vs. fake controversy

Vying for that perfect pout? Lip fillers are a popular way to add more fullness and definition to your lips in a non-surgical way. These injectable fillers are an almost painless way to get plumper lips. Nitai is among the leading cosmetic clinics in Melbourne offering lip augmentation treatments, and our cosmetic doctors have helped our patients get the lips, and the look that they’ve always wanted. We are experienced in lip filler treatments that achieve a natural look – where the upper and lower lips are evenly and precisely enhanced to make it seem like you were born with them!

However, lip fillers can also go wrong at times. Too much injectable filler could make your lips look botched up, and fake. But how much is too much? A recent study by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery set out to find just that when it asked a mixed group of about a hundred women and men participants to review and rate photos of a female model’s lips, which were digitally modified to different levels, in different combinations – upper lip, lower lip, upper and lower lip and the shape of the Cupid’s bow. Participants had to share whether they found the lips attractive and natural, or fake and unnatural.

The study threw up some interesting findings. 50% of the participants found lips to be cosmetically treated, and therefore “fake” when the lower to upper lip ratio was less than 0.92, or greater than 1.48, while the remaining 50% found lips to be artificial if this ratio was less than 0.85, or more than 1. So essentially, the attractiveness and natural look of lips was influenced by whether the lower and upper lip looked proportionate together. So if just the upper lip or the lower lip was augmented, there were higher chances of it being perceived as fake. On the other hand, treating both the lips along with the Cupid’s bow gave the most believable result. But it was not just this lower to upper lip ratio. The researchers also felt that cultural and ethnic backgrounds also influence people’s perception on the attractiveness of lips.

So that brings us to the fact that there is no one standard for the perfect lips. But having well-proportioned lips is definitely one half of the job done. And if you are considering to have this treatment, you need to take care that what you choose to get done will match with your face. Our cosmetic doctors are here to help you make the most of what you’ve got – beautifully enhanced lips that look great on you! We do this by looking at all of the aspects from the vermilion border, Cupid’s bow, the shape of each lip and the ratio between them.

The Nitai difference
Our experienced cosmetic doctors and trained nurses take utmost care in delivering treatments with high precision and comfort. And you know you can count on us to do a beautiful job, to make you feel beautiful.